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2001 Honda Accord - Learn Accordingly

An Accord built through trial and many errors

Joey Lee
Jul 1, 2013
Photographer: Andrew Link

The saying "Do it right the first time" is a tad overused these days. In a perfect scenario, everybody would build the car of their dreams with their first attempt without making any mistakes. That, of course, is unrealistic for many, and the process of building a car often serves as a learning curve so that one can "do it right the first time" with their next project. Mistakes are the stepping-stones that lead to the right path, and errors are the ingredients that help us appreciate success once we reach it. The beauty of this automotive hobby of ours is that there isn't a precise "right" way of doing anything. Like art, true beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder, and mistakes are all relative to the person painting the picture. When it comes to painting the portrait of an Accord, Sheheryar Shahid believes that he's figured out the formula to create a beauty-he will also be the first one to admit that he's made a ton of mistakes in the process.

"I can laugh about it now, but my car was a mess when I first got it," Shahid explains. "I originally bought my Accord brand-new in 2001 and literally drove straight to an auto parts store to accessorize. Any and everything The Fast and the Furious-related I put on the car. I was young and didn't know any better. Even thinking back on it now, I get a little queasy at just the thought of it."

01 2001 honda accord carbon fiber wrapped roof Photo 2/8   |   2001 Honda Accord
2019 Honda Accord
$23,720 Base Model (MSRP) MPG Fuel Economy

Shahid was definitely a student of his own mistakes for the next couple of years. He went through a number of different fiberglass, no-name body kits and even admitted to giving his Accord a "horrible two-tone paintjob." It wasn't until 2005 when he started looking online at how others were building their Accords that he found a new source of inspiration. Aesthetically, he discovered the new, cleaner look that he wanted, but the mistakes didn't stop there-he was just getting started.

"While I worked on removing all the junk off my car and collecting quality parts, I saw a couple boosted Accords on various Internet forums. I wanted to know what a turbocharged motor felt like, so I purchased and installed a generic turbo kit from eBay. The kit consisted only of a tiny T25 turbo, but I thought it was so awesome to feel boost! I should mention, though, that my Accord was automatic. Again, I lacked the knowledge to understand, and things started to blow up."

Some spirited driving at 10 psi for a few thousand miles wreaked havoc on the automatic slushbox. Shahid then made the conscious decision to do a manual transmission swap and began getting used to the added power from his turbo kit. "I bought a used built block that lasted about three dyno pulls before it blew up. I then swapped in another stock motor, boosted it to 15 psi, and blew it up yet again. My frustration level was at an all-time high, so I began contacting various shops locally that could help me build a better motor."

03 2001 honda accord MOMO millenium evo steering wheel Photo 3/8   |   2001 Honda Accord - Learn Accordingly

Sheheryar found himself in a difficult position. He had gone through several different highly respected shops with the same result: utter failure. A well-known shop in New Jersey even built another block for him, and it too blew sky-high on the dyno after making around 368 hp. His need for boost just didn't bode well with the lack of aftermarket support that existed for his motor. He had all but given up until he met Naser Kemal from Pride Performance. Naser and staff helped Shahid plan out his entire motor build using another F23A1. They fabricated a custom intake manifold, as well as new turbo components, and fortified the guts of the F23A1 using products from highly touted single-cam expert Bisimoto Engineering. An H22 crank was also enlisted to destroke the 2.3L. After the initial engine break-in, Pride Performance was able to turn the boost up to 23 psi and pounded out over 456 whp with an AEM EMS.

"It was amazing to feel how much raw power the Accord had with the new motor," Shahid says excitedly. "I owe many thanks to them for helping me get the beast to where it needed to be."

With the motor finally up to par, he was able to concentrate on making the exterior of his Accord respectable. A novel idea came to mind, and Shahid merged a 2007 Acura TSX front bumper to the stock Accord sedan bumper. This amalgamation created a unique, one-off look while leaving plenty of space to expose the intercooler. Xenon side and rear pieces were also added to give the whole body of the Accord a sleek profile before Shahid had the entire chassis resprayed in a custom blue pearl. Providing a stark contrast against the deep blue paint is a set of classic 18-inch Work Equip wheels refinished in white.

07 2001 honda accord TSX front bumper Photo 4/8   |   2001 Honda Accord

A couple of body kits, a busted automatic transmission, and a few blown motors later, Shahid is finally happy with his Accord. Though he made a ton of mistakes along the way, it's admirable to see that he stuck with this chassis. Others would have easily given up and went with a platform that had much more aftermarket support. The suggestion is always to "do it right the first time," but guys like Shahid are proof that you can still do it right after the fifth or sixth time, as long as you gain knowledge and experience along the way.

