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Top Five Honda Tuning Features Ever

Associate Online Editor Jofel Tolosa picks his favorite features of all time

Jul 9, 2013
Photographer: Honda Tuning Archives

Whether it's JDM or USDM styled we've featured some pretty amazing builds at Honda Tuning. These devout enthusiasts have taken their VTEC powered rides to new heights breaking records at the track and breaking necks at car shows. It's amazing what can be produced with knowledge and ingenuity. What do you think of these Honda builds? Let us know with some comments below.

Big Mike's 1992 Honda Prelude

Feature excerpt: "Big Mike seized the opportunity to not only build one of the best Preludes, he wanted to take the unpopular chassis and transform it into one of the most recognized builds within the Honda community."
"No Honda build is truly complete without a well-executed engine bay, and Big Mike's is the stuff that all Honda heads' dreams are made of."

Why we love it: "The attention to detail with this Prelude is unlike any other. His engine bay is as clean as a hospital operating table. Plus who doesn't love Big Mike?

Full article: Big Mike's 1992 Honda Prelude

Dan Nguyen's 1994 Acura NSX

Feature excerpt: "The NSX's unique, Formula-derived suspension, aft-driver-mounted engine architecture and unprecedented-for-its-time lightweight construction remain, by all accounts, foreign to Honda's more utilitarian Civic

"When asked of his NSX-R GT replica and what exactly he uses the car for, Nguyen says candidly: 'I built it to drive it.' It's as simple as that. Exclusivity and accolades are just by-products of the dream."

Why we love it: "Bringing the legendary Type-R trim to the states is always cool in our book."

Full article: Dan Nguyen's 1994 Acura NSX

Jun Auto's 2003 Honda Integra Type-R

Feature Excerpt: "JUN is one of Japan's top tuners, and it's a reputation that's been built over decades of extreme, real-world testing and development. If it requires horsepower, JUN is likely to find it."
"Real-world development testing has always been a part of the process. For the DC5 Type-R, JUN wanted to establish itself as the best and most respected source for parts and set-up knowledge. It built the car not only to test the components it makes, but also to find the weak spots and the room for improvement."

Why we love it: "JUN Auto's Integra is not only about horsepower numbers; they took the time to find the weak spots of the car and improve it. You got to give props for a car that's only using 250 horsepower and hitting the low one minute range at Tsukuba."

Full article: Jun Auto's 2003 Honda Integra Type-R

Top Fuel's Type-RR Turbo Honda S2000 AP1

Feature excerpt: "Top Fuel's pride and joy is an AP1 the likes of which I have never seen before. They call it the "Type-RR Turbo AP1," and its last dyno numbers were close to 630 whp."
"And yet, in the face of potential financial ruin and all of the doubts that go with this fact there is one area where they have achieved more than any other company on the planet! Their Type RR S2000 clocked the fastest FR lap time ever at Tsukuba Circuit in 2008."

Why we love it: "This AP1 has track beast written all over it. With 630 horsepower to the wheel, it's no wonder they got the fastest FR Tsukuba lap time ever in 2008.

Full article:Top Fuel's Type-RR Turbo Honda S2000

Loi Song's 1996 Honda Civic Type-R

Feature excerpt: "Not just any shop car, but a purpose-built track-ready, right-hand-drive Civic Type-R. Loi Song, owner of Sportcar Motion in Vista, Calif."
"In current trim, the EK makes 246 hp and 178 lb-ft torque. Song pulled every bang possible out of it up to 8100 rpm, but plans to retune with 440cc injectors and A'PEXi Power FC, enabling the motor to run somewhere between 9-10K rpm."

Why we love it: "Using only the best JDM Honda parts, this genuine CTR is a force to be reckoned with on the track and the street. And look at that engine bay, the Toda Sports Injection ITBs are so gangster.

Full article: Loi Song's 1996 Honda Civic Type-R

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