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From Russia With Love

EA's latest Bond game, From Russia With Love, scores a big hit with the effortless way it immerses players into the game.

Lisa Lippard
Apr 24, 2006

Game Title: From Russia With Love
Genre: 3rd-person action
Console: PS2, Xbox, GameCube
Publisher: EA

EA's latest Bond game, From Russia With Love, scores a big hit with the effortless way it immerses players into the game, and finally, right into Bond's shoes. Start off with a signature martini, and then get down to business without even getting your dinner jacket dirty. Fantastic animation, voices of the real actors, and a cleverly integrated gameplay all deliver the perfect Cold War feel to this action game. A combination of stealth and action keep the pace of the game at a good clip. It's best to stay focused because enemies are loaded with "dynamic AI" and they respond to your moves in a "tactical" way by doing things like calling for back-up, starting a search, or even trying to flush you out with grenades or rockets. Don't worry though, whip out some Q-gadgets to even the score with your briefcase turret, laser watch, or the handy Jetpack, which can be used for escape and in-air gun fights. Nice game features include adjustable skill level before each mission, and new multiplayer action for up to four players in four different game modes. From Russia With Love does a great job of balancing the movie aspects and the action aspects of the game for an all around good time.

By Lisa Lippard
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