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Meet The Competition

A recap of the vehicle setups and final results from our 18 FF Battle competitors.

Nov 2, 2012

Yuta Akaishi

’96 Honda Civic
Power: 144.52hp, 115.99 lb-ft (18th)
Road Course: 1:37.603 (17th)
Dragstrip: DNF
Mods: B18C1 with Injen intake, GReddy header, Tanabe exhaust, Koyo radiator, Exedy stage 1 clutch, Fidanza flywheel, Buddy Club RSD coilovers with Swift springs, rear control arms, Wicked CTR front lower control arms, spherical rear camber arms and toe links, PCI trailing arm bushings, Skunk2 front camber arms, ASR subframe brace, Neuspeed rear sway bar, CTR front sway bar, Function 7 rear lower control arms, front Legend calipers with ITR rotors, rear Integra calipers, StopTech lines, ITR master cylinder, Volk Racing 5/4S wheels, 5Zigen hood

Sstp 1211 02+meet the competition+1996 civic engine Photo 1/35   |   Meet The Competition

Gary Arakelia

Sstp 1211 03+meet the competition+2008 acura rsx type s Photo 2/35   |   Meet The Competition

’08 Acura RSX Type-S
Power: 214.90hp, 146 lb-ft (6th)
Road Course: 1:35.823 (16th)
Dragstrip: 12.25 (5th)
Mods: K20 with Injen intake, RBC intake manifold, Skunk2 header, Spoon Sports N1 exhaust, Hondata KPro ECU, Blueprint stage 2 cams, Supertech valve springs, TEIN Flex coilovers, SPC camber kit, Volk CE28 wheels, Autopower rollcage, Bride seats with Team Tech harnesses

Sstp 1211 04+meet the competition+acura rsx engine Photo 3/35   |   Meet The Competition

Nick Caster

Sstp 1211 05+meet the competition+1989 honda crx Photo 4/35   |   Meet The Competition

’89 Honda CRX
Power: 174.23hp, 125.01 lb-ft (13th)
Road Course: 1:29.694 (3rd)
Dragstrip: DNF
Mods: JDM B18C with Skunk2 cams and intake manifold, ported throttle body, ITR valvetrain, JG header, AEM intake, Crome ECU, Rywire harness, GSR transmission, ITR LSD and 4.7 final drive, Koni SPSS3 shocks, Ground Control sleeves, MFactory rear upper control arms, Skunk2 rear lower control arms, ASR rear subfrace brace and sway bar, Autopower rollbar, Wilwood 11" front big brake kit, Integra rear brakes, C-West spoiler, custom front air dam, splitter and canards, carbon hood, Bride seat with Crow harness

Sstp 1211 06+meet the competition+honda crx engine Photo 5/35   |   Meet The Competition

Overall Winner

Kane Chan

Sstp 1211 07+meet the competition+1994 civic Photo 6/35   |   Meet The Competition

’94 Honda Civic
Power: 207.44hp, 143.48 lb-ft (8th)
Road Course: 1:29.331 (1st)
Dragstrip: 11.71 (1st)
Mods: B16B with Toda C cams, Eagle rods and crank, Arias 13:1 pistons, Port Flow head, AEM EMS, DTR 2.0 street header, TEIN RE coilovers, ITR sway bars, NSX front brake calipers, ITR five-lugs and rear brakes, Work 11R wheels, P1 Spec front splitter, J’s Racing rear wing

Sstp 1211 08+meet the competition+1994 civic engine Photo 7/35   |   Meet The Competition

Graham Downey

Sstp 1211 09+meet the competition+2008 honda civic si Photo 8/35   |   Meet The Competition

’08 Honda Civic Si
Power: 202.24hp, 147.54 lb-ft (10th)
Road Course: 1:32.051 (9th)
Dragstrip: 12.89 (13th)
Mods: K20Z3 with 3" intake, Buddy Club race header, Skunk2 exhaust, TWM short shifter, Hondata Flashpro, Koni shocks, Ground Control coilovers, ASR camber/caster plates, Buddy Club roll center adjusters and rear camber arms, Progress rear sway bar, Enkei RPF1 wheels, HFP front and rear lips, Mugen side skirts, Feels flares

Sstp 1211 10+meet the competition+2008 civic engine Photo 9/35   |   Meet The Competition

