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Track Days, Mugen, Fast and Furious - Hole Shot June 2009

Editor's Letter

Jun 1, 2009
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Track Time, All The Time
I've recently had some interesting track days as of late and in two very different weather conditions. On one hand, I was in sub-30 degrees doing my best to keep a car controlled on very slick and snow covered pavement and shortly following was back in Los Angeles ripping down a racing oval in 70-degree weather. Two very different tires from two great tire companies: Continental and Falken. If you actually live in a part of the country where you're affected by seasonal changes (unlike me, where it's 70-something degrees all year long), you need to read more about their products in this month's Intel and check with their respective websites to find out if they make a tire in your size. Your money will be well-spent, especially in these times.

Mmm! Mugen!
I managed to find another unicorn piece for the EF: a Mugen valve cover - and no, it's not a Taiwan knock-off purchased for $125 on eBay. But funny story behind it; this is Charles' old valve cover that he sold to a random guy on Honda-Tech a few years back and oddly enough was sold to me. Charles knew it because the box had the same markings and he looked at an old PayPal transaction. Cool, huh? I'm glad to see a genuine Mugen collectible has found its way back into the fam. What's next? A Mugen aero kit? Maybe a Mugen B-pipe to match the exhaust? I'll take both, please.

Fast And Furious: The Movie's Back Again
Well, it finally happened, the fourth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise and all I can say is: wow. I hope you got a chance to see it because it changed my perceptions about the first two that I never saw and the third that I actually liked. Although campy at times, the "tricking out" of cars wasn't shoved down a viewer's throat and the plot of the movie hit a darker side, a for sure rental on Netflix. At least the cars used in the movies performed as they should be expected to, without all of the discrepancies that kept me from watching the originals (maybe now I do need to queue it on Netflix) - but man, it pains me to see a R34 and a STI go through all that damage! And can you believe it was Paul Walker's idea to leave the cars more graphic-less this time? Not bad, Pleasantville - they actually looked pretty clean, especially for Hollywood standards. Shouts to Jessica Tullman at Subaru for the hookup.

Jonathan Wong



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