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Rejecting Holiday Commercialization - Holeshot

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John C. Naderi
Nov 22, 2006
130_0612_03_z+leigh_extreme_dimensions+full_view Photo 1/1   |   Nads looks better than usual this month.That's Leigh, you idiots.Is Leigh our new editor?No! Doesn't anyone read my Holeshots anymore?

With the impending onslaught of the co- co- commercialized holiday season amid a flurry of mall brawls and always awkward obligatory gift exchanges between family, friends and co-workers, I wanted to change things up and give the gift that keeps on giving. Unfortunately, our spam filters have prevented me from forwarding any choice porn as of late. This year, I am giving the gift of thanks to some special people which, now that I think of it, sounds a lot like Thanksgiving. But then, this will drop in November even though it is our December issue and... Humbug, I'm over-thinking this, here's who I'm thankful for this season:

Alan J. Muir is originally from Scotland, or maybe England (is it Ireland?). Well, he's from one of those 'lands and he comes to us after a successful career as a Champ Car racer. Or maybe he was the big time design director at Racer magazine, which makes more sense since he's our art director now. We're grateful to have him on board with the skills he brings to the job, but mostly because he can do the best Sean Connery ever.

The Super Street art director formerly known as Andrew Reeves is moving to the inherent instability of the single track world where he'll be putting the Super Street into Super Street Bike (way to bite our title, guys). Here's wishing Andrew the best of luck as he twists the throttles of the crotch rocket crowd. Ouch, that sounds painful and slightly homoerotic.

Thank you to everyone who helped produce Project Car magazine despite Primedia's reluctance to invest anything into it except for the order to git 'er done. Project Car was created for anyone who thinks Forsberg's insane V8 Z33 is just a wee bit removed from what can be accomplished in a weekend in the garage. This new mag is all about everyday cars with everyday budgets. Each detailed, step-by-step install is reinforced with dyno charts and capped off with a barrage of performance tests. It's on sale now if you want to stuff someone's stocking.

In true Project Car fashion, Josh Garcia funded his Corolla with his own wallet and fabricated it with his own two hands. The people at Honda should also be pleased with their latest project, the Si Sedan. As good as the four-door Si is, the Mazdaspeed3 is that much better-thank you, Mazda! Our latest Time Attack was also much improved with the inclusion of Tanner Foust, JR Gittin and Christian Rado who brought their big talent and big hardware to Road Atlanta

Last, but certainly not least is our special little guy who also happens to be the Special Projects Coordinator over at Extreme Dimensions, Leigh Guarnieri. We gave Leigh a Honda Fit-shaped box as a special project of his very own. Where we were unable, unwilling, and unprepared to complete the transformation of our Fit to be Timed attacker, Leigh took the reigns of this sleigh in order to guide it home to the SEMA Show. We are truly thankful to have someone like Leigh in our lives-unless he doesn't finish the car in time for SEMA in which case he's dead to us.-John Naderi

By John C. Naderi
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