Willy “Salem” Garcia

Sstp 1211 11+meet the competition+2006 acura tsx Photo 10/35   |   Meet The Competition

’06 Acura TSX
Power: 215.19hp, 165.79 lb-ft (2nd)
Road Course: 1:34.741 (13th)
Dragstrip: 12.50 (T-8th)
Mods: K24A2 with J’s Racing CL7 Euro R header, SUS circuit converter, titanium exhaust, carbon intake, big brake kit, front bumper, rear wing and carbon diffuser, Skunk2 stage 1 cams, valve springs, retainers, 72mm billet throttle body, composite fuel rail and intake manifold, Clutch Masters stage 3 clutch and flywheel, TEIN coilovers, Progress rear sway bar

Sstp 1211 12+meet the competition+acura tsx engine Photo 11/35   |   Meet The Competition


Sstp 1211 13+meet the competition+1988 honda crx Photo 12/35   |   Meet The Competition

’88 Honda CRX
Power: 240.23hp, 220.92 lb-ft (1st)
Road Course: 1:29.391 (2nd)
Dragstrip: 11.93 (2nd)
Mods: J35A4 with Bisimoto/Webcam cams, AEM intake, Series 2 EMS and UEGO wideband, Hasport mounts and alternator conversion kit, All-In Fab radiator, Skunk2 exhaust and camber kit, ’03 TL Type S six-speed manual with LSD and Driveshaft Shop stage 4 axles, Progress Suspension coilovers, rear sway bar and bearing kit, SPC rear lower control arms and camber kit, Hasport front crossmember, Fastabrakes front big brakes with Wilwood calipers, Enkei RPF1 wheels, Sparco seats and steering wheel, FryFab rollbar, APR Performance wing, Hasport hood, fender flares and splitter

Sstp 1211 14+meet the competition+crx engine Photo 13/35   |   Meet The Competition

Mike Hatten

Sstp 1211 15+meet the competition+1998 acura integra gs r Photo 14/35   |   Meet The Competition

’98 Acura Integra GS-R
Power: 165.22hp, 118.95 lb-ft (15th)
Road Course: 1:32.159 (10th)
Dragstrip: 12.57 (9th)
Mods: B18C1 with AEM intake, BLOX Racing intake manifold, Skunk2 66mm throttle body, Hytech replica header, Buddy Club Spec 2 exhaust, ITR cams, Eibach valve springs, ITR transmission, MFactory LSD with 4.9 final drive, Gearspeed carbon synchros, Koni Race shocks, Eibach springs, Special Project Motorsports/PCI bushings, Hardrace camber kits, ASR sway bar and subframe brace, Autopower rollbar, ITR front brakes, 949Racing 6UL wheels, Bride seat with Willians harness, Special Projects Motorsports P1 splitter and wing

Sstp 1211 16+meet the competition+integra engine Photo 15/35   |   Meet The Competition

Tony Jackson

Sstp 1211 17+meet the competition+2011 honda cr z Photo 16/35   |   Meet The Competition

’11 Honda CR-Z
Power: 209.42hp, 169.52 lb-ft (3rd)
Road Course: 1:30.751 (7th)
Dragstrip: 12.67 (11th)
Mods: K24A2 with Hasport mounts, ’06 TSX cams, Eibach valve springs, modified iVTEC cam gear, K20A intake manifold, Hondata Flash Pro 2, DC Sports header, Magnaflow exhaust, ’06 Civic Si transmission, Eibach Multi-Pro R2 coilovers with custom springs rates, rear sway bar, StopTech big brake kit, Work Emotion CR Kai wheels, C-West aero kit, Mugen trunk spoiler, Sparco seats and harnesses, Rally Innovations rollbar

Sstp 1211 18+meet the competition+2011 cr z engine Photo 17/35   |   Meet The Competition
Sstp 1211 19+meet the competition+1992 honda civic cx Photo 18/35   |   Meet The Competition

