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Life and Times of J. Carter - Carter Jung

Peace Out, Everyone

Carter Jung
Oct 4, 2007
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For the handful (maybe) or so of you who have read my lil' ol' column, it's time to say goodbye. I'm making like a basketball and bouncin' (Ha! Been waiting two years to use that line!). But not too far. I'm headed over to sister pubs Siphon and Import Tuner to do more of the same. I guess it's a promotion of sorts, although my meager salary bump says otherwise, but hey, I can't complain. I get to do what I love, and (warning: sappy moment ahead) some of the experiences I've had during my tenure here I'll remember fondly:

My first SEMA as an editor. Having to hit 50-plus booths running on only three hours of sleep and very hung over made for a very long work week. Going to print. From a story idea, to photoshoot, to writing, to editing and re-editing, watching your work come to life in print and on newsstands everywhere is fulfilling like no other. It's like droppin' a deuce after being constipated for a month.

Chicago HIN 2006.
My first of many trips with Jonny. Oddly enough, I'll miss fighting off his nightly advances and germAphobic ways.

Super Street Tour '06.
Starting off in Chicago, IL and ending in Atlanta, GA, not only was it the longest road trip, ever; I also saw parts of America I thought I'd never want to see and parts I still want to un-see (Paradise City, shudder).

One of the perks of my job: telling really hot chicks what to do and what (little) to wear. A plus? They have to listen. Sort of.

It makes writing easy when you love the subject matter. Even though I'm gone, you'll still see many of my project cars being built here. That hopefully includes my 5Zigen former GT500 Supra.

Tokyo Auto Salon, Japan.
With a stopover IN Korea. Two weeks of pure debauchery; you know you've had too much fun when you get an ulcer on the last night of your trip. Stuff of legends.

The thing I'm most grateful for are all the friendships I've forged during my stint here. Some of the coolest and closest people I know are from this industry.

These are just a sliver of some of the cool moments. I could go on for pages on all the crazy Super Street shenanigans, but I won't. My 300 words are up and so is my last editorial. I'm outs. See you on the other side.

Carter Jung

By Carter Jung
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