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Honda S2000 Brian Crower - Tuner - State Of Tune

BC Brian Crower
Oct 1, 2008
Turp_0810_01_z+honda_s2000_brian_crower+cwest_honda_s2000 Photo 1/2   |   Honda S2000 Brian Crower - Tuner - State Of Tune

More horsepower is in store for the CWest/BC S2000 for the upcoming Super Lap and Time Attack events. Gary Cas-tillo at Designcraft is dropping the bottom end and installing a BC Brian Crower 2.47L stroker kit, 97mm stroke, BC steel billet crankshaft, and BC Pro Series steel billet connecting rods with ARP Custom Age 625+ fasteners. The stroker not only delivers added displacement and allows for unlimited boost, but it also improves throttle response and low-end torque for better spool-up rates. CP is the official supplier of all BC stroker kits and they're machining the custom pistons to 89mm bore and 9.5:1 compression with 9310 alloy wrist pins for limited flex. Race Engine Development is installing Darton sleeves and prepping the block. Since the formula for displacement is bore x bore x stroke x 0.7854 x number of cylinders, it always makes sense to go for as big a bore as possible.

Turp_0810_02_z+honda_s2000_brian_crower+indy_500_racing Photo 2/2   |   Honda S2000 Brian Crower - Tuner - State Of Tune

The goal will be 550-plus horsepower with a larger GReddy turbo on the bolt-on kit, BC0061T cams, BC0060 dual valvesprings/titanium retainer kit, and brand-new BC adjustable cam gears. With the CWest carbon-fiber body kit and door panels, the car weighs only 2,300 pounds. We're fine-tuning the TEIN suspension and setting the car up for 275/40/18 Hankook Ventus Z214 (C91) tires to provide ultimate grip for driver Tyler McQuarrie.

By refining the suspension, turning up the boost, and switching to Hankook Ventus Z214 tires (C71's) during the final runs at our victory at Buttonwillow in March, Tyler was able to shave an additional 3 seconds off of our early lap times. Tyler ensures to cut additional seconds off the 148.82 time by going with the C91 tire on larger 18x10.5 Enkei wheels and retuning the AEM ECU. -Brian

By BC Brian Crower
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