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Toyota Supra JZA80 - This Means Schwarzer

Abflug, Japanese Master of Body Conversions, Hits Us Hard With This JZA80 Supra

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Jun 19, 2013

It may be a relatively small market these days but Masamichi Uwabo and team at Abflug have certainly cornered a big slice of it. When it comes to custom body conversions, Abflug has always been a leader, shaping much of the Japanese tuning world since their heyday with some of the faster cars you’d see back then tearing up and down the famous Wangan highway. And while some of the past’s big players are struggling to survive or focusing on new trends, Abflug continues to do what it has always done best: catering to those clients who crave something more than just a few bolt-ons. Enter the Abflug Schwarzer, Uwabo’s latest creation, and is a one-off testament that they’re still going strong in the world of the aftermarket.

1305 toyota supra JZA80 LED headlights Photo 2/12   |   Toyota Supra JZA80 - This Means Schwarzer

Osamu Kitabayashi from Pentroof is responsible for the mechanics of the build and as he explains it, the whole concept of the Schwarzer was to create not only a unique looking car, but to also extract adequate power to match the exotic exterior. The base car, which is easily distinguishable by its roofline, is a JZA80 Supra, which meant that Kitabayashi had a reliable 2JZ to start with. The bottom end was left stock, so he focused on rebuilding the head and converting the factory twin-turbo setup for a single turbo kit from Trust/GReddy.

This kit uses a huge T78-33D turbo and bolts to a stainless exhaust manifold that also houses an external wastegate, both pieces also from Trust. Kitabayashi fabricated a custom front pipe that would match up to the one-off, quad-exit titanium exhaust system that Abflug created for the car, not to mention the little screamer pipe for the wastegate. The cylinder head was fitted with a set of HKS 264° camshafts and adjustable cam gears, all mated to an HKS Valcon variable valve-timing controller that allows for a full override of Toyota’s VVT-i system. This, along with the HKS F-Con V Pro piggy back ECU, allowed Pentroof to optimize the tune for both low rpm torque and top end power. A custom intercooler was then plumbed in place with meticulously polished hard pipes, the same being done for the T78’s induction side, which runs a large diameter pipe that’s topped off with an A’PEXi cone filter. The fuel system has been enhanced with 800cc SARD injectors, and since Kitabayashi is a well-known ECU tuner, he was able to tune it to 612ps (603hp) and spread the torque out wide, peaking at 70kg/m (506lb-ft) at just under 5,000rpm. The factory transmission is plenty strong as is, but it’s been equipped with a twin-plate clutch from HKS and a 2-way TRD limited-slip differential to improve the traction.

1305 toyota supra JZA80 abflug conversion Photo 3/12   |   Toyota Supra JZA80 - This Means Schwarzer

One main request from the owner was that drivability shouldn’t be affected in any way, no compromises allowed. This meant that the suspension would not only have to offer great handling, it has to be comfortable enough for every day driving. Abflug installed their own adjustable dampers and springs, mated to a Roberuta air suspension, which allows the car to be lifted at the flick of a switch—it’s exactly what one needs when scraping the front splitter (a one-off at that) is a definite no-no! To help eliminate some of the negative camber, Ikeya Formula upper links were installed. Endless brakes in the form of custom colored 6-pot front and 4-pot rear calipers and big 2-piece floating rotors are a necessity, especially when this Supra’s top speed is 315km/h (195mph)—and yes, it’s been tested already at an airstrip in Hokkaido.

