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Holeshot Editorial - April 2009

Hustlin' Hustlin'... Everyday i'm Hustlin'

Apr 1, 2009
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So after sending my two cohorts away to Japan for TAS '09, I was left alone with twiddling my thumbs. In any other job, I probably would have played hookie, came in late, left early and took 2-hour lunches. But rather than drag my feet, and wait for the cavalry to come back, I decided to take charge and do as much as I could on my own. I worked my ass off for this issue, trying to jam as much content as possible before the deadline creeps up on me. Sleep and food are for the weak.

This month, I'm really proud of the builds that were done by the owners themselves. Like myself, these are the types of people that enjoy putting together their entire car. They might have farmed out the painting to a body shop, or some engine work to a machine shop, but for the most part, they did a majority of the mods on their own. There's definitely nothing wrong with paying a shop to do some work for you. If you can afford the quality of work you deserve, that's great. These days for me, my time is getting more and more precious to me. It probably just comes with getting old. When I was younger, I'd wash and wax the car three times a week, and change the oil and plugs once a month. Now I find myself wanting to pay someone to work on my car, so I can spend my time doing other stuff in life. But after seeing how the Civics, 240SX, and Celica Supra in this issue, were built it rekindled that DIY mode in me. Maybe I'm just on a high from all the work, that or its all the Vietnamese coffee in me. I do miss being able to pick out each and every part for my car, and install it exactly how I want it done. It's been awhile since I've had a serious car to build.

Another one of our features is Steve Sawicki's Supra. After talking to Steve about his car he said something to the likes of "it's like having a JGTC car on the street". I too once said I wanted to build a car just like a JGTC (now Super GT) but on the street, and without all the decals. I've forgotten it for some time, but I still need to build a wild n' out car like his. Something wild-looking and performing. Nothing conventional or remotely smart.

Charles Trieu
(Yes, Jonathan still works here. And I'll be back next month, suckas - JW).



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