Bolts & Washers

Innovative Race-spec engine mounts
H22A crankshaft
87.5mm Arias pistons
Balance shaft delete
Bisimoto custom-spec connecting rods
Bisimoto Level 2.4 camshaft
Bisimoto custom spec valves
Bisimoto valvesprings
Bisimoto retainers
ARP head studs
Garrett GT3076R turbocharger
Custom intercooler piping
Custom charge piping
Custom ported/polished intake manifold
K&N dry air filter
Hyundai Tiburon 78mm throttle body
TiAL 44mm blow-off valve
Custom turbo manifold
Custom downpipe
3.25-inch exhaust piping
HKS carbon-Ti muffler with 4-inch outlet
TiAL 44mm wastegate
NGK iridium spark plugs
NGK spark plug wires
Walbro 255-lph Ultra fuel pump
RC 770cc fuel injectors
AEM fuel rail
Custom fuel lines and fittings
Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
Koyo half-sized radiator
5-speed manual transmission swap
PSpec short-throw shifter
Competition 6-puck clutch
Fidanza flywheel
Quaife differential
Driveshaft Shop axles
Synchrotech carbon synchros
H22 4.64 final-drive gearset

06 2001 honda accord boosted F23A1 Photo 5/8   |   Destroked to 2.2L, the F23 has been built and boosted to over 450 hp.

456.7 whp and 420 lb-ft torque

05 2001 honda accord scion tC trunk lip spoiler Photo 6/8   |   2001 Honda Accord - Learn Accordingly

Ksport Kontrol Pro damper system
Suspension Techniques antisway bars
Custom polyurethane bushings
DC Sports shock tower bar

Ksport 8-piston front brake calipers
Ksport 13-inch front brake rotors
Rotora slotted rear brake rotors
Motul RBF600 brake fluid
Steel-braided brake lines

Wheels & Tires
Front: 18x8 +30 Work Equip, 245/40-18 Mickey Thompson street slicks
Rear: 18x9 +25 Work Equip, 225/40-18 Nitto Invo

Custom blue pearl paint
Carbon-fiber hood
Aerocatch hood pins
Carbon-fiber wrapped roof
Carbon-fiber trunk
2007 TSX front bumper merged with 2001 Accord sedan front bumper
TSX A-Spec lower lip
Carbon Creations 2008 Mercedes C-class carbon-fiber front splitter
Xenon side skirts, Xenon rear lip
Custom eyelids
Scion tC trunk lip spoiler

MOMO Millenium Evo steering wheel
PSpec shift knob
MOMO shift Boot, MOMO e-brake handle
MOMO pedal set
Pioneer AVIC-Z1
Corbeau LG1 seats
Rockford Fosgate P8002
Rockford Fosgate P6002
Rockford Fosgate 12-inch P3 subwoofer, two
Custom subwoofer enclosure
Memphis Audio component speakers
Memphis Audio amplifier
GReddy Profec B-Spec II
AEM engine management system
AEM Wideband UEGO A/F gauge
Defi boost gauge, Defi EGT gauge
Defi temperature gauge, Defi oil pressure gauge

04 2001 honda accord MOMO millenium evo steering wheel Photo 7/8   |   2001 Honda Accord - Learn Accordingly

Major shout-out to Will, Frank, and Nas at Pride Performance for helping me achieve my goals, and to my forum pals, Jason and Greg, who helped me whenever I needed help figuring something out with F23 block. Last but not the least, my wife Sofia for understanding my obsession with this car

Owner Specs

Daily Grind

02 2001 honda accord carbon fiber trunk Photo 8/8   |   2001 Honda Accord - Learn Accordingly

Favorite Sites

Screen Name

Building Hondas
Quite a few years now

Dream Car
A 2000 Lexus LS400 with full JP aero kit

Inspiration For This Build members

Future Build
Who said this project was over to start another?


We will be the first ones to admit that we don't see enough well-rounded, fully built sixth-generation Accords around. Every now and then we encounter one like Shahid's, but they are rarely as extensively modified as his. Chalk it up to the lack of aftermarket support, but there are guys like Shahid who have gone above and beyond, creating parts where companies have failed to express interest. Because of this, Shahid has actually developed quite a bit of an online reputation within the sixth-gen Accord community. His screen name "Ihazsnail" is easily recognized on various online search engines, and you can see all the previous iterations of his build, even the not-so-flattering days when he first started modding his Accord.


DC Sports
City of Industry, CA 91746
Bisimoto Engineering
Ontario, CA 91761
By Joey Lee
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