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The Hondas of Thailand’s Souped Up '17

Drag racing in Southeast Asia

Matt "Rodrez" Rodriguez
Mar 2, 2017
Photographer: Chad Burdette

In recent weeks you’ve no doubt noticed quite a bit of Honda enthusiast activity coming out of Thailand. A hot bed for automotive culture in general, the number of events is impressive, and the number of heavily modified builds is staggering, especially when Hondas make up a large chunk of Thailand’s enthusiast community. We recently featured a carbon-clad GS-R and a clean K-powered EF3, both of which hail from Thailand, and there are plenty more features we’re trying to chase down with the help of locals like Streetmetal and American transplant Chad Burdette.

On the weekend of February 18th, Burdette and his camera made their way to Bangkok’s Drag Ave. for Souped Up, an annual event hosted by XO Autosport Magazine that brings out all types of cars ready to race in hopes of landing in the finals. The event is so big in fact it takes up two weekends – the qualifying event, which is showcased here, and that leads right into the finals the following weekend.

In between all of the wild dragsters, tube-frame chassis/carbon-bodied R35 GT-Rs, and turbo diesel drag trucks, you could find a number of all motor and turbo-powered Hondas making their way to the burnout box. Here’s a look...

Kseries civic eg Photo 2/30   |   Kseries Civic Eg
Itb kseries civic Photo 3/30   |   Itb Kseries Civic

There’s no shortage of K power in Thailand’s thriving Honda community.

Brio one piece front Photo 4/30   |   Brio One Piece Front
Yellow honda brio racing Photo 5/30   |   Yellow Honda Brio Racing

This Honda Brio, which is armed natively with a 90hp, 1.2L power plant, saw a bump in power with a turbo setup and custom intake manifold, while also dropping a few pounds via the custom chassis work and Lexan windows.

Honda civic ef Photo 6/30   |   Honda Civic Ef

Ultra-clean EF chassis with a custom front end, extended wheelie bars, and what looks like an old-school GUDE hood.

Blue honda fit burnout Photo 7/30   |   Blue Honda Fit Burnout

A feisty Honda Fit packing turbo power, Lexan windows, and a John Force-esque smoke show.

Rwd converted civic k20 Photo 8/30   |   Rwd Converted Civic K20

ITB-equipped K-series mounted longitudinally for a little RWD flair.

Honda fit turbo Photo 9/30   |   Honda Fit Turbo

Showing off the goods that include a nice sized turbo, MSD coils, and dual fuel rails

By Matt "Rodrez" Rodriguez
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