If there were one car that embodied innovation, it would have had to be the Skunk2 SiR. The car flat out kicks ass. Poking our collective heads into the interior, we were given a swift Kung Fu chop to the solar plexus. The door panels and dash are composed of carbon fiber. As intimidating as it was functional, the AIM/MyChron data acquisition system sat efficiently in the middle of the suede tiller, giving the driver instantaneous feedback of all engine vitals quickly without having to interrupt his driving line. And with 10,000-RPM shifts, concentration is key. Not ones to rest on our laurels, we will provide our Super Street Online Newsletter subscribers (it's free) with a video clip of the Skunk2 SiR rip down the strip. The intoxicating sound of the all motor K-dub would send snails slithering into shelter. We could go on and on, but you'll have to keep your eyes peeled and look out for the March and April (yes, TWO) issues of Super Street when they hit newsstands.