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Exhaust Notes June 2013

Ryan Basseri
Aug 27, 2013

Hi HT ! I have a B20 from an ’89 Prelude and I want to put it into my ’95 Civic. Can I do it? My friend told me I’d need a mount kit.

Hi Jerry, the B20 engine on the ’89 Prelude is a little different. It is a B-series engine, but try not to think of it as one as it’s nothing like the standard B-series engines we are accustomed to seeing swapped into so many Hondas. The engine shares no similarities other than the code on the block. The B20 and 21 have a totally different configuration, and the mounting brackets are totally proprietary, unfortunately. I am not saying that you can’t pull off the swap, but there is no known kit for that engine in your car. I suggest looking into a B16A/B, B18A/B/C, or B20A/Z if you want a B engine in your car. Best of luck, Jerry, let us know if you have questions on those engines.

Rywire, I want to do a wire tuck on my ’97 Integra. I know you are the man to talk to on this subject! What do I have to do? My friends and I extended the wires for the headlights and turn signals already. Next, I want to do the battery and anything else needed. Please help!

Exhaust notes acura integra Photo 2/3   |   Exhaust Notes June 2013

Sounds like you are on the right track. The best place to start is with the headlight harness, so that is perfect. Next, you can relocate the battery to the rear, inside the car, or to the front of the car under the headlights. You will need at minimum 10 feet of 4AWG-sized wire. You can run the wires from the fuse box or straight from the starter to the battery positive terminal. Next, I suggest purchasing a premade engine harness and charge harness for the alternator and starter power wires. The instructions are on my website, so you can start there and see how the installation is done before actually purchasing. If that looks like the right fit for you, drop me a line at the shop, I look forward to working with you.

I have a J32A engine that I plan to put into my Honda Accord. I was told I shouldn’t use an automatic engine, and that it should be a manual engine since I plan on using a manual transmission. Why is this? Doesn’t the transmission bolt up?
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Exhaust notes DOHC honda engine Photo 3/3   |   Exhaust Notes June 2013

The individual who told you that might have had a good reason to believe that, but fact is, they’re wrong. The timing pickups are different on the auto engine versus the manual one. That is probably why they’re telling you that. The solution for this is to purchase the manual pickups from the dealer, as it can be swapped over with ease with the engine out of the car. There is a site called which should have all the necessary info and a guide for the install. From what I’m told, the parts are on the pricey side, so if you can choose a manual engine over an automatic, you would in fact be saving some money, but both engines are quite usable after changing the timing parts. Happy J-swapping!

Do you know anything about the automatic OBD-IIA harnesses for the HX engine? I’m planning on going manual OBD-I, and I’m trying to figure out if it would be easier to get an EX harness or just use my car’s original one.
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If you choose a Civic EX harness from a ’96 to ’98, it will have the same chassis plugs as the Civic HX. The EX harness is also set up pretty well if you’re going to an OBD-I ECU. You’ll need a jumper harness for the ECU, and you should be set! Be careful, however, as a lot of people try and sell harnesses that are not the year they claim. If for some reason you accidentally get a ’99–’00 Civic, then you will hate life, as it will not work. Generally I do not suggest swapping harnesses, but in this case I am confident it will work. If you get the years correct, you should have very little difficulty with your conversion.

By Ryan Basseri
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