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XMp3 Portable XM Radio - Plug & Play January 2009

Upgrade Your Audio

Jan 9, 2009
130_0901_01_z+pioneer_xm_radio+front_view Photo 1/1   |   XMp3 Portable XM Radio - Plug & Play January 2009

In an effort to keep you ahead of the game with all things related to your ride, we're introducing this month a new dedicated section for all the electronic entertainment gadgets you really need to have. We'll be covering all the cool new audio-, GPS-, and convenience-related products coming in 2009 and beyond. We'll show you some of the basic tech installs for things like headunits, speakers, and custom installs to help you save some cash by doing it yourself. We may even put together a new project vehicle to show you how to get the most bang for your buck and achieve the cleanest sound. Of course, we'll also steer you clear of any bogus trends that you won't be needing to participate in the next time you want to put a show car together. Anyone who's got an iPod will know that the biggest shortcoming of that unit is that it cannot play radio of any kind. Everything has to be downloaded prior to listening. What a pain that can be! But leave it to the innovative folks at Pioneer to develop the XMp3, a portable audio device that also plays and records XM Satellite Radio! That's right, it records up to 10 hours of individual songs and up to five XM channels simultaneously, so you don't have to miss out an any of the 170-plus channels of programming. You can record on-the-fly or program the unit to record up to 75 hours ahead of schedule so you can listen at your convenience. Even if you're too lazy to record things, just like a DVR for TV, the XMp3 unit auto-records the last 30 minutes of live XM programming, so you can replay that song, news item or sporting event you just heard. Talk about dopeness! The XMp3 also includes a microSD card slot so you can access up to 8gb of your personal music collection.

Say goodbye to crappy commercial radio when jaunting off on those extended road trips. The XMp3 easily hooks into your car stereo so you can enjoy all the tunage while driving across the entire country. When you get back to home base, you can organize your XM recordings using the new XM2go(r) Music Manager software. You can even schedule your favorite XM programs to be recorded for later transfer onto the XMp3, view the storage capacity you have left, purchase songs you bookmarked, and even purchase audio books on Sure, it's not as snazzy-looking as some of the others out there, but damn if it's not more useful! Finally, you can free yourself of listening to the same library of crap you hear day in and day out.

Who: Pioneer & XM Radio
What: XMp3 Portable XM Radio/Recorder and MP3 Player
Rides: Any + Your Pocket
Price: $199.99 plus XM subscription
Rating: 0 0 0 0 0



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