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Supras In Vegas 2015

Event celebrates 5 years as the premier national meet for all things Toyota Supra.

Miguel Jimenez
Dec 10, 2015
Photographer: Doug Tahuite

From modest roots in 2011, when founder Miguel Jimenez gathered just 20 Supras from four states including Nevada, Supras In Vegas (SIV) has grown exponentially in the intervening years to become one of the biggest and best meets of its kind. In 2015, 190 Supras representing 20 states gathered in the Las Vegas desert to celebrate SIV’s fifth anniversary with four days of Sin City fun.

The official host hotel for the five-year run, the Excalibur, fenced off a special VIP parking area for all the attending Supras. Slowly the parking area filled up as attendees arrived from all over the United States.

Siv2015 moto 3 Photo 2/50   |   Supras in Vegas represents all generations of Supras. This picture is a great example – Danny Aguirre from San Diego owns the red Mk4 and his son, Danny, Jr., owns the white Mk3.

The event is usually between the last week of September and beginning of October and runs for four days, with a major outing each day of the affair. SIV’s five-year title sponsors and FSR Motorsport Creations help support not only the event but also many of the cars leading up to and during each SIV gathering.

Siv2015 moto 6 Photo 3/50   |   Supra owners head out for the Hoover Dam scenic drive.

Day one was the scenic drive, sponsored by Arizona’s It began at the Excalibur and ventured out to Lake Mead, ultimately taking over the upper parking lot of the Hoover Dam. Over 100 Supras participated in Thursday’s 40-mile drive to the dam.

Siv2015 moto 8 Photo 4/50   |   SIV veteran Derek Liecty leads the pack in his pristine 1985 Supra. He makes the trip every year from Northern California at the tender, young age of 83.

The convoy of Supras funneled into the Hoover Dam parking structure and occupied the entire top floor. Many attendees climbed up nearby hill paths for the unique opportunity to photograph a parking lot full of amazing Toyotas set against one of our greatest national landmarks.

Siv2015 moto hoover 1 Photo 5/50   |   Event founder Miguel Jimenez leads the group into Hoover Dam in his 1987 Metallic Brown Mk3 Supra with a 1.5JZ under the hood.
Siv2015 moto hoover 7 Photo 6/50   |   Attendees enjoyed the afternoon at the dam as the sun set before they headed back to Las Vegas for the evening’s fun.

That night provided a chill setting for many of the car owners to take over the Vegas strip and cruise out for some great night photo shoots with SIV official photographer Doug Tahuite.

Siv2015 moto night 2 Photo 7/50   |   Bryan Cortez from northern California showed off his Best Mk3-winning Mahogany Brown Pearl Supra under the Vegas lights.
Siv2015 moto night 1 Photo 8/50   |   Danny Aguirre’s Mk4 is highlighted nicely in the Vegas nightlife.

Friday morning in Las Vegas is not too hectic, as many start their days later in the party town. At 9am the roar of the Supras began, as the group rallied to All Access Tuning for the annual SIV Dyno Challenge, sponsored by Virtual Works Racing and Cody Phillips Racing. Each entrant was allowed two power pulls.

All Access Tuning started the long day of competition early. Owner Devin LeBlanc supervised 28 Supras on his rollers throughout the day. Poppa Naps BBQ served up lunch around noon and afterward the dyno challenge continued. By the end of the day seven Supras had put down over 800 wheel horsepower each, three from Arizona, three from California, and one from Nevada. All seven drove the scenic drive a day earlier and participates in all 2015 SIV events. The winner was Mike Carwin from San Diego, with a 977hp pull.

Siv2015 moto dyno 7 Photo 9/50   |   Matt Stephens and his pops, Paul, made the drive from Connecticut. Matt’s very clean Mk4 put down a strong 475whp pull.
Siv2015 moto dyno 8 Photo 10/50   |   Mike Carwin from Southern California took the dyno challenge crown with a 977whp run.
Siv2015 moto dyno 9 Photo 11/50   |   Siv2015 Moto Dyno 9

Started in 2014, one of the newer SIV traditions is the kickoff party at Virtual Works Racing. Everyone gathers at for a night meet with tasty food from the Hummus Truck, great cars, and awesome people.