Jason “Katman” Kaplan

’92 Honda Civic CX
Power: 211.42hp, 144.60 lb-ft (7th)
Road Course: 1:32.416 (11th)
Drag Strip: 12.38 (7th)
Mods: JDM K20R, Wavetrac LSD, FD2 RRC intake manifold, Hondata intake gasket and K-Pro ECU, Skunk2 70mm throttle body, CX Racing radiator, Rcrew header, 3" exhaust with 5Zigen muffler, Autopower rollbar, Carbing and JIC strut bars, Koni SPSS3 race shocks, Ground Control coilover sleeves, Eibach ERS springs, Skunk2 and Password:JDM camber kits, Hardrace and Mugen bushings, ASR subframe brace, F7 rear control arms, 949Racing 6UL wheels, ITR brakes with Spoon calipers and redrilled Prelude rotors, Spoon-style front lip and rear spoiler, carbon hood

Sstp 1211 20+meet the competition+1992 civic engine Photo 19/35   |   Meet The Competition

Sean Klingelhoefer

Sstp 1211 21+meet the competition+1996 honda civic cx Photo 20/35   |   Meet The Competition

’96 Honda Civic CX
Power: 172.24hp, 121.40 lb-ft (14th)
Road Course: 1:35.403 (15th)
Drag Strip: 12.77 (12th)
Mods: B18C Type R with AEM intake, Mugen header, Vision test pipe, Buddyclub Spec II exhaust, Hasport mounts, Chasebays harness, Toda timing belt, S80 LSD transmission with 4.4 final drive, Hasport axles, Carbing strut bars, Buddyclub dampers, camber kits and roll center adjusters, Function7 rear lower control arms and subframe brace, PCI bearings, DC2 disc brake conversion, StopTech lines and pads, Powerslot rotors, Autopower rollbar, Recaro seats with Willians harnesses, Personal steering wheel, Seibon carbon front lip, Mugen RNR wheels

Sstp 1211 22+meet the competition+civic cx engine Photo 21/35   |   Meet The Competition

Tom Liang

Sstp 1211 23+meet the competition+1990 honda civic si Photo 22/35   |   Meet The Competition

’90 Honda Civic Si
Power: 206.04hp, 144.57 lb-ft (9th)
Road Course: 1:30.331 (4th)
Drag Strip: 12.04 (3rd)
Mods: K20A with Hasport mount kit, Hondata K-Pro ECU, Rywire harness, Skunk2 throttle body and intake manifold, K-Tuned header, AEM fuel rail and FPR, Eastside Muffler 3" exhaust, custom-valved Koni shocks and adjustable perches, Eibach springs, Vision front adjustable A-arm, Wicked Tuning camber arm and rear lower control arms, ASM rear sway bar and brace, K-Tuned traction bar, EX knuckles, Autopower rollbar, rear disc conversion, 949Racing wheels, JDM EF9 front-end conversion and rear wing, VIS carbon hood, Momo seat

Sstp 1211 24+meet the competition+1990 civic engine Photo 23/35   |   Meet The Competition

Big Mike

Sstp 1211 25+meet the competition+1992 honda prelude si Photo 24/35   |   Meet The Competition

’92 Honda Prelude Si
Power: 189.41hp, 133.77 lb-ft (12th)
Road Course: 1:35.553 (14th)
Drag Strip: 12.20 (4th)
Mods: F20B SiR-T, Kinsler 57mm ITBs with top feed connection, Bosch 550cc injectors, Aeromotive FPR, Walbro 255lph fuel pump, Bisimoto cam sprockets and V3 header, Vibrant 3' exhaust, Rywire radiator, M2A4 rebuilt transmission, 4.64 final drive, Action 2MS clutch, Bisimoto flywheel, AEM electronics, Rywire harness, Function Form Type 2.5 coilovers with Eibach springs, Suspension Techniques rear sway bar, Explicit Speed Performance front traction bar and motor mount, Autopower rollbar, Fastbrakes big brake kit, rear slotted rotors, Volk SE37K wheels

Sstp 1211 26+meet the competition+prelude engine Photo 25/35   |   Meet The Competition

John Nguyen

Sstp 1211 27+meet the competition+1985 honda civic 1500s Photo 26/35   |   Meet The Competition

’85 Honda Civic 1500s
Power: 162.62whp, 102.41 lb-ft (16th)
Road Course: 1:58.474 (18th)
Drag Strip: DNF
Mods: B16B with Bisimoto header and stage 2.4 cams, Five O Motorsports 550cc Bosch injectors, AEM intake, fuel rail, FPR and fuel filter, Hasport mounts, Rywire harness, GSR YS1 cable transmission, 4.9 ATS final drive, ITR LSD, Exedy clutch and flywheel, AEM EMS-4 standalone, TEIN Medieval Pro Damper kit, Upgrade Motoring torsion bars, Suspension Techniques sway bars, Energy Suspension master bushing kit, front camber kit, lower control arms, Wilwood front big brake kit, Integra rear brakes, Purple Speed front lip, JDM ZC hood, headlights and taillights, EDM corner lights

