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TX2K 2015 Roll Race Mega Gallery

Photo dump of all the roll race action on Day 2 of TX2K15

Sean Russell
Mar 21, 2015
Photographer: Jofel Tolosa Writer: Jofel Tolosa

The TX2K 2015 street car Roll Race segment is officially in the books and we are happy to report it was just as epic as seen on past YouTube vids. Despite the late night shenanigans prior, the Super Street team arrived early at the Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, TX to check out the scene - this was the first time at this track for TX2K, reason being it is wider, longer and nicer than the previous strip.

Lease locators racing gtr tx2k unlimited winner Photo 2/296   |   K. Oakes won TX2K15 Roll Race Unlimited class with a final 194.3mph pass in his Lease Locators Racing GT-R.
Tx2k 2015 roll race nationals 24 Photo 6/296   |   Tx2k 2015 Roll Race Nationals 24

Against weather forecasts and advice, Peter Blach, founder of TX2K, was still able to bring out a plenty of high-horsepower cars. Most popular entries included the Nissan GT-R, Lamborghini Gallardo, Toyota Supra, Chevy Corvette, Porsche 911 and Mitsubishi Evo. The spirit of performance continues to evolve with more 2000+hp cars than we've ever seen. Event sponsor, AMS Performance and its Alpha GT-R serious showed up in spades.

Tx2k15 roll race nationals 36 Photo 7/296   |   Tx2k15 Roll Race Nationals 36
Tx2k15 roll race nationals 59 Photo 11/296   |   Tx2k15 Roll Race Nationals 59

The TX2K15 Roll Race Nationals is a unique take on motorsports and simulates what would go down during a highway battle. Entries were limited to around 130 700+hp cars. Three classes exist: Unlimited, Super Sport and Sport. Two cars use 700 ft. of the strip to get up to 60mph before the start flags. At the marked start each car can be no more than a half a car length apart and +/- 5mph of each other or a re-race occurs. The race then travel 1,500 ft. to finish (1,320 is a quarter-mile) however the total length of the VHT covered track is 3200 feet. TX2K trap speeds ranged from 165mph to 200mph, depending on class.

Tx2k15 roll race nationals 61 Photo 12/296   |   Tx2k15 Roll Race Nationals 61
Tx2k15 roll race nationals 97 Photo 16/296   |   Tx2k15 Roll Race Nationals 97

More GT-Rs than we could count showed up - Godzilla is still the king of speed. The final battle in the Unlimited class boiled down to a battle of the 1800+hp GT-R, driven by Gideon Chamdi and Kyler Oakes. After a gruesome race and rerun Oakes was able to power to first place in a full-interior, stereo- included mega street build - full story detailing all the action to come. After the awards ceremony was an open quarter-mile drag racing portion under the lights. Dyno runs were also occurring all day.

Exciting to say the least, and now here is enough photos to make you feel like you were there. TX2K Day 3 Saturday was called due to Houston rain.

Stay tuned for the full TX2K15 Roll Race results, driver interviews, video and dyno winners.

Tx2k 2015 roll race nationals 19 Photo 20/296   |   Tx2k 2015 Roll Race Nationals 19

TX2K 2015 Day 1- Omni to Marriot Hotel Meet Photos

Tx2k15 roll race nationals 9 Photo 24/296   |   Tx2k15 Roll Race Nationals 9
Tx2k15 roll race nationals 44 Photo 37/296   |   Tx2k15 Roll Race Nationals 44
Tx2k15 roll race nationals 32 Photo 38/296   |   Tx2k15 Roll Race Nationals 32
Tx2k15 roll race nationals 22 Photo 48/296   |   Tx2k15 Roll Race Nationals 22
Tx2k15 roll race nationals 67 Photo 55/296   |   Tx2k15 Roll Race Nationals 67
Tx2k15 roll race nationals 86 Photo 62/296   |   Tx2k15 Roll Race Nationals 86
Tx2k15 roll race nationals 37 Photo 66/296   |   Tx2k15 Roll Race Nationals 37
Tx2k15 roll race nationals 3 Photo 79/296   |   Tx2k15 Roll Race Nationals 3
Tx2k15 roll race nationals 109 Photo 92/296   |   Tx2k15 Roll Race Nationals 109
Tx2k15 roll race nationals 28 Photo 96/296   |   Tx2k15 Roll Race Nationals 28
Tx2k15 roll race nationals 31 Photo 109/296   |   Tx2k15 Roll Race Nationals 31
Mullet m2k racing ford gt Photo 119/296   |   Mullet 2000hp M2K Racing Ford GT
Tx2k 2015 roll race nationals 110 Photo 140/296   |   Tx2k 2015 Roll Race Nationals 110
Ams alpha omega gtr Photo 142/296   |   AMS Alpha Omega GTR pits
Ugr gallardo tx2k15 Photo 155/296   |   Underground Racing Lamborghini Gallardo
Tx2k 2015 roll race nationals 92 Photo 171/296   |   Tx2k 2015 Roll Race Nationals 92
Tx2k 2015 roll race nationals 31 Photo 187/296   |   Tx2k 2015 Roll Race Nationals 31
Top speed twin turbo audi r8 Photo 188/296   |   Top Speed TT Audi R8
Tx2k 2015 roll race nationals 75 Photo 195/296   |   Tx2k 2015 Roll Race Nationals 75
LS 1977 datsun z Photo 196/296   |   LS 1977 Datsun Z
Tx2k 2015 roll race nationals 123 Photo 203/296   |   Tx2k 2015 Roll Race Nationals 123
Tx2k 2015 roll race nationals 124 Photo 204/296   |   Tx2k 2015 Roll Race Nationals 124
Tx2k 2015 roll race nationals 180 Photo 286/296   |   Tx2k 2015 Roll Race Nationals 180
By Sean Russell
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