Siv2015 moto party 1 Photo 12/50   |   Vegas locals came together and had an awesome Supras in Vegas ice sculpture made for the nighttime festivities.
Siv2015 moto party 2 Photo 13/50   |   The Hummus Truck was set up and ready to go with amazing fusion burgers, kabobs, and more.
Siv2015 moto party 3 Photo 14/50   |   Cody Phillips Racing, SIV Drag and Dyno Day sponsor, debuted an amazing rebuilt drag chassis. Although it was not ready for 2015, expect to see it scream down the strip at SIV 2016.
Siv2015 moto party 4 Photo 15/50   |   As the evening progressed, more Supras showed up. The meet went late into the night.

One of the most exciting parts of Supras in Vegas is the Show ‘n’ Shine day, sponsored by Raptor Racing in Canada. There are no judges at this event; each registered owner gets a ballot and the Supra community evaluates each car. 43 awards were given out by show’s end. The guest of honor was the Toyota FT-1.

Siv2015 moto show 1 Photo 16/50   |   Toyota and Calty Design arrived early to set up the show’s guest of honor, the famous FT-1.
Siv2015 moto show 2 Photo 17/50   |   SIV staff took the opportunity to snap some pictures with the FT-1 before the crowd arrived.
Siv2015 moto show 3 Photo 18/50   |   A Mk3 and the FT-1 illustrate nicely Toyota’s development of its sports car design over the last 30 year.
Siv2015 moto show 4 Photo 19/50   |   Event staff begin to line up the arriving cars. It is tradition to park them by generation – here is a beautiful line of Mk2’s.
Siv2015 moto show 5 Photo 20/50   |   Mk4’s represented the largest group in attendance.
Siv2015 moto show 6 Photo 21/50   |   The Mk3 group increased their numbers in 2015 to 43.

Calty Design documented the 2012 SIV event to help them green light the FT-1 with Toyota. Only 60 cars attended in 2012, but for 2015 they brought out the one-of-a-kind prototype as a thank you to the Supra community. 190 Supras from all generations joined the FT-1.

Siv2015 moto show 7 Photo 22/50   |   Craig Higa’s beautiful Mk3 has toured California this year, collecting awards at every stop. It once again brought home hardware from SIV 2015 as Best Exterior Non-Modified Mk3 and second-place overall Mk3.
Siv2015 moto show 8 Photo 23/50   |   Preston Ebert’s amazing Mk4 hails from the Sacramento area. Ebert and his family are veterans of the event.
Siv2015 moto show 9 Photo 24/50   |   One great part of SIV is the variety of different personal styles on display.
Siv2015 moto show 10 Photo 25/50   |   Brendan Taft is known to many as NA_HERO; forgoing the typical turbo Supra, his 300whp non-turbo setup with independent throttle bodies stands out. Brendan took home four trophies this weekend.
Siv2015 moto show 11 Photo 26/50   |   Spectators gather for a photo op with the FT-1. Calty Design made sure the FT-1 made its rounds, here next to Arizona’s Saad Saad from Saad Racing.
Siv2015 moto show 12 Photo 27/50   |   A new competition for 2015 was the two-step rev competition – mainly a comp for egos, but hearing 15 Supras make music is always fun.
Siv2015 moto show 13 Photo 28/50   |   All generations got involved in the two-step rev comp. Arizona’s Christina Dancisak’s Mk2 had some fun with the big power boys.
Siv2015 moto show 14 Photo 29/50   |   The FT-1 is already an icon and is still in prototype form!
Siv2015 moto show 15 Photo 30/50   |   The interior looks like it’s from a refined fighter jet.
Siv2015 moto show 16 Photo 31/50   |   Side profiles truly show the amazing lines and curves on Toyota’s beautiful sports car prototype.
Siv2015 moto show 17 Photo 32/50   |   Siv2015 Moto Show 17
Siv2015 moto show 18 Photo 33/50   |   A great generational picture of Doug Clemmens’ Mk3, Jordan Cohan’s Mk4, and the FT-1, which all Supra owners hope becomes Toyota’s next flagship sports car.

As the Show ‘n’ Shine approached its end, the raffle and awards was the topper. Attendees had chances to win prizes from Driftmotion, FSR Motorsports, Suprastore, AEM, Sleeper Designs, Raptor Racing, Falken Tire, and others.

