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Import Showoff Classic - Any Given Showoff

Nitto Sponsored Import Showoff Classic Ends '99 In Fashion

Apr 1, 2000
Turp_0004_01_z+import_showoff_classic+nitto_extreme_performance Photo 1/1   |   Import Showoff Classic - Any Given Showoff

Let's see, shall we go to the Import Showoff Classic or should we watch the San Diego Chargers play the Kansas City Chiefs. Let's explore our options, Import Showoff will be full of the most beautiful girls in the import scene and vendors will have the latest toys for imports-did I forget to mention the dopest cars from the West Coast will compete for cash prizes. Our other option is to watch Kansas City Chiefs demolish the San Diego Chargers due to its battered first stringers being out of the game because of injuries...Hummm

Upon arrival to Anaheim convention center in California one would guess that this particular Showoff is an outdoor event due to the import cars gathered outside en masse. Later you would realize that the $8.00 you just spent was used to enter the parking lot and the show is an indoor event.

The Nitto badged Import Showoff Classic was by all means a classic case of the baddest rides and models gathered in one enormous room for enthusiast's enjoyment. If you don't believe us than check it out for yourself...

Vendors that attended
* Nitto Tires Extreme Performance
* American Honda
* Meguiar's
* Axis Sport Tuning
* TG Race Design
* Pacific Rim Motoring Apparel
* Atomic Performance
* American Racing
* Mixture Online
* 935 Dragger
* Dykom/ZUM Streetwear
* Advance Concept
* Asian Gear/Flip Gear
* Tropical Airbrush
* Island Motorsports
* Sprint Performance Suspension
* Mecca Multimedia/360 Video Magazine
* Versus
* Modern Image Signworks
* Xenon
* Lautostyel Spoilers
* One Love Promotion
* Import Beat
* Legend Motorsports
* 749
* Checker Rags
* Asian Connection
* Street Legal
* Sinsei


Honda Class
1 1999 Honda Civic- Ben Ma
2 1996 Honda Accord- Roy Cheah
3 1993 Civic- Matthew Nabilzadeh

{{{Acura}}} Class
1 {{{1993 Acura Integra}}}- Sam Kot
2 {{{1995 Acura Integra}}}- Edward Thaniyaphol
3 {{{1996 Acura Integra}}}- Jethro Liou
{{{Nissan}}} Class
1 {{{1990 Nissan Sentra}}}- Brad Rogers
2 1995 Nissan {{{240}}} SX-Ricky Chu
3 1993 Nissan Hardbody- Brian Alcausin
{{{Toyota}}} Class
1 {{{1991 Toyota MR2}}}- Dan Greenbank
2 {{{1995 Toyota Camry}}}- David Kimura
3 1991 {{{Toyota MR2}}}- John Barn
{{{Mitsubishi}}} Class
1 {{{1986 Mitsubishi Starion}}} ESI-R- Tony Waldrop
2 {{{1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse}}}- Joey Vallejo
3 {{{1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse}}}- Cole Sims
Other Import Class
1 {{{1991 Mazda Miata}}}- Larry Kyosai
2 1991 {{{Mazda Miata}}}- Lisa Riker
3 {{{1990 Volkswagen Corrado}}} G60- Chris Contreas
Japanese Exotic Class
1 {{{1991 Acura NSX}}}- RJ De Vera
2 {{{1995 Lexus SC400}}}- John Nguyen
3 {{{1994 Mazda RX-7}}}- Tony Yeh
Euro Exotic Class
1 1993 {{{BMW}}} 325is- Jonatha Sibal
2 1995 {{{BMW M3}}}- Stan Chen
3 1997 Mercedes Benz- Johnson Hsu

Mini Truck Showoff
1984 Nissan Minitruck- Bill Montgomery

Auto EXE
1 {{{1998 Honda Civic}}}- Ben Ma
2 {{{1991 Acura Integra}}}- Ron Bergenholtz
3 {{{1994 Toyota Supra}}}- Craig Lieberman
4 {{{1996 Honda Civic}}}- LJ Garcia
5 1996 {{{Honda Civic}}}- Sunny Lau
6 1997 Nissan 240 SX- Non Fujita
7 1995 BMW {{{M3}}}- Troy Wilhite
8 {{{1991 Honda Civic}}}- Jeff Baldovino
9 1997 Toyota 4 Runner Limited- Jessie Pastor
10 {{{1995 Honda Odyssey}}}- "Mommy" Charlotte De Vera

Showoff Classic
Import Showoff presented by Sports Compact Car
1999 Focus race car - Ben Ma

Performance Showoff presented by Turbo Magazine
1992 Honda Civic - Lisa Kubo

Custom Showoff presented by Import Tuner
1983 Toyota Celica - John Kuroyama

Best team Showoff
Art n Motion

Team Representation Showoff
International All stars

Conversion Showoff
1997 Mazda Miata - Jack Gosney

Best Finish presented by Meguiar's
2000 Volkswagen Jetta - Adrain Puente

GirlRacer Showoff sponsored by Pacific Rim
1993 Honda Prelude - Angel Ting

Integra Showoff
1998 Acura Integra - Thanh Duong

Civic Showoff
1994 Honda Civic - David Chang

Accord Showoff
1997 Honda Accord - Ron Diao

Sedan Showoff
1997 Honda Accord - John Tan

Mainstream Productions
22125 1/2 South Vermont Ave.,
Dept. THP
Torrance, CA 90502
(310) 782-0500



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