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Toyo Tires x Super Street 2017 Calendar Launch SoCal

Enthusiasts overrun the streets in front of Boden Autohaus in Costa Mesa, Calif.

Jan 31, 2017
Photographers: Rodrez, Jofel Tolosa

A week after marking the release of the 2017 Toyo Tires calendar in Northern California, and a year after doing the same but for the 2016 edition at Boden Autohaus in Southern Cali, we found ourselves back in Costa Mesa right next to the John Wayne Airport commemorating the new calendar with a huge-ass car meet. And that’s no exaggeration – it was e-nor-mous. It was so outta control, the street out in front of Boden Autohaus was literally choked with cars both cruising and parked, in addition to what seemed like hundred (if not thousands) of pedestrians.

The Super Street faithful had taken over.

Tacoma X Runner Photo 5/196   |   Tacoma X Runner

The mix of cars was one you could find only in California. Usual J fare – like 86/FR-S, S2000, EVO, GT-R of several varieties, and others – was supplemented by lots of BMW, Porsche, and even domestics in the form of Mustangs and Challengers. But nothing reminds you more about where the event was held (affluent Orange County) than the scores of supercars that turned up – mostly Lamborghini, but there were a few Ferrari, too, as well as a McLaren and even a Porsche 918.

DC2 JDM front Photo 12/196   |   DC2 JDM Front

Toyo Girls Corle Bunch, Rosalie Jackson, and Kyra Keli were on hand to pass out calendars, sign autographs, and pose for pictures. We also had the SuperiLL pop-up shop on site, delivering the latest goods to our admiring public. All in all, we’d have to say it was a pretty good time – or it was until a handful of idiots began doing donuts in the streets. And to be clear, they weren’t doing them in front of the shop but a few hundred feet away in a nearby intersection.

The po-po wasted little time in quelling the hoonery, and apart from that the event went as smooth as could be expected. Dive into the gallery to get a taste of the crazy scene at the SoCal Toyo Tires x Super Street 2017 Calendar Launch..

Rosalie Jackson Corle Bunch Kyra Keli Photo 31/196   |   Rosalie Jackson Corle Bunch Kyra Keli
SoCal S Chassis windbreaker Photo 47/196   |   Socal S Chassis Windbreaker
Supra Photo 63/196   |   Supra
Hakosuka profile Photo 79/196   |   Hakosuka Profile
McLaren Photo 95/196   |   Mclaren
E92 E46 E36 Photo 111/196   |   E92 E46 E36
RWB 911 Photo 127/196   |   RWB 911
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