Siv2015 moto show 20 Photo 34/50   |   Longtime Supra veteran Steve Theadore finalized the awards for the Show ‘n’ Shine.
Siv2015 moto show 21 Photo 35/50   |   Justin Tran of Idaho made the trip without his Supra but loves coming out to see old and new friends. He also enjoys winning raffle prizes.
Siv2015 moto show 22 Photo 36/50   |   Awards, lined up and ready.
Siv2015 moto show 23 Photo 37/50   |   A group of friends enjoys the awards ceremony.
Siv2015 moto show 24 Photo 38/50   |   As the sun set, the Show ‘n’ Shine came to an end. Roger Reyes’ stunning Mk2 Supra, with a 2JZ swap, took home Best Mk2 for the third year in a row.

Sunday was the last day of SIV 2015, with another early Vegas start; after three nights in Las Vegas, this was a challenge in itself, but the SIV staff was on deck at 8:30am at Las Vegas Motor Speedway (LVMS) for the annual Supra Drag Race Challenge.

Siv2015 moto zdrag 1 Photo 39/50   |   Drag racers began to line up for some test runs as the track went hot.
Siv2015 moto zdrag 1a Photo 40/50   |   Mk3 class winner with a 12.73 run, Daryl Hall of British Columbia, Canada, is teched and ready to go.
Siv2015 moto zdrag 2 Photo 41/50   |   SoCal’s Darian Wilcox and Arizona’s Ryan Christopher line up to start the day.
Siv2015 moto zdrag 3 Photo 42/50   |   Alex Smith’s 2JZ turbo SC300 gave the Supras a run for their money.
Siv2015 moto zdrag 3a Photo 43/50   |   Stu Hagan took the Stock Turbo Housing class in his silver rocket with a pass of 12.05.

Supras in Vegas does not piggyback on another drag racing event; they rent the LVMS Strip for a private event and invite locals to challenge the Supras in various classes. The racers began to roll in at 9am and the track went hot for Test ‘n’ Tune at 10am.

Siv2015 moto zdrag 6 Photo 44/50   |   Mike Carwin took the Best Overall Supra for the weekend. Mike participated in all the events, winning the Dyno Challenge and making to the semis of Supras versus World and 6-Speed Challenge classes.

Vegas local and event sponsor Dana Westover of Virtual Works Racing hammered down the fastest pass of the day in the Outlaw Class with an 8.28-second pass. The Six-Speed class was exciting and Utah Supra owner David Stephens was almost untouchable as he lay down consistent mid 9-second passes all day.

Siv2015 moto zdrag 4 Photo 45/50   |   Dave Stephens of Utah took the 6-speed Class, running in the 9s all day. His winning pass was a 9.79 but his fastest was 9.44.
Siv2015 moto zdrag 5 Photo 46/50   |   Outlaw class winner Dana Westover of Virtual Works posted the fastest time at 8.28. His is the two-time Outlaw Champ.

The Supra Street Class was the largest class and arguably most exciting to watch. All of these cars had to be registered for street use and on street tires. With over half the field in the 10s, this would be a driver’s race. Ian, owner of title sponsor FSR Motorsports, was as consistent as they come, with mid 10s all day. He took the win in his final matchup, with a pass of 10.48.

Siv2015 moto zdrag 8 Photo 47/50   |   Fastest overall street class Supra would go to Ian, owner of FSR Motorsports, with consistent mid 10-second passes all day, his winning pass was a 10.48.

The most exciting class is the Supras vs. World class; this is open to Supras and non Supras alike. With Grand Nationals, Novas, Mustangs and Hondas competing to knock out the event headliners, it made for a fun afternoon. The final match would come down to Tony Tabet’s Acura Integra and Washington’s Justus Steckman. The Acura was race prepped and running mid 10s all day. Justus’s Supra is a strong street car that competed in three classes that day. This was hands down the best race of the day. With the Supra community’s pride on the line, Justus saved his best pass for when it counted, running a 10.37 to beat the mighty Acura’s 10.52 for the win.

Siv2015 moto zdrag 5a Photo 48/50   |   One of the best races of the night was the final of the Supras vs. World class. Justus Steckman of Washington would represent the Supras against a Tony Tabet’s race-prepped Acura Integra. Justus would take home the win with a 10.37 to the Acura’s 10.52.

With Supras In Vegas 2015 in the books, event organizers look to continue its growth in 2016. The Toyota Supra went out of production in the United States in 1998, but the spirit of its community is bright and as strong as ever. Follow their Facebook page and website for all updates on SIV 2016!

Siv2015 moto 9 Photo 49/50   |   Siv2015 Moto 9
Siv2015 moto hoover 5 Photo 50/50   |   Siv2015 Moto Hoover 5
By Miguel Jimenez
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