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1982 Ford Granada - Zero F@Cks Given

Doesn’t look like much but this Ford Granada has more power than a Bugatti Veyron!

Sep 26, 2013

You’re probably asking yourself why this bloody Ford Granada is featured in Super Street, let alone our Euro Flavor section. While the blue oval typically echoes American muscle and big pickup trucks, it’s a completely different animal in Europe with a huge enthusiast following, particularly retro Fords. You can check out shows and races across the UK and Scandinavia and find thousands of tastefully modified Escorts, Focus, Cortinas, Capris and Granadas. So to give you a small taste of what you’re missing, we found this ’82 Granada in Norway. In all honesty, it’s one of the sickest cars to grace our mag featuring some high-end Euro parts like a V8 engine based on the Koenigsegg and Porsche/Mercedes brakes. We could literally spend the entire book going into every little detail about the Granada but due to page constraints and your ADD, we’re going to highlight the coolest bits here.

The Granada was bone stock, before owner and builder Joel Olsen, endeavored on a 17-year journey that would end up being more epic than Frodo’s journey through Middle Earth. The project’s first stage was a ‘measly’ 600hp Cosworth-built track car capable of 200mph. It would be enough power for mere mortals like us, but Joel was hungry for more. So he moved on to the twin-turbo 4.7-liter V8 seen here. This particular V8 block is same block used in the Koenigsegg CCR and CC8. And for extra bragging rights, the same company also makes the engines for Ferrari’s Formula One program!

1982 ford granada modular V8 aluminum block Photo 2/8   |   1982 Ford Granada - Zero F@Cks Given

From there, we can’t imagine the hours, days, months and years it took Joel to perfect every element of his engine setup. He fabricated everything from scratch such as the turbo and intake manifolds, plumbing, cooling system, exhaust, floors and firewall. The engine itself features some of the best parts around such as the 300M steel rods—not even available over the counter. The head is pretty trick as well using beryllium-copper valves seats that remove heat from the valves. As for boost, the two turbochargers are from Comp Turbos. Each can handle 1100hp and also have its own individual oil supply.

Now let’s talk power… After years of testing and fine-tuning, the ridiculous Koenigsegg-based engine put down 1300hp on pump gas with a linear torque curve that peaks at 896 lb-ft. Joel tells us the motor can rev to 9600rpm but he’s set the limiter to 8500rpm because it’s already eff’n bananas. And if you’re wondering about how much more power this motor can make, the current setup is more than capable of breaking the 2000hp mark but would need to be hooked up to an engine dyno. Does this Granada have your respect now?

As you can guess, the drivetrain and chassis had to be just as buff. Joel sourced a six-speed Liberty tranny, which is common with drag racers. Before installed, it was rebuilt with modified gears and a custom relief valve on the clutch release bearing to give Joel easier drivability and a more positive and quicker gear change.

1982 