Sstp 1211 28+meet the competition+1985 civic engine Photo 27/35   |   Meet The Competition

Michael Ostby

Sstp 1211 29+meet the competition+2003 acura rsx Photo 28/35   |   Meet The Competition

’03 Acura RSX
Power: 205.65hp, 140.85 lb-ft (11th)
Road Course: 1:30.590 (5th)
Drag Strip: DNF
Mods: K20A2 with TODA Racing header, RBC intake manifold, ITR airbox, Challenge Engineering 3" exhaust with race cat, ALEX Racing mounts, Exedy clutch and flywheel, J’s Racing 1.5-way LSD, 5.06 final drive, Hondata K-Pro ECU, J’s Racing SPL RG N1 coilovers, tie rods, roll center adjusters and strut bars, DC5R lower control arms, ALEX Racing and Hotckis sway bars, Spoon Sports calipers, J’s Racing Typs S aero kit, rear wing, diffuser and fenders, Craftsquare mirrors, Autopower rollbar, Buddy Club seats with Willians harnesses

Sstp 1211 30+meet the competition+acura engine Photo 29/35   |   Meet The Competition

Simon Pavlick

Sstp 1211 31+meet the competition+1994 acura integra ls Photo 30/35   |   Meet The Competition

’94 Acura Integra LS
Power: 135.99hp, 121.39 lb-ft (18th)
Road Course: 1:33.388 (12th)
Drag Strip: 12.62 (10th)
Mods: JDM B18B with ITR transmission, MFactory two-way LSD, GSR fifth gear, JDM ITR header, Spoon Sports exhaust, six-point rollcage, AMR coilovers, ITR rear control arms, GSR front sway bar, Ground Control rear sway bar, Advan Racing RGII wheels, Sparco seat with Schroth harness

Sstp 1211 32+meet the competition+integra ls engine Photo 31/35   |   Meet The Competition

Loi Song

Sstp 1211 33+meet the competition+2011 honda cr z Photo 32/35   |   Meet The Competition

’11 Honda CR-Z
Power: 217.48hp, 145.70 lb-ft (5th)
Road Course: 1:32.024 (8th)
Drag Strip: 12.50 (T-8th)
Mods: K20Z1 with Skunk2 cams, valve springs, retainers, intake manifold, header, throttle body and fuel rail, Portflow three-angle valve job, ACL bearings, polished and balanced crank, CP Forged 12.5:1 pistons, JDM Type R rods, Walbro 255lph fuel pump, 750cc injectors, Type-S transmission with 4.78 final drive and Kazz LSD, Competition Clutch stage 5 clutch and flywheel, Hasport mounts, axles and wiring harness, Hondata Flash Pro, Sportcar Motion intake, Eibach coilovers, Cusco strut and roll bars, Spoon Sports coilovers, Project Mu rotors, Advan RG-DS wheels

Sstp 1211 34+meet the competition+honda cr z engine Photo 33/35   |   Meet The Competition

Ken Suen

Sstp 1211 35+meet the competition+2008 honda civic si Photo 34/35   |   Meet The Competition

’08 Honda Civic Si
Power: 224.30hp, 153.00 lb-ft (4th)
Road Course: 1:30.740 (6th)
Drag Strip: 12.35 (6th)
Mods: K20 with 3.5" intake, Vibrant velocity stack, Invidia header, Go Power 3" exhaust, Innovative motor mounts, Hondata Flash Pro, Skunk2 cam, valve springs and retainer, ARP head studs, Spoon Sports head gasket, oil cooler, GearSpeed rebuilt transmission, Fidanza flywheel, Competition six-puck clutch, TEIN coilovers, Buddy Club rear camber kit, Full Race traction bar, TLS Brembo big brakes, Project Mu rear brakes, Rays 57 Motorsport G07WT wheels, Mugen RR conversion, VIS carbon hood, Seibon carbon fenders and trunk, Voltex canards and rear wing

Sstp 1211 36+meet the competition+civic si engine Photo 35/35   |   Meet The Competition



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