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Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 Day One (w/Video)

It’s lit at Makuhari Messe!

Jan 16, 2016

It’s the event that every enthusiast should make a point to go to at least once in his or her life. Tokyo Auto Salon is the place where legends are born and the latest trends emerge. It all happens at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba, Japan, and it’s the type of show that no matter how bad your legs are hurting, you will insist on another walk around a hall or two.

While the 86/FR-S/BRZ was the star of car shows for the last three years, it seems it’s about to be succeeded by the new Mazda Miata. Let’s face it, the so-called chick car isn’t so “chicky” anymore, but I digress. We made the editorial choice to stay in the north halls for the first day and the first car we came across that caught our eye was a turbocharged Pandem (Rocket Bunny) ND Miata at the Trust GReddy booth. Yes, we know some of you are tired of the trend, but chances are Kei Miura doesn’t care.

Tokyo auto salon 2016 day one 02 Photo 2/70   |   Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 Day One 02
Tokyo auto salon 2016 day one 07 Photo 6/70   |   Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 Day One 07

While we’re on the topic of Mazda, we spotted a rad widebody RX-7 built by Garage Rise Up at the D2 Japan booth. We’re digging the long nose front bumper with the recognizably modern Mazda grille. Kudou Jyosuke tells us it’s running about 450hp and is built for time attack. Making a comeback, Kazuyoshi Okamura of Yashio Factory brought out a trio of cars dressed with the quintessential pink paint job, one of them being a Toyota 86 in Blitz aero.

Tokyo auto salon 2016 day one 30 Photo 7/70   |   Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 Day One 30

At the TRD booth was the debut of the Toyota Prius Super GT car. Mind blown, right? At the BN Sports booth was the latest widebody kit for the 86. The new aero is going to run about 600,000 yen, which is roughly $5,000 US. If rear-wheel-drive cars aren’t your cup of tea, there was no shortage of insanely fast GT-Rs, EVOs, and Subaru STIs.

Tokyo auto salon 2016 day one 37 Photo 11/70   |   Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 Day One 37

Of course we also had to stop by our homies’ at Top Secret, JUN Auto, and Garage G Force while we were in the north hall. We’ve only clocked in a few hours of sleep just because there’s still so much to explore. Check back tomorrow for more of our adventures in the fascinating place of Japanese tuner culture.

Tokyo auto salon 2016 day one 62 Photo 15/70   |   Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 Day One 62
Tokyo auto salon 2016 day one 66 Photo 70/70   |   Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 Day One 66
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