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Osaka Auto Messe 2017 Part 2

Highlights: 10 cars you didn’t see at Tokyo Auto Salon

Feb 13, 2017
Photographer: David Ishikawa

1. This yellow Rocket Bunny 180SX reminds us of Siro Watanabe’s pink example featured in our ’14 Japan issue. What’s sick about this one, however, is the Toyota 4.0-liter 1UZ V-8 that’s under the hood!

Nissan 180sx front Photo 2/19   |   Nissan 180Sx Front

2. If this DC2 Integra looks familiar, it’s because it should! This is in fact Michael “HeyMikeyyyy” Cristi’s ’95 GS-R that was built in Southern California and featured on the cover of our ’15 Honda issue. Now it happily lives in Osaka for all the USDM fans of Japan to admire.

Mode parfume integra gsr Photo 3/19   |   Mode Parfume Integra Gsr

3. Bosozoku culture is still alive and kickin’ especially with crazy wide cars like this Hakosuka Skyline. A bit of a quirky touch, this build features Nissan Cedric headlights.

Hakosuka skyline widebody Photo 4/19   |   Hakosuka Skyline Widebody

4. This Nissan Cima might be our favorite VIP ride from Osaka thus far. Not only does it look badass but it rocks a V-8 rebuilt by HKS, and also features some lovely individual throttle bodies.

Nissan cima hks v8 itb Photo 5/19   |   Nissan Cima Hks V8 Itb

5. We know Black Pearl Complete for designing some of the most aggressive, yet clean body kits for VIP sedans; however, head honcho Mori Naoki might have taken this Lexus LS460 too far. What ch’all think?

Black pearl lexus rear Photo 6/19   |   Black Pearl Lexus Rear

6. Old & New continuing their momentum with their Slant Nose body kit for Porshce 911 – this particular grey beauty is a ’01 996 Turbo.

2001 porsche old and new Photo 7/19   |   2001 Porsche Old And New

7. KRC Japan has no problem being different, as we’ve seen with their RX-7 demo cars. This S15 Silvia uses the same menacing styling.

Nissan s15 krc modified Photo 8/19   |   Nissan S15 Krc Modified

8. Hello to AP Garage’s ’89 BMW E30 Cabrio! The square headlights are hit or miss depending on your flavor of ice cream, but you can’t hate on the M3 S54 swap!

1987 bmw e30 ap garage Photo 9/19   |   1987 Bmw E30 Ap Garage

9. Hopefully you caught our article on the Toyota C-HR and how the compact SUV took over Tokyo Auto Salon. Here’s a new and very "stance-y" build from our friends at 326Power.

Toyota chr 326 power Photo 10/19   |   Toyota Chr 326 Power

10. This R31 Skyline is something to admire, appreciate, and question “why?” at the same time. Another example of the variety of cars you’ll find at Osaka Auto Messe.

Birichino special r31 hello special Photo 11/19   |   Birichino Special R31 Hello Special
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