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Holeshot - You Should Know Our Steelo

Editor's Letter

Jonathan Wong
Mar 1, 2008
Photographer: Terence Patrick
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My dear friends, it has taken me many years to come to this sad but very true conclusion: I am no professional race car driver, and I am almost certain that I never will be-but I'm fine with it. Driving stick I can handle, but mastering those apexes and getting my foot to do heel-toe downshifting, forget it. I realized this about myself while testing out the '08 STI, with most journalists racing around the track as if they were about to beat the lap record for an STI. All I wanted to do was drive the damn thing the way I know best: like me. No power-shifting or playing out an F1 fantasy; I just needed to drive the car on my own groove, which I did, once I let everyone pass. Don't get me wrong; I love racing, but it's the one part of car culture that I've never excelled at. I suppose that cars for me have never been purely about the way they perform, but more for the way they're styled. I can't lie; all the cars I've owned looked good-after all, didn't Agassi once say "image is everything"? It always is. Besides, you don't go to a race track to jock the way it looks going around the course; you go there to drive!

130_0803_02_z+holeshot+jonathan_wong Photo 2/2   |   Holeshot - You Should Know Our Steelo

See, the more you think about it, the more you can agree that style plays an important, if not the most important, role in deciding which cars we decide to customize. You have to find the right car to complement you, which is important because once the customizing starts, the style you take is a style of your own. This month, we're taking on style from all angles-you'll catch an inside glimpse at the award-winning Scion xD fashioned by Team Hybrid, learn car care basics from Meguiar's and can check out the latest in streetwear with our friends, Lisa Fleming, Dai Yoshihara and RJ DeVera.

I couldn't have put out an issue about style that looks this great without the help of Terence Patrick, a kick-ass photographer who I've recently brought onboard to not only elevate the look but also the style of Super Street. Personally, I think we're looking better than ever and we've got some crazy ideas ahead of us. We're kinda thinking of ourselves as the Kanye West of import car magazines-inspiration from everything around us. And that's what we want you to be, too. We don't want you to just be down with what the cool kids did already; we want you to aspire and become the trendsetters we know you already are.

You don't even have to go fast to do it.
Jonathan Wong

By Jonathan Wong
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