1305 toyota supra JZA80 LED taillights Photo 4/12   |   Toyota Supra JZA80 - This Means Schwarzer

But hold up—back to the exterior for just a second. Given complete freedom to do as he pleased, Uwabo crafted new fiberglass body pieces, which are substantially wider than the base JZA80 chassis, trading in those recognizable curves for a more angular profile with big side intakes. The owner is also a huge fan of Ferrari design, hence certain cues borrowed from the famed Italian automaker, including the headlights and most of the rear end, which uses F430-like LED taillights. Lots of thought went into the aerodynamics, starting up front with a protruding splitter to help maximize downforce over the front wheels, all the way to the rear’s extractors that flow under-body airflow efficiently away from the car. It took a total of 15 months to go from the initial design stages to the finished car, and we can safely say this is unlike any other Supra we have ever come across! Abflug 19-inch Gran Revolfe Prism II 6-spoke wheels were chosen, an original Uwabo design that hints back at the popularity of three-spoke rims during the early ‘90s.

1305 toyota supra JZA80 vertical door conversion Photo 5/12   |   Toyota Supra JZA80 - This Means Schwarzer

To gain access to the suede-clad cockpit, the doors have to first be opened conventionally and then lifted skyward thanks to a custom scissor-door hinge conversion. You are initially met with lots of carbon-fiber, especially on the door panels and sills, which means the attention to detail is strong with this one. For structural rigidity, Uwabo-san added a rollcage, a must have in any performance build and one where obviously no costs are spared. The gauge cluster has been upgraded with K’s white meters and is joined by a quartet of Defi gauges, two on the center console, the other pair mounted on the A-pillar. Bride carbon-Kevlar reclining buckets match perfectly to the carbon-trimmed MOMO steering wheel, giving that perfect finishing touch to a crazy build.

1305 toyota supra JZA80 wide fender Photo 6/12   |   Toyota Supra JZA80 - This Means Schwarzer

Abflug proves that you don’t need to be all up in the mainstream to prove that you can still create bad-ass, custom projects. The Schwarzer will easily go down as one of their most impressive. Individuality still runs strong on the streets of Japan.

Tuning Menu
Toyota Supra JZA80

Builders Abflug/Pentroof

Hometown Sapporo, Japan

Power 612hp, 494lb-ft

Engine 2JZ-GTE engine; Trust/GReddy T78-33D turbo, external wastegate, stainless manifold; TRD engine mounts; Pentroof front pipe, screamer pipe, aluminum intake pipe; Abflug custom full titanium exhaust system with quad tails, intercooler system; A’PEXi cone filter; HKS hard pipe kit, cams, Valcon, adjustable cam gears, fuel pump, oil cooler; Blitz blow-off valve; polished stock intake plenum; Earl’s braided fuel lines; SARD fuel pressure regulator, fuel rail, 800cc injectors, radiator, oil catch tank; Advance black alternator; I Mec carbon look engine covers; Optima redtop battery

Drivetrain HKS twin-plate clutch kit; TRD 2-way LSD

Engine management HKS F-Con V Pro, EVC 6 boost controller

Footwork & Chassis Abflug adjustable suspension system; Roberuta height-adjustable air cups; Ikeya Formula adjustable arms

Brakes Endless 6-pot calipers with 355mm 2-piece discs (front) /4-pot calipers with 332mm 2-piece discs (rear); brake pads

Wheels & Tires 19x9" -27 (front)/19x10" -40 (rear) Abflug Gran Revolfe Prism II wheels; 245/35R19 (front), 295/30R19 (rear) Yokohama ADVAN Sport

Exterior Abflug conversion, including front bumper, front splitter with underspoiler, custom headlights, auxiliary LED lights, aero hood, front fenders, vertical door conversion, side mirrors, side skirts, rear fenders, rear bumper, tailgate, IPF LED taillights, rear carbon diffuser

Interior Custom welded-in rollcage (padded); suede dashboard/trim; carbon-fiber door panels, door sills; Bride carbon-Kevlar reclining bucket seats; MOMO/Abflug carbon trim steering wheel; carbon-look dashboard trim; K’s Type-1 meters; HKS turbo timer; Defi Link II Controller, auxiliary gauges: boost, exhaust temp, oil temp, water temp; Clarion integrated touch-panel HD navigation/AV system

www; (Abflug USA);;

By Dino Dalle Carbonare
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