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1994 Toyota Supra Turbo - Final Call

This Sacramento Supra Is Worthy Of A Championship

John Choi
Sep 1, 2002
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"The eggs are cooling, and the butter's getting hard." These are words diehard Laker fans hear quite often. By the time you read this, the LA Lakers will have already kicked Sacramento King butt on their way to an NBA Championship threepeat. (That's funny because the Kings asked me to play for them.-JL) I met Shawn Kim in Sacramento during the conference championships and wanted to rub it in a bit, but I resisted the temptation considering that he could very well run me over during the photo shoot.

What distinguishes a championship-caliber basketball team-and Shawn's car-from others is how it is trained, toned, and developed with much sweat and tears. Of course, natural potential goes a long way and the Supra is not lacking anything in this department. Shawn's fascination with the JZA80 began back in '93, when he saw his uncle's cherry red Supra for the first time. Since that day, he's wanted one and the hype created by "the movie" (you know the one) certainly whet his appetite even further.

On the outside, Shawn's Supra is a virtual who's-who in the Japanese dress-up department. A venerable assortment of C-West body pieces and a full carbon-fiber GT wing adds some racy looks, while a vented Top Secret carbon-fiber hood assures that the engine compartment stays cool. Stock side mirrors and headlights were tossed in favor of sleeker Ganador units and newer HID iterations, respectively, adding further individuality. Door handles, emblems, and other external cues were shaven for that smooth Gillette look. Finally, a custom metallic blue paint was applied, coating the car in azure richness.

Underneath the hood, the 2JZ motor received a healthy dose of motivation from a ZEX 75-shot nitrous system. A GReddy intercooler, A'PEXi intake system, and a Rod Millen Motorsports downpipe assist the factory twin turbos. Boost surge and spent exhaust gases are evacuated by an HKS blow-off valve and a Tanabe Racing Medallion exhaust system. The engine bay received some extra show points through the use of some shiny, pretty goods from TRD, Hose Techniques, and Powerhouse Racing.

Shawn has bigger plans for the motor and has already spec'd out a single turbo conversion via an HKS T04R unit. Judging by my seat of the pants sensors, this car is already pretty quick. With an upgraded turbo, I have a feeling my Victoria's Secret thong would ride up my crack rather quickly.

Bringing this blue demon to a halt at stoplights requires some heavy-duty stuff, so Shawn gave the nod to some extra strength braking equipment in the form of Stillen cross-drilled rotors and TRD braided brake lines. Although I couldn't see it at first tucked inside the brake calipers were Hawk carbon-fiber brake pads. A hidden gem, to say the least. It was no wonder that I didn't see any brake dust on the Volk TE37s. These 18-inch wheels are shod with Nitto NT-555R rubber all the way around and secured to the hub using blue anodized lug nuts, courtesy of Ray's Engineering.

The same tasty flavor continues on the inside with Bride Dinos II carbon-Kevlar racing seats-wooo...pretty! A Sparco steering wheel furthers the race feel of the driver compartment. A combination of electronic goodies from Blitz, HKS, and GReddy keeps engine vitals in check, while a carbon-fiber dash kit and Indiglo gauges do the same for the factory dash.

On the in-car entertainment end of the spectrum, a Pioneer multimedia display unit takes center stage while the sights and sounds are fed through a Kenwood CD/MP3 head unit. A Sony PlayStation 2 provides an additional entertainment option while a Valentine One radar detector makes sure that The Man doesn't creep up on an unsuspecting Shawn.

Will this Sacramento King prevail? Hopefully better than C-Web did. Will Gray Davis win another term as governor of California? Does anyone care? Will Shawn Kim's Supra continue to turn heads wherever he goes? Definitely.

Fast Facts
Owner Shawn Kim

Ride '94 Toyota Supra Turbo

Hometown Sacramento, CA

Daily Grind Apple Tier 1 Agent & Hewlett-Packard ESR

Under The Hood 2jz-Gte six-cylinder Twin Turbo, ZEX 75-shot nitrous system, HKS SSQV, GReddy three-row front-mount intercooler, Rod Millen Motorsports downpipe, A'PEXi Power Intake, Tanabe Racing Medallion exhaust system, Denso Iridium spark plugs, Bruce Nomura front radiator panel, Powerhouse Racing polished upper radiator pipe kit, Hose Techniques silicone hoses, TRD oil and radiator cap

Stiff Stuff Eibach Pro-Kit Sport lowering springs, GAB front strut tower bar, Cusco carbon-fiber rear strut tower bar

Rollers Volk Racing TE37 forged wheels (anodized black), 18x9.5 front, 18x10.5 rear, Nitto NT-555R tires, 255/35R18 front, 285/35R18 rear, Rays Engineering anodized blue lug nuts

Stoppers Stillen cross-drilled rotors, TRD stainless-steel brake lines, Hawk HPS carbon-fiber brake pads

Outside Custom metallic blue paint and body work by Suburban Auto Body including shaved front and rear side markers, door handles, rear window washer nozzles, rear wiper and rear emblem, C-West JZA80 body kit, eyelids, and carbon-fiber GT wing, Top Secret carbon-fiber vented hood, Sparco hood pins, Ganador side mirrors, '97-'98 Supra headlights with HID 7000K kit,

Inside Bride Dinos II carbon-Kevlar driver and passenger seats, Sparco Extreme 2 steering wheel, Blitz Dual Solenoid Boost Controller, HKS Turbo Timer Type IV, GReddy Boost Cut Controller, Stillen boost gauge, carbon-fiber dash kit, Indiglo gauges

Ice Pioneer AVX-P7300DVD CD/DVD multimedia display unit and AVM-P9000R video controller unit, Kenwood eXcelon Z828 CD/MP3 head unit, Sony PlayStation 2, Valentine One radar detector, Optima Red Top battery, Clifford G4 AvantGuard 4 alarm with LCD pager

Props John Minert for selling me his "black" Supra, everyone from SupraForums, Henry, Chris, Lerry, Ray, Ed, Nate and the rest of the gang at Motorsport Dynamics in Sacramento, Ken at MotoRex, Brent, Ben, and Jeff at Acme Tops & Tune for all the ICE work, Ken and BJ at Suburban Auto Body, Dusty at MVP Motorsports, Chris at SP Engineering, everyone at the Apple Sacramento Call Center, my family, friends, and loved ones for all your support and helping me with my car, God, the Lord above, Khanethav "Princess" on her new baby boy

By John Choi
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