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July 2008 - Reader's Rides

Almost A Feature

Day Photography
Jul 1, 2008

Here is where you get to shine. It's the easiest way to get in Super Street. Show us photos of your ride by emailing them to us at or mail them to Super Street, c/o Readers' Rides, 6420 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048. Be sure to send us JPEGs with at least 1500x1000 resolution at 180ppi (that should be small JPEG, medium quality settings on most digital cameras). Don't forget to tell us your full name, where you live and the highlights of your mods.

This month's winner, Dee Arikat, gets a car-cleaning kit from Meguiar's ( for building this ultra slick 350Z.

130_0807_01_z+readers_rides+nissan_350z Photo 1/6   |   July 2008 - Reader's Rides

Ride Of The Month
Dee Arikat
Rocks a '04 Nissan 350Z Track Model
See it rolling in Richmond, CA
Peep the APS twin turbo; JWT cams; ACT clutch and flywheel; Cusco LSD; GReddy exhaust; Stillen radiator, oil cooler, power steering cooler, grounding kit and sway bars; B&M short shifter; JIC FLA-2 coilovers; JIC strut bar; Volk Racing Progressive ME wheels; Do-Luck bodykit; Bride Ergo II seats; Greddy gauges; Kenwood DVD playerdee says, "If this car is not a feature, then I don't know what is."we say just how we like it: clean and slammed.

130_0807_07_z+readers_rides+honda_accord Photo 2/6   |   July 2008 - Reader's Rides

Charlie Leon
Rocks a '92 Honda Accord LX
See it rolling in Columbia, MO
Peep the S2000 yellow paint job; JDM H22A engine swap; Nex coilover suspension; ST sway bars; Progress camber kit; Mugen steering wheel; Alpine audio system
charlie says, "I've always dreamt that one day I could get my car into the magazine, even if it's just in the Readers' Rides portion."
we say well-built cars and hard working owners are exactly what this page is for.

130_0807_08_z+readers_rides+dodge_neon Photo 3/6   |   July 2008 - Reader's Rides

Brandon Wood
Rocks a '99 Dodge Neon
See it rolling somewhere in the u.s.
Peep the 2.4 swap; AFX race ECU; 60mm throttle body; custom cold-air intake with AEM filter; header; port and polished intake manifold; Magnaflow exhaust; B&M shifter; Booger bushings; Skunk2 lowering springs; 17 ADR Phantom wheels
brandon says, "Future plans are a SRT-4 engine swap. I would like to thank my wife for supporting me and most of the guys at"
we say clean and simple. Nothing but performance on this guy's mind.

130_0807_09_z+readers_rides+ford_focus Photo 4/6   |   July 2008 - Reader's Rides

Ashley Bridges
Rocks a '05 SaleenFord Focus
See it rolling in Birmingham, AL
Peep the GReddy 15G T25 turbo; 2.25" Magnaflow exhaust; SCT ECU, Forge diverter valve; Bosh 42 lb. injectors; CFM injector adapters
ashley says, "I enjoy this car, but I thought it needed a boost of power."
we say that's the attitude we like.

130_0807_10_z+readers_rides+nissan_silvia Photo 5/6   |   July 2008 - Reader's Rides

Scott Rae
Rocks a '95 Nissan 240SX SE
See it rolling in St. Louis, MO
Peep the SR20DET engine; Blitz intercooler; Blitz BOV; Blitz boost gauge, turbo timer and Nur Spec exhaust; A'PEXi S-AFC; Nismo motor mounts; Walbro fuel pump; KYB AGX suspension; Sony audio system
scott says, "The only part of this project I didn't do myself was the paint. I'd like to thank Mike, Don, Darrell, Nick and my wife for all their help."
we say having many parts of one brand (ie. Blitz) is always a clean way to build a car.

130_0807_11_z+readers_rides+nissan_datsun_z Photo 6/6   |   July 2008 - Reader's Rides

Miles Colunga
Rocks a '73 Datsun 240Z
See it rolling in Palm Coast, FL
Peep the old skool Enkei Dish wheels; OEM rear wing, front lip headlight covers and vented hood
miles says, "I wonder if my car could ever make it on a page of Super Street magazine."
we say we never get sick of old skool JDM cars. That is one clean jem.

By Day Photography
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