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Midnight Club 3, Nintendo DSi, & Other Gadgets - July 2009

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Scott Steinberg
Jul 1, 2009
Sstp_0907_10_z+plug_play+midnight_club_3 Photo 1/6   |   Midnight Club 3, Nintendo DSi, & Other Gadgets - July 2009

Midnight Club:
Los Angeles - South Central
For: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
From: Rockstar Games,
Don't let little things like winning the game slow your roll. Downloadable via Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, this digital expansion for the first-class arcade racer will keep you riding dirty again for weeks. Introducing four new neighborhoods (what up, Crenshaw), additional landmarks (sorry, no panty raid mini-games at USC) and 30-percent overall more content, at just $9.99, it offers considerably more miles to the gallon.

Want Your Own Copy of Midnight Club: Los Angeles - South Central? We know you do. To celebrate the release of this game, Rockstar Games wants to give you a chance to win an exclusive Midnight Club gift package containing a copy of the original MC:LA game on Xbox 360 or PS3, the South Central downloadable content and a limited edition Midnight Club-branded Sidekick. Simply email us at with the subject "Midnight Club: LA South Central" - and tell us which system you'd prefer. We'll pick one lucky winner at random so don't sleep!

Sstp_0907_01_z+plug_play+dsi Photo 2/6   |   Midnight Club 3, Nintendo DSi, & Other Gadgets - July 2009

From: Nintendo,
A welcome, if strictly optional, update on the touch-sensitive gaming handheld that drops the Game Boy Advance slot, but adds twin digital cameras (for photo taking/editing), music playback, SD memory card support and larger screens. It's hottest upgrade, though? The new DSi Shop, which lets you digitally download budget titles via wireless connection.

Sstp_0907_02_z+plug_play+sims3 Photo 3/6   |   Midnight Club 3, Nintendo DSi, & Other Gadgets - July 2009

The Sims 3
For: PC
From: Electronic Arts,
Like playing with dolls? (And no, we don't mean the kind found at the adult "novelty" shop.) Try the virtual equivalent, as vast neighborhoods inhabited by dozens of complex individuals become yours to control. Greater depth and sharper 3D visuals delight as you manipulate virtual progeny's social/professional lives in shamelessly Machiavellian fashion.

Sstp_0907_05_z+plug_play+overlord_ii Photo 4/6   |   Midnight Club 3, Nintendo DSi, & Other Gadgets - July 2009

Overlord II
For: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
From: Codemasters,
Reach out and crush someone: It's easy with the help of tittering goblin hordes, who await your every command in this witty send-up of hack-and-slash fantasy adventures. Splitting the difference between strategic planning and senseless mayhem, repetitious melees and corny voice-acting can't stop your ascension from glowing-eyed imp to ruthless, helmet-headed tyrant.

Sstp_0907_11_z+plug_play+red_faction Photo 5/6   |   Midnight Club 3, Nintendo DSi, & Other Gadgets - July 2009

Red Faction: Guerrilla
For: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
From: THQ,
Reprising the cult classic run-n-gun sci-fi series, said modern-day retread once again renders blowing holes in walls top priority. A neat gimmick, it elevates the otherwise predictable trigger-squeezing action above most rivals. Much as leveling buildings and shattering stairwells rocks though, it's still the same old exercise in male wish fulfillment.

Sstp_0907_13_z+plug_play+zx1 Photo 6/6   |   Midnight Club 3, Nintendo DSi, & Other Gadgets - July 2009

From: Kodak,
No need to worry, amateur filmmakers - these colorful, weather-resistant budget video cameras can withstand rain, sleet and overflow from the mud wrestling pit alike. Capable of capturing 10 hours of footage, models shoot in 720p (high definition), with footage storable on SD card and viewable on HDTV or built-in 2-inch color screen.

By Scott Steinberg
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