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Liberty Walk at 2012 SEMA Show - Hole Shot

Jonathan Wong
Mar 29, 2013
Sstp 1303 01+walk this way+jonathan wong kei miura Photo 1/2   |  
Our FR-S debuts at SEMA. Miura-san approves!

No, you are not hallucinating, and we'd be a month ahead of schedule if this were to be some sort of twisted (but what I'd find to be a very cool) April Fool's joke. I have not lost my mind, though I can safely say there are pieces of it scattered across many parts of the world (I am still technically sane). We are indeed showcasing not only what's widely considered by many-not just auto enthusiasts, but basically any living person-to be one of the world's most sought after exotics. And here, the Japanese have seen no problem in cutting up its fenders in order to take it to the next level. I love that Liberty Walk has the balls to do this.

I'd caught wind of Liberty Walk making an appearance at the 2012 SEMA Show through Kei Miura (pictured)-you know him best because of Rocket Bunny. Last fall, I accompanied him to the Bay Area when, while conducting business with BenSopra USA, headed by none other than Mark Arcenal (that's Fatlace for the unknowing), Mark began to talk with Miura-san about a certain Murcialago-the one on this month's cover. It'd have mere days to be prepped after delivery to the shop. Nakai from RWB Japan would accompany Kato-san, LW's president to California to oversee the final product. Nakai would be one of the few that Miura could trust to make sure the car could be completed to his liking; after all, Miura is the man behind so many aero kits, most of which go to market without anyone realizing it's his design in the first place. I wouldn't hear about this car at all until its grand debut at SEMA, and what a delightful show it put on.

Sstp 1303 02+walk this way+kei miura Photo 2/2   |   Liberty Walk at 2012 SEMA Show - Hole Shot

That's why it's here. It's supremely exotic but still meets every basic expectation we require of any car that goes into Super Street. Meanwhile, a car of this stature is giving us a chance to embrace the modified beauties of our culture, regardless of origin. And even though those origins run deeply Italian, Liberty Walk has infused a soul into it that has made it uniquely Japanese. That and it's just extremely f'in bad ass

Jonathan Wong

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