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Reader's Rides - September 2007

Almost a Feature

Aug 17, 2007

Much like my first sexual experience, summer's come and gone before I knew what happened. Well, not really. Not that I hit a homerun my first time out to bat-owls have taken longer licking Tootsie Pops-but because while I'm writing this, it's still early June and summer just got crackin'. But that's the curse of being a journalist. We have to be able to predict the future (if reading holidays off my wall calendar qualifies as precognition).

130_0709_01_z+readers_rides+becky_vu Photo 1/8   |   Reader's Rides - September 2007

Regardless, by the time you read this, summer should be winding down. The sun's setting earlier, bikinis are heading south for the winter, school's starting and parking lots nationwide will be that much emptier on weeknights. And what will you have to show for your three months of heated debauchery? Besides a credit card bill full of late night food excursions (Waffle House or Denny's, anyone?), not much.

Well, like Donald Trump, I'm all about giving second chances. I want to give you readers a chance to show something besides an enlarged gut. Polish up your filthy ride, take some pics, compile a list of info (look below) and send your submissions to: Readers' Rides (; or to Super Street, Attn: Readers' Rides, 6420 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048).

130_0709_02_z+readers_rides+becky_vu Photo 2/8   |   Reader's Rides - September 2007

If you're lucky, you'll score a prize and, unlike my cherry-popping experience, glory lasting an entire month.

This month, we have a special estrogen-edition of readers' rides. These fine females not only drive way cooler cars than you, but they got off their luscious booties to pimp-slap you and your ride. Unless you plan on coat-checking your car keys indefinitely, get your lazy ass up. Summer's running out.

The maidenly ride of this month belongs to Vanessa Washinko, who had the balls, er, boobs to submit a picture of her fine self along with her ride. Vanessa won a set of harnesses from Sparco ( for her efforts.

130_0709_03_z+readers_rides+scion_xb_w_vanessa_washinko Photo 3/8   |   Reader's Rides - September 2007

Carter's Ride of the Month
Vanessa Washinko
Rocks an '05 Scion xB
See it rolling in Roanaoke, VA
Peep the Pioneer DVD head unit; MTX amplifier; Kicker subwoofer; billet grill; 18-inch Lucca rims; Yokohoma tires; tint; carbon fiber interior; Optix LED kit; TYC tailights
Vanessa says, "Chicks can drive sticks too."
Carter says you can, uh, drive my stick any time.

130_0709_06_z+readers_rides+1994_mitsubishi_fto Photo 4/8   |   Reader's Rides - September 2007

Courtney Longden
Rocks a '94 Mitsubishi FTO
See it rolling in Karalee, Queensland
Peep the body kit; Mag rims
Courtney says, "I'm a 21 year-old female who loves your mag (been reading it for 2 years) and I hope that you could put some more females in in cars."
Carter says yes ma'am!

130_0709_08_z+readers_rides+2004_subaru_impreza_wrx_sti Photo 5/8   |   Reader's Rides - September 2007

Ashley Cantwell
Rocks an '04 Subaru Impreza Wrx STi
See it rolling in the Midwest
Peep the Invidia exhaust; Perrin wastegate, downpipe; K&N intake; Turbo Smart blow-off valve; HKS turbo timer, oil cap; carbon fuse box cover; red silicone hoses, wire looms; braided hose; powder-coated KYB struts; Alpine head unit; MB Quart speakers; LED lights; carbon gas lid, fog light covers; Seibon carbon hood
Ashley says, "Thanks to K&N, Greg's Tire Center, The Chop Shop and Jack Miller Subaru."
Carter says Ashley's lawn: the envy of all her neighbors

130_0709_05_z+readers_rides+1992_honda_civic Photo 6/8   |   Reader's Rides - September 2007

Sara A. Higginson
Rocks a '92 Honda Civic
See it rolling in Sara's hometown
Peep the B18C1 motor swap; Crower cams, valve springs, retainers; Ferrera valves; Type-R rods, pistons; AEM intake; DC header; Venom cam gears; BBK fuel pump; Mugen valve cover; Tanabe strut bar; A'PEXi exhaust; Wings West body kit; projector headlights; VIS carbon spoiler; custom paint; Neuspeed springs; 17-inch Tenzo rims; Sumitomo tires; Pioneer system; Si brake conversion; leather wrapped interior
Sara says, "I know the car may seem old school, but I love it and it seems to do alright at the car shows we take it to (30 trophies since 2001)."
Carter says if you took our staff combined and multiplied it by seven, we still wouldn't have as many trophies as you. And that's counting flatulence and food eating contests.

130_0709_07_z+readers_rides+1994_honda_prelude Photo 7/8   |   Reader's Rides - September 2007

Nicole Lucas
Rocks a '94 Honda Prelude
See it rolling in Laramie, WY
Peep the Alpine system; custom fiberglass panels, tweeter pods, door panels, trunk enclosure; Stinger battery; APEX'i exhaust; clear side markers; LED taillights; ground wires
Nicole says, "I love being one of the few girls that have a nice car; the attention isgreat! I really enjoy doing fiberglass projects, as well as attending car shows."
Carter says a girl who can work fiberglass? That's hot.

130_0709_04_z+readers_rides+1990_honda_civic Photo 8/8   |   Reader's Rides - September 2007

Melcenia Russell
Rocks a '90 Honda Civic
See it rolling in Killeen, TX
Peep the B18C1 motor swap; Exedy clutch, flywheel; BBK intake manifold, throttle body; GReddy timing belt; Spearco intercooler; Drag manifold; HKS blow-off valve; Walbro fuel pump; TiALwastegate; Turbonetics turbo; Mugen valve cover, shift knob; HCP motor mounts; MSD wires; Tein springs; Avid traction bars; tie bars; 16-in Rota rims; Falken drag radials; Auto Meter gauges
Melcenia says, "Since I'm a girl, no one expects for me to have all this; I'm trying to keep it a sleeper. Thanks to James at J&J's Garage and Tyrone from Tybrid."
Carter says stock-looking, turbocharged B-series? Go bank on some dudes. Your street alias? The EF, aka The Emasculating Female.



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