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Event Horizon - Holeshot February 2009

Jonathan Wong
Feb 1, 2009
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I am so over 2008. I know, we're already getting our feet wet with '09, but as I'm writing this, last year is about to take its final bow. A year of a lot of downs but hey, it's not without its ups. The last of the big events have just wrapped up and I can honestly say that despite the current situation, it's good to see people who are still down to enjoy what we love most: fixing up cars and getting them out to events where they can really put them to good use.

It was really great to see the top US import events end on a high note. Formula D had its most successful season to date, I'd say, continuing to captivate audiences, especially at the Red Bull World Drift Championship (you'll see coverage in the next issue), which really pushed the limitation of our drivers' skills so that drift fans nationwide will always be entertained. Battle of the Imports took back what's rightfully theirs - import drag racing - and took it back to their roots and proved why after all these years, they can still hang as a popular sport. Great job to Frank Choi and his team for getting Battle back up where it belongs.

SEMA was another hellish week of a good time, a stomping grounds for what seemed to be the entire population of Nissan GT-Rs in the country and the place to catch this year's big trends; flip to the story a few pages away for your first look. We're highlighting three very unique projects from the SEMA show floor: this month's cover car, the Lexus IS-F custom-crafted by RJ Devera and HKS' spin on the new Hyundai Genesis. Last but not least, the big Super Lap Battle finale is a race event we're always proud to put out. While the fastest lap record is still held by HKS, Cusco came dangerously close before its transmission called it quits. We had the most spectator turnout ever, which means you guys are taking a greater interest in time attack and we appreciate the support. Don't forget, you're always welcome to come check out a qualifier or the finals so follow this year's schedule for the latest info. We'd love to see you there.

Will this year stand out with solid, quality events? With Formula D going global, D1 making its big return to the US, Battle standing as the sole import drag race and Super Lap qualifiers about to launch into full speed, the resounding answer is "yes." We'd better see you out there, somewhere.
Jonathan Wong

By Jonathan Wong
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