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June 2005 Aftermarket Auto Parts - Adult Toys

Get your mind out of the gutter... deez are strictly for use outside the bedroom

Mar 13, 2007
0506_ht_01z+unorthodox_racing+k_series_kevlar_clutch Photo 1/8   |   June 2005 Aftermarket Auto Parts - Adult Toys

Unorthodox Racing K-Series Kevlar Clutch
631/586-9525 *

Unorthodox Racing's new DiscSystem makes choosing the proper clutch for your ride easy. The DiscSystem works off of the clutch disc, not the pressure plate. Simply select the appropriate disc for the kind of power you're making and you're set. Hubs are available in solid or sprung configurations, and disc facings come in either full, segmented, four- or six-puck designs.

0506_ht_02z+bbk+intake_manifold Photo 2/8   |   June 2005 Aftermarket Auto Parts - Adult Toys

BBK 1.8-liter Intake Manifold
951/296-1771 *

BBK's newest SSI-series B18 intake manifold is a fully CNC-machined, 356-aluminum casting with a metallic charcoal powdercoat finish and 70mm throttle body opening. Designed to deliver between 8-14 hp on a typical B18, the SSI is priced nice at $269.

0506_ht_03z+powerhouse_products+wideband_air_fuel_meter_kit Photo 3/8   |   June 2005 Aftermarket Auto Parts - Adult Toys

Powerhouse Products
800/872-7223 *

The new Wideband Air/Fuel Meter kit from Powerhouse is a compact unit packing features including 44-minute data capacity and a full Windows-based software package. The kit provides real-time displays and outputs for all wideband five-wire Bosch O2 sensor systems. Designed for both fuel-injected and carbureted applications, the wideband A/F kit is offered in three different packages depending on application.

0506_ht_04z+PIAA+super_mesh_forged_wheel Photo 4/8   |   June 2005 Aftermarket Auto Parts - Adult Toys

PIAA Super Mesh Forged Wheel

Not content with dominating the performance lighting segment, PIAA offers another high-performance forged roller. The Super Mesh is highlighted by its deep-dropped center section, split seven spokes and titanium finish. It is available in 19-inch diameter, 8.5- and 9.5-inch widths, and a 5x114 bolt pattern; offsets range from 23mm to 45mm.

0506_ht_05z+squires_turbo_systems+prototype Photo 5/8   |   June 2005 Aftermarket Auto Parts - Adult Toys

STS Prototype Turbo for Integra/Civic

866/WE-TURBO *

Squires Turbo Systems calls this the first rear-mounted import turbo kit and we believe it. It's the first production piece for a Honda/Acura app that we know of. STS says there's no welding or fab needed for installation. The Utah company says the key is a patented 12-volt variable speed oil return pump (unlike a gravity feed oil return on a front-mount turbo) combined with a specially sized Garrett T3/T4 turbo. Also included in the kit is a TiAL wastegate, K&N Filter Charger and Precharger, HPC-coated intake and exhaust tubing, fitted silcon turbo hose, stainless-steel hose clamps, PCV system and plug-and-play wiring harness. STS claims impressive numbers: 217-wheel hp at 6 psi from a non-intercooled 1.6-liter on pump gas; 352-wheel hp on a modified 2.0-liter at 10 psi. Pricing unavailable.

0506_ht_06z+motegi_racing+trak_lite_2_predator_sp Photo 6/8   |   June 2005 Aftermarket Auto Parts - Adult Toys

Motegi Racing Predator SP/Trak Lite 2
310/761-4059 *

Motegi Racing's got drag and road racers alike covered with its two new offerings. The Predator SP is the same three-piece, SFI-certified drag wheel forged from 6061-T6 aluminum found on Steph Papadakis' six-second Civic sponsored by AEM/ (you can also find it on the cars of Nelson Hoyos and Marty Ladwig, but those guys drive GM, so they don't count.) The Predator is available with optional beadlock and engraving and can be ordered with custom offsets and widths. It's as light as a feather, at 5.3 pounds for the 15x10 model. Sizes: 15x8, 15x9, 15x10, 16x16, Custom; bolt patterns: 5x4.5, 5x4.75, 5x5, 5x5.5, Custom; backspacing: 3-6-inch, custom.

The Trak Lite 2, meanwhile, serves the road racing faithful with its six-spoke forged design weighing 10.5 pounds (for the 15x7 model). With a machined lip and two different finishes, it looks as soid as it sounds. Honda Challenge and occasional HT pilot Andy Hope beat on the wheel during testing and gave it the thumbs-up. Sizes: 15x7, 17x8; bolt patterns: 4x100, 5x100, 5x4.5; offsets: +35mm (15x7), +42, +45mm (17x8)

0506_ht_07z+honda_accord+borla_catback_exhaust Photo 7/8   |   June 2005 Aftermarket Auto Parts - Adult Toys

Borla Cat-Back Exhaust for '03-'04 Accord
877/GO-BORLA *

Designed for the '03-'04 Accord's sweet 3.0-liter V6 with either manual or auto transmission, Borla's dual exhaust bolts on directly behind the cat with a 4-inch diameter, 20-inch long resonator, then splits into two 1 3/4-inch pipes flowing into 14-inch mufflers. The T-304 stainless-steel system weighs just 36 pounds, 18 less than the stock issue, and increases exhaust flow by 73 cf/min.

0506_ht_08z+best_motoring_international+volume_13_enduro_challenge Photo 8/8   |   June 2005 Aftermarket Auto Parts - Adult Toys

Best Motoring International Vol. 13: Enduro Challenge
310/465-1134 *

Though we've tried to convince our friends at BMI that they need to feature Honda, all Honda and nothing but Honda, they've wisely chosen to ignore our advice. We're sure they have their reasons, one of which may include their enjoyment of beating on Ferraris and exotic Porsches. In Volume 13, BMI drivers whip on seven production cars in brutal Japanese summer heat in two separate 20-minute races. The NSX-R, S2000 and Integra Type R are among three of the entries. The winning car might surprise you. Elsewhere, the inimitable Gan-san takes his new Carrera GT out for a spin on the track and the Ferrari Challenge Stradale goes nose-to-tail with a 360 Modena, Lambo Gallardo, 911 GT3 and NSX-R. Another fine effort that gives us an excuse to blow off work for 90 minutes.



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