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Complete - Castrol Syntec Top Shop Challenge

Top Shop Challenge Update

Scott Dukes
Dec 1, 2008
Photographer: Terence Fitzpatrick Writer: Terence Fitzpatrick
130_0812_01_z+castrol_challenge+bisimoto Photo 1/3   |   Complete - Castrol Syntec Top Shop Challenge

We. Are. Done! After months of building what we believe to be the most badass engine in the Castrol Syntec Top Shop Challenge, we are finally through and ready for the dyno. Our single-cam F22A from the humble Honda Accord will be going head-to-head against our Source Interlink brethren who chose to take the more predictable route with engines like the RB26, 4G63 and SR20. We enlisted the expertise of our pal Bisi Ezerioha at Bisimoto who happens to be the single-cam Honda king, to radically transform our underdog into the champ you see today. Here's a quick recap of our F Bomb build.

130_0812_02_z+castrol_challenge+engine Photo 2/3   |   Complete - Castrol Syntec Top Shop Challenge

We worked from the bottom, up, starting with the strutted ductile iron sleeve work on our block done by Golden Eagle. We chose Arias pistons that have ceramic barrier tops and are molybdenum-coated on the piston skirt to cut down on friction. According to Bisi, "The ceramic-coating on the piston dome helps to keep the heat inside the cylinder where it belongs, so that when the explosion occurs from combustion, you don't lose that heat to the surroundings. Engines are nothing but chemical-to-heat-to-mechanical energy converters. You want to create a chemical reaction that can produce heat, which can then be harnessed, and if kept in intact, you will be allowing it to do mechanical work to the piston itself, which then transfers to the crankshaft, which means you've done your job. Allowing heat to escape from the combustion chamber during those events hurts power." To round out the top end, Web Cams were selected for our one lone cam. "My experience with Web Cams will allow me to select the right grind to make high rpm power, amazing torque and continue to give us the reliability that we need," says Bisi.

130_0812_03_z+castrol_challenge+intake_system Photo 3/3   |   Complete - Castrol Syntec Top Shop Challenge

As the weeks turned to months, we partnered with a lot of great companies to help us along. Brian Crower Incorporated supplied us with a billet crankshaft that would destroke our engine. Total Seal provided us with gapless top rings. GRP supplied us with connecting rods. Kinsler fabricated a one-off set of individual throttle bodies. Bisimoto was proud to set us up with a customized header specifically for this build. "Our header is quite unique. It has three steps on the primary, a Burns stainless 4-1 collector, and a venturi built in to the collector to allow us to increase the velocity of scavenging through the header itself, resulting in amazing power. This is technology taken out of the F1 playbook, combined with our own meticulous dyno-based research, that we can provide to the street and race enthusiast." With so much at stake, Bisi was ready for some action, "It's time for a thrashing and I want to show people the kind of power we can make." He added, "Our engine is affordable and the kind that the average enthusiast can have access to."

So now that our engine is complete, you can see who the winner is by checking out the special Castrol Syntec insert included with this month's issue. Hopefully, if you've visited the Castrol Syntec Top Shop Challenge website, you entered yourself into the drawing that will see one lucky soul walk away with the winning engine. Let's hope it's our engine!

By Scott Dukes
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