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2008 Nissan GT-R - Street Dreams

Is this the best street legal GT-R that money and patience can buy?

Christopher Jue
Jun 17, 2013

Let’s say you wanted to take a car and make it sing to the sweet tune of 200mph, yet at the same time keep it clean, functional and most importantly, street legal—what would it take to pull it off? I think the team at Hosaka Tuning Factory have an answer. This ’08 Nissan GT-R was built by Akita Hosaka for the owner, Kenji Miyakawa, just so it could do this feat, all while maintaining a perfect balance, both visually and mechanically. Sometimes you don’t even need a reasonable answer other than to say ‘screw it’ and just go for it anyway.

1305 2008 nissan GTR garage shop Photo 2/9   |   2008 Nissan GT-R - Street Dreams

To create a high-speed monster, there is no better beginning platform to start with than the VR38DETT. Stripped down, rebuilt and bored to 4.1L, Hosaka picked nearly every part from the HKS Master Goods catalog—internals such as a stroker kit and valvetrain—and went to town on the MFer. They didn’t stop there, either. Being a high profile turbo application, a HKS GT1000 turbo kit was deployed for duty, which comes with a pair of GTII 7867R turbos, GT II wastegates, upgraded exhaust manifolds and piping to bolt it all in, not to mention it’s good for roughly 1,000hp with 1,115lb-ft —right on par with HKS’ 1,005hp claim for the GT1000 kit. Even with a serious bump in power, the factory drivetrain remains stock as Miyakawa feels it’s strong enough (for now), and I have to agree after seeing this run down the highway. It sounds crazy, and feels even crazier when you’re the passenger. The way the VR38 rumbles can’t be described with mere words but since Hosaka fabricated the exhaust probably explains why it sounds as awesome as it does.

2017 Nissan GT-R
$109,990 Base Model (MSRP) 16/22 MPG Fuel Economy

One look at the carbon-clad exterior and you know that Hosaka put just as much emphasis into the looks department to match its newfound power—and to lighten the shit out of the chassis. The hood, most of its aero and doors are all made of the good stuff— carbon-fiber—and the GT wing is similar to BenSopra’s in aesthetics but Miyakawa says it a piece he designed himself and is quite functional in that it helps with increasing downforce. Behind the jet black Volk Racing G12 wheels are custom-made front brake discs that have been mated to the 6-pot GT3-spec Brembo calipers. We’re starting to notice a trend here: customized components, like the brakes, wing, exhaust—Hosaka says this is because they built this car around parts that didn’t need replacing (drivetrain and suspension) and mixing it with what was replaced (the engine), creating a more challenging build overall.

1305 2008 nissan GTR hosaka tuning factory Photo 3/9   |   2008 Nissan GT-R - Street Dreams

A car of this quality requires a lot of time and money, most of which we all lack, but probably more so in the way of finances. For a cool 15,000,000Y (approximately $165K based on exchange rates as of press time), you have to think: would you rather have a house (not in the greater metropolises of America), parking in NYC or a GT-R that can knock out 200mph like it’s no big thing? If you’re going for the 200mph, we can tell you that you’ll be loving every penny and minute spent on it, even if it isn’t the wisest investment. I take a look at Miyakawa-san and his GT-R, which is clearly his pride and joy. The smile on his face tells me that this is one dream of his that has definitely come true. How can that not be worth the price to play?

1305 2008 nissan GTR GT wing Photo 4/9   |   2008 Nissan GT-R - Street Dreams
1305 2008 nissan GTR volk racing g12 wheels Photo 5/9   |   2008 Nissan GT-R - Street Dreams

Tuning Menu
2008 Nissan GT-R

Owner Kenji Miyakawa

Hometown Tokyo, Japan

Occupation Classified

Power 1,000ps (986hp) with 115kg/m (831lb-ft)

Engine VR38DETT stroked to 4.1L; HKS 4.1L stroker kit (connecting rods, pistons, rings and crankshaft), Stage II camshafts (270° in/278° ex), Stage II valves, valve springs, retainers, GT 1000 turbo kit, GT 1000 wastegate, GT 1000 exhaust manifold, fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulator, fuel pump, fuel rail, intake, oil pan, blow-off valve and intercooler piping; NGK spark plugs

Drivetrain HKS DCT cooler

Engine Management HKS EVC5 boost controller

Footwork & Chassis Eibach springs; Hosaka Tuning Factory shocks; Top Secret bushing kit

Brakes Brembo GT3 6-pot front calipers; Hosaka Tuning Factory front brake pads; Endless CC-R rear brake pads

Wheels & Tires 20x10.5" +40 (front) / 20x11" +15 (rear) Volk Racing G12 wheels; 315/30R20 Pirelli P-ZERO tires; 49mm (front) / 20mm (rear) wheel spacers

1305 2008 nissan GTR dry carbon aero Photo 9/9   |   2008 Nissan GT-R - Street Dreams

Exterior Custom dry carbon wide-body aero kit and rear wing

Interior Bride GT Zeta III seats

WWW;; (Volk Racing)

By Christopher Jue
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