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Nick Fousekis - Guest Parking

AutoLuxury Style-Sport Tuning Evolution

Nick Fousekis
Jun 28, 2007
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There are few people so passionate yet humble about their position in life. Nick Fousekis is one of the rarities. A true enthusiast of the scene, as the brand manager for Falken Tire, Nick is part of the team responsible for US drifting's growth, fostering the motorsport since its earliest stages. Mr. Fousekis' prognosis for the future? AutoLuxury

Over the past decade trends have come and gone, and only those with purpose, style and overall good taste seem to withstand time. Let's look back at a few examples: Supra-style wings on cars other than a Supra...bad. Altezza taillights on everything...shudder. Undercar comment. JDM...still tasty and very good. I think you get my point.

So what's my prediction of a new trend with staying power? AutoLuxury. Simply put, AutoLuxury Style is the love child of two seemingly unrelated segments, VIP and sport tuning-throw on some slow jams and before you know it, magic happens. How better to describe non-traditional VIP platforms sporting fender-flush deep-dished rims with full faces, aggressive and calculated tire fitments, plush suede interiors, cleanly exaggerated OE-enhancing aero and understated graphic-less paint? Need some examples? Falken Tire displayed four, prime black-on-black AutoLuxury rides at the 2006 SEMA: a B-Spec Air Runner-equipped Honda Fit, a KS Auto Burnout-outfitted Mazda RX-7, a VQ motor-powered S13 convertible and an ultra-exotic Fabulous-kitted Ferrari 360 Modena.

So, is AutoLuxury new? In some applications, yes. However, AutoLuxury styling has actually been taking place in the US for a number of years under the guise of VIP Style within the Scion and ultra-niche vanning crowd. Newly recognized platforms include non-VIP Nissan/Infinity sedans and sport coupes, select Toyotas, high-end Euro exotics, and yes, even the Honda family. And that's what AutoLuxury is all about, blending sport tuning with elements of VIP in a practical streetable package, sedan or not.

Whether a trend is hated or loved, evolution and refinement is key to sustaining both excitement and interest in any niche culture. After all, isn't the goal to make your vehicle uniquely yours? Non-traditional VIP-themed rides deserve their own identity rather than being labeled "VIP Style." So if AutoLuxury is for you, keep it clean, sophisticated and visit
Nick Fousekis

By Nick Fousekis
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