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Wong Way - Jonathan Wong

Now What ?

Jonathan Wong
Sep 10, 2007
130_0709_01_z_+wong_way+johnny_with_model Photo 1/1   |   Damn, I make this picture look good.

I'm at a crossroad with my project cars. With the 240 nearing completion and the IS beginning to feel a bit, bleh, I'm wondering if it's time to start fresh and go with a new car altogether. Some thoughts that crossed my mind: is it time to go B-spec? Pay the car off in one fell swoop, drive it without worrying about where I'm going to park andminimal modifications? I thought either a Fit or the new xB would be fresh:

Pros: Fit dumped on my old Super Fins -I could bring that retro look back to life; xB with a supercharger and some 19-inch somethings - decent power and enough room to make me forget about the lack of folding rear seats in my IS.
Cons: Fit is way too slow for my tastes - I know it's a 1.5L, but the last time I drove something that slow it was a 1.6L. And that was a '91 Civic EF; xB still looks a little too funky - it just doesn't carry the same swagger as the IS.

The safe bet would be to finish the 2Fizzle, get it track-tested for numbers that I'll be satisfied with and send it off packing. Keep the IS and maintain some sense of luxury. Maybe do up a little stereo to bump the sounds. But I can't just drive that thing everywhere. Sometimes it's too low and, more often than not, it gets the sort of looks that I don't care to attract. Raise it back up? Return it to stock? The 30 year-old in me says: "Yes." But Yamz says: "I think you dropped your balls back here somewhere."
Go European? Like a BMW 335i?
Haha - Gotcha! (You think I can afford one of those?)

Jonathan Wong

By Jonathan Wong
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