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Top 16 Cars at 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon

Beasts of the East

Jun 14, 2013

Bensopra 380SX

Ask the majority of journalists, enthusiasts and tuners at the show. Most will agree, this “Nardo Special” 380SX was the star of TAS. Using the great minds and workmanship of BenSopra and TRA Kyoto, the ultimate goal for the former Nissan 180SX is to take it to Italy in hopes of breaking the 400km/h mark (248.5mph) at the world-famous Nardo ring. In the bay rests the engine out of the Blitz R35 GT-R. It’s been refreshed to a 4.0-liter and given all the necessary parts such as a custom fuel system and twin TD06-25G turbos for its 1100hp target. The rest of the S13 is equally bananas featuring a one-off widebody, Hollinger sequential tranny, full carbon dash, custom coilovers with Roberuta air suspension and 18x11" Enkei RS05RR all-around. Yep, pretty bad-ass and we hope to bring you more updates of the 380SX when it’s finished.

J’s Racing S2000

J’s doesn’t need too much introduction if you’re a Honda enthusiast. The tuner is one of the biggest leaders in anything Honda tuning and this S2000 followed suit. The AP1 stands out most with its custom GT widebody conversion—all in carbon! The time attack S2K also features a 2.4-liter capable of 320hp, 18.9.5/10.5" TE37SL wheels and Showa/Swift suspension components.

1305 tokyo auto salon js racing s2000 rear fenders Photo 8/70   |   Top 16 Cars at 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon
1305 tokyo auto salon hako sunny pickup skyline front end Photo 12/70   |   Top 16 Cars at 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon

09 racing Hako-Sunny Pickup

We aren’t used to seeing old school Nissan pickup trucks around our parts too often, let alone one equipped with a Hakosuka Skyline-styled front end. This particular Sunny truck comes to us courtesy of 09 Racing, and boy is this thing a sweet little number. The body of this truck has undergone a significant makeover, including a custom hood, front fenders, bumper, apron and chin spoiler, headlight housing kit, center grill and rear custom over fenders. The interior is immaculate, also featuring a custom dashboard, center console and rear view mirrors, as well as old school Skyline seats. It’s official—we want a Sunny truck project!

1305 tokyo auto salon hako sunny pickup truck bed Photo 13/70   |   Top 16 Cars at 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon

Top Fuel S2000

The Honda S2000 is a car with a long bloodline and heritage for racing, and this example from Top Fuel is an excellent benchmark of how extreme you can go in the pursuit of speed. Built with the intention of competing in the World Time Attack Challenge in Australia, this insane monster, dubbed the “Top Fuel Type RR,” is equipped with a highly-strung turbocharged motor, customized Voltex aero package, and race suspension and brakes. This thing ain’t no show car folks, this here is the real deal. Top Fuel has plans to continue development of this car in hopes of setting new class records in various time attack events. If they keep it up and continue to build at this level, we can certainly see that happening!

1305 tokyo auto salon blitz BRZ FA20 Photo 20/70   |   Top 16 Cars at 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon

Blitz BRZ

Bling blang! 86/BRZ world was in full effect and one of the most impressive cars came from Blitz. Just a month before TAS, this BRZ ran in the Tsukuba Super Battle and was crowned “Fastest BRZ”. The FA20 was built for boost featuring lowered compression using Legacy parts. A Blitz turbo kit which include larger injectors and fuel pump increases power to 400+hp. The rest of the BRZ doesn’t disappoint with a six-point rollcage, 18x9/10" Blitz BRW wheels, prototype widebody kit and of course, the blingin’ wrap.

1305 tokyo auto salon blitz BRZ wheel fitment Photo 21/70   |   Top 16 Cars at 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon
1305 tokyo auto salon kakimoto NSX KR body kit Photo 25/70   |   Top 16 Cars at 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon

Kakimoto Racing NSX

This NSX was one of the coolest time attack cars of the show, which is saying a lot considering the competition it was up against. Sporting a Kakimoto Racing proprietary body kit on the outside, this whip has been rebuilt with a tube framed front, customized strut suspension and a complete race-ready caged interior. Power comes from a set of forged pistons, fully-balanced rotating assembly, aggressive cam shafts, and ported and polished heads. Good for 345 PS (roughly 340 horsepower) this thing sounds like an absolute beast, and actually is quite quick around a circuit as well.

1305 tokyo auto salon kakimoto NSX interior Photo 26/70   |   Top 16 Cars at 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon
1305 tokyo auto salon spirit rei 180SX front Photo 30/70   |   Top 16 Cars at 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon

Spirit Rei 180SX

If you can recall the name Spirit Rei, then you’ll know that the name goes hand-in-hand with earlier model Nissan Silvias and 180SX. Flip back to our May 2010/Japan issue and you’ll spot the wildly-popular Odyvia, a red S13 coupe that was retrofitted with a wide-body kit and a front end housing Honda Odyssey headlights, thus creating the name used to describe the car. This year, Spirit Rei came back in simpler form at the Drift Tengoku booth with this 180SX; no fancy conversion but body-accentuating aero and deep-dished Work wheels to compliment it. One of the few and best looking S-cars at TAS 2013.

1305 tokyo auto salon spirit rei 180SX work wheels Photo 31/70   |   Top 16 Cars at 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon

Toyota Modellista/Tom’s/Gazoo Racing/ TRD 86 Concepts

We not only have Toyota Japan to thank for blessing us with the 86/FR-S but all of their accessory divisions, are sad to say, a JDM-only thing. For the past few years, we’ve witnessed erection-inducing one-offs, since their early prototype phases, and for 2013, the Modellista, Gazoo Racing, Tom’s and TRD camps did not fail. The red Modellista 86 is a more street-friendly application with enhanced aero, wheel and interior options. TRD brought a retro-themed 86, similar to the old AE86 N2 with regards to the graphics package, and has very aggressive styling to the front and rear bumpers, a good tie-in with the Volk wheels and race-prepped styling. Gazoo Racing’s GRMN Sports FR Platinum 86 is a highly futuristic, widebody concept with completely different head/taillights; its shape is more rounded and the front end has larger vents. But of all the 86 concepts, the one that caught our attention the most was the Tom’s N086V, which sports a 400hp 3.5L V6 (that barely fits under the hood) and wheels that also give a nod to the old school. Wouldn’t mind those side vents for our FR-S, either.

1305 tokyo auto salon 86 toms frs Photo 35/70   |   Top 16 Cars at 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon
1305 tokyo auto salon 86 toms engine cover Photo 39/70   |   Top 16 Cars at 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon

Liberty Walk Aventador

After featuring his Murci on our March cover, we finally got the chance to meet Wataru Kato, founder of Liberty Walk. Contrary to what you might think of him, he’s not your typical douche bag Lambo owner. In fact, he was one of the liveliest, most kind and upbeat guys we’ve ever met. He’s also a goofball, refusing to take a photo without his bandana, crooked glasses and his right leg awkwardly raised up. So while there were three Murcis in the booth, the star was this Aventador. Wrapped in a similar chrome material as the Lambo we featured two months ago, the Aventador rolls on iForged concave wheels and has a new front bumper, spoiler, side skirts and rear wing.

1305 tokyo auto salon BRZ rocket bunny Photo 52/70   |   Top 16 Cars at 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon


Don’t let the Scion badging fool you, this is actually one of the few Subaru BRZs from TAS 2013 and one of the best when you place it up against the world’s finest 86s/FR-S. Bee*R, a popular tuner from as far back as we can remember, was one of the first shops in Japan to receive the GReddy/Rocket Bunny kit from Kei Miura, which you’ve probably seen countless times on the web in its original blue with mismatched black pieces. Kiyonori Imai recently painted the BRZ bright yellow, and is promoting the car heavily in the Japanese drift scene.

1305 tokyo auto salon BRZ good year Photo 53/70   |   Top 16 Cars at 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon

BRZ STI Concept

By the amount of people that were crawling all over this concept, one might think the BRZ STI was the version of the sports coupe that everyone has been dreaming about—sadly, it wasn’t. Sorry gang, still no turbo present, but if this is any indication of what might be on the horizon, then STI components such as an exhaust, limited edition interior, big brake package, wheels, front lip and carbon roof is still pretty f’in awesome. Hello, Subaru? Yes, please!


The BenSopra widebody conversion is nothing new, having debuted last year with GReddy/TRUST’s 1100hp Project 35X along with two other examples. But this kit just keeps looking better every time we see it, especially in yellow. JUN Auto is one of the biggest tuners in the game and they’ve installed the conversion on one of their GT-R demo cars. This Godzilla isn’t their 1000+hp monster, but having around 750hp isn’t bad either thanks to its 4.0-liter bulletproof engine and twin Garrett GTX3582R turbos. The car also features 20x10.5/11" Advan Racing GT wheels along with Endless suspension and brakes. Yellow fever anyone?

1305 tokyo auto salon JUN auto GT R wheels Photo 63/70   |   Top 16 Cars at 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon

Nissan GT-R GT3 

Why widebody Nissan GT-R with fully race ready specs top to bottom? Because racecar. Or because FIA GT3 racecar, to be more accurate. This GT-R is a vehicle that you can actually purchase from Nissan, if you have the bones to shill out. The price you gotta pay if you want to get into this turn key GT3 class racecar, which shares the same 3.8-liter twin turbo V6 as the street version (unlike the GT1 and Super GT racecars) is only about $425,000 USD. For that price you get one seat, no air conditioning, a big ass spoiler, and it only comes in white. The 2013 spec GT-R is up in power by about 25hp from last year, so take solace in knowing that the suckers who bought a 2012 will be left in your dust. Never lift! 

1305 tokyo auto salon GT R GT3 advans Photo 67/70   |   Top 16 Cars at 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon



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