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June 2013 Hole Shot - Oh, Great...Another Honda Issue--YES!

Jonathan Wong
Jul 14, 2013

Truth: there are a lot of people getting ready to send off an email to let us know that we've done a huge disservice to the world by printing another Honda issue. But for every one of you, there are more of us ready to defend the H badge. Put it this way: Unless you've ever been a Honda owner, you can't really relate, nor can you understand what it's like to have such an emotional bond to this particular brand of car--you know, kinda like how it is for the car that you love. Forget all the pros and cons that we've all heard a million times over--it's a tired argument. Me? I obviously love them to death.

I recently heard about an interesting study that my friend conducted regarding the demographics of Honda owners, one I thought really hit close to home, mostly because it targeted males in their mid '30s-40s (I'm 35, in case you were wondering). Maybe it doesn't apply to some of you, but for guys like me who have owned Hondas in our younger years and came back, it's interesting to hear. Using a newer Honda Civic as a comparison platform, the study goes on to describe Civic owners as the kind of people who have really great stories to tell and tend to march to the beat of their own drum. They're Honda loyalists, either having owned or currently owning previous Civics. Young at heart and trendy even. The Civic, in their eyes, is overall exciting to drive and has decent power, and because of this has allowed owners to develop a history/relationship of comfort (perhaps being less likely to switch brands).

"Holy shit," I thought--that's me, to a certain degree. I can tell you very honestly though, that I'm loyal to the Honda brand not because I'm afraid of change but because they're damn good cars. I'm not buying them new, and as a LA resident, I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I do a ton of commuting, so a used Civic suits me well. The more I can save on gas and high dollar repairs (something a Civic is great at doing/avoiding) means more money I can put back into my project car. Hondas have been this practical since the get-go and when people discovered you could modify them (relatively affordably) and still maintain those qualities, well, that's what makes them so magical.

The point is, market research or not, Honda produces excellent cars--and this issue proves it. It'll be one of my favorite cars to drive and modify for years to come, and I'm very proud to own one.

Jonathan Wong

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By Jonathan Wong
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