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Under The Radar - Editorialisms

I've really come to admire understated cars.

Peter Tarach
Feb 28, 2013

I've really come to admire understated cars. You know, the ones with less show and more go. There is something cool about a car people won't look at twice until it screams past them. We've all been there, I'm sure. A car pulls up, one look over and you dismiss it instantly. The light goes green, and all of a sudden it's pulling away and hard. You just got spanked by a sleeper.

This issue has some great examples of different types of sleeper cars. Whether they are fully stock appearing or rough around the edges, make no mistake they are all very unsuspecting from the outside. We've even got a pickup truck that will give most cars a run for their money, with a payload!

I know my next project car will definitely be on the sleeper side. I want nothing more than a practical, cargo-hauling, 500hp street machine. That's why I've got my mind set on a RWD station wagon that I'll swap something cool into, perhaps a 2JZ? If you've got suggestions as to what I should pick up, by all means, let me know.

Speaking of project cars, you may have read my editorial a few months back titled "The Elusive Dream Car," in which I talked about selling all my project cars and buying my dream car. Unfortunately, a rather small, inconspicuous typo slipped by. It read that my dream car is a Porsche 996 turbo when in fact it is a Porsche 993 turbo. That's a big difference in the Porsche world.

I'm glad to report that I didn't go crazy and liquidate the entire fleet for my dream car. Instead, I found a more reasonable solution. I purchased an '87 Porsche 911 turbo for the price of what a used Evo X goes for. It's no 993, but it's an iconic Porsche I'm sure will be awesome to drive. There's a ton of aftermarket support for this car, so I plan to throw some upgrades at it in hopes of adding my own style and flavor. You can expect some tech stories on the 911 to show you what can be done with a P-car of this era. Who knows? Some of you may want to follow suit and sell off your Evos or STIs for a car such as this.

It's no 993, but it's an iconic Porsche I'm sure will be awesome to drive.

Comments, questions, disagreements, suggestions? Send them to All emails will be answered, nicely or not.

By Peter Tarach
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