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 |   |  1993 Honda Civic DX - Old Faithful
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1993 Honda Civic DX - Old Faithful

Tarik Paris' EG hatchback proves the adored chassis from the leading edge of the import performance movement still has what it takes to rule the streets.

Evan Griffey
May 15, 2007
Photographer: Henry Z. DeKuyper
0705_ht_01_z+1993_civic_dx+rolling_front_view Photo 1/19   |   1993 Honda Civic DX - Old Faithful

If we could turn back the hands of time and look at the origins of the sport compact culture explosion, we'd find three waves of Honda faithful dating back to the early '90s. In the first wave, enthusiasts learned the lessons we take for granted the hard way, laying the foundation for a multi-billion-dollar industry along the way. The prominent Honda at the ground floor was the EG Civic hatchback (1992-95), and it's still a popular and potent platform today.

0705_ht_02_z+1993_civic_dx+engine_bay_view Photo 2/19   |   1993 Honda Civic DX - Old Faithful

Tarik Paris of Old Bridge, N.J., is a long-time enthusiast with a 5th-gen. Civic that illustrates the capability of the EG. "I have been a Honda man for more than 15 years," boasts Paris. "It started with an '89 Accord. I've had a '92 Prelude Si, a '95 Integra GSR, went back to a '95 Prelude and now a '93 Civic. I have always been addicted to speed, as my speeding tickets attest."

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0705_ht_03_z+1993_civic_dx+interior_view Photo 3/19   |   1993 Honda Civic DX - Old Faithful

In amassing those infractions, Paris has also broken off a few unsuspecting souls, as he likes to tout. "The inspiration for building my car would have to be the pure satisfaction of seeing the faces of drivers of 'Vettes, Porsches, and various other 'supercars' when they can't beat a little red hatchback Civic. It is absolutely priceless! They can't believe how fast the car is. And the handling is incredible as well!"

0705_ht_04_z+1993_civic_dx+interior_view Photo 4/19   |   1993 Honda Civic DX - Old Faithful

Before attracting the attention of law enforcement, Paris' interest in autos first led him to an education at Lincoln Tech, where he graduated and went on to begin a career as a mechanic at International Motorsports Products. He is currently wrenching at e-Shift Performance in Cliffwood Beach, which has been a boon to the project.

"Building this car was fairly straightforward," explains Paris. "[e-Shift's] Mike, Wayne, and I put our heads together to plan the project out and from A to Z it took 6 months to build. The biggest issue I had was finding the perfect power for my driving style. I have a big appetite for torque, so I needed drivability with the raw power to boot. In other words, picking the right turbo for the job.

0705_ht_05_z+1993_civic_dx+gauges Photo 5/19   |   1993 Honda Civic DX - Old Faithful

"I went with a special blend from Full Race. It's worked out great. I have plenty of thrust on tap. Power to the ground is in the neighborhood of 470. Torque is also very good at 380 lb-ft."

The Full Race-spec Garrett T04-E-based turbo pressurizes a B18C fortified with Crower rods and JE pistons. The 1.8L is topped with a fairly stock head armed with Type R cams and springs in its valvetrain. Turbo system hardware consists of a Drag manifold, custom fabricated downpipe, Tial wastegate, and a HKS blow-off valve.

The fuel system features an AEM rail and regulator, upgraded 750cc RC Engineering injectors, and a Walbro 255lph pump. A Hondata S300-modified ECU oversees the B's main operating parameters. The S300 is a motherboard addition to the ECU that transforms the stock box into a programmable unit via Hondata's S-Manager Windows-based software. Hondata can deliver the S300 with pre-programmed calibrations for a number of typical engine combos. This gets the car on the road safely so with only a little follow-up fine tuning engine performance can be further optimized to the individual mods made to the engine. The S300 also features USB connection for easy connectivity, real time programming updates, datalogging, and provisions for nitrous, boost, and launch control.

Too often enthusiasts go for the instant gratification of boost and call it quits on the mods. But to deliver the knockout punch on the street, a balance of brute power and control has to be a goal.

Although designed as a commuter, the EG has the framework for excellent handling. "As many Honda fans know, these Civics didn't come with sway bars," explains Paris. "I took the rear set-up from an Integra and made it happen. It really improved the handling and is a big return for a pretty cheap price."

The suspension is comprised of Koni dampening and perch adjustable shocks inside Neuspeed race springs. Paris takes great pride in the unique setup. "My suspension is one of the mods that stands out the most. I absolutely love the Koni/Neuspeed combo. The handling is off the chain! You point the car and that's where it's going at pretty much any speed."

The EG is Paris' daily mode of transport, so creature comforts are essential. "The interior is pretty simple. It has some niceties, like DVD navigation and movie playing. There's a 6-disc changer in back and Sirius satellite radio. I have become pretty addicted to the navi system."

Other interior touches include Integra seats in front, leather Civic Si seats in the rear, a Sparco chassis rigidity bar, carbon fiber rear trunk cover, Integra shift knob and a GReddy Profec B boost controller. Engine monitoring is handled by three Defi gauges, namely boost, fuel pressure and exhaust gas temp.

The exterior treatment on the hatch is low key, which adds to the shock when Paris drops the hammer on unsuspecting V8 heads. The Honda flexes fresh paint, a carbon fiber rear upper wing with integrated brake light, and a carbon front lip spoiler along with fog lights to brighten those misty Jersey nights. Body mods are rounded out with black JDM front headlights, JDM carbon rear taillights, and a 3-piece lower wing in the rear.

K-series swaps may be all the rage today, but this turbocharged B-powered Civic hatch proves that the old school can still run with the best.

"Driving this car on a daily basis is just straight up fun," enthuses Paris, adding, "This coming from my girl as well as myself. There is nothing like a VTEC engine on boost. It makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up! I wouldn't trade it for anything. Sure, I'll have other cars, but my EG will be a lifetime project."

0705_ht_06_z+1993_civic_dx+rear_view Photo 15/19   |   1993 Honda Civic DX - Old Faithful

Bolts & Washers
Tarik Paris' 1993 Civic DX

A B18C swap provides the thrills in Paris' well-balanced package. The block has been fitted with Crower rods and JE pistons with an 8.5:1 compression ratio. A Full Race spec'd T04-E turbo pumps 11psi on the street and 18psi during special situations. Since the photo shoot, a bigger intercooler was installed, as well as a NOS intercooler spray kit. Also, a new manifold from OBX with a 3-inch downpipe and 3-inch intercooler piping were installed. Paris reports a bigger throttle body, turbo race cams, a better intake manifold, and half a roll cage are also in the works.

Paris is constantly re-working the height and dampening force of his Koni shocks to maximize the car's handling prowess. He has upgraded the sway bars with an Eibach kit and reports big improvements.

Braking power has been increased with a Wilwood big brake kit in the front and an AEM upgrade kit out back.

0705_ht_10_z+1993_civic_dx+wheels Photo 16/19   |   1993 Honda Civic DX - Old Faithful

Rims & Rubber
The EG rolls on 17-inch Volk Racing wheels, but Paris likes to change up the style from time to time.

Outside: The EG runs a mild-mannered set of body mods to add to the surprise of foolish challengers. A carbon fiber lip spoiler and a glistening front-mount intercooler hint at the car's potential. Paris runs JDM light fixtures front and rear and 2 rear spoiler assemblies.
Inside: Function reigns supreme inside the hatchback, as Integra front seats are joined by Civic Si rear seats. Paris plans to upgrade to a Recaro bucket up front.

Thanks to his Alpine head unit, Paris has become a big fan of mobile navigation and movies. His EG has a six-disc rack in back, but the big audio dynamite comes from the spooling Full Race turbo.


Hawthorne, CA 90250
Torrance, CA 90503
JE Pistons
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
E-Shift Performance
Cliffwood Beach, NJ 07735
Irvine, CA 92618
Chula Vista, CA 91911-5899
Full Race
Phoenix, AZ 85034
By Evan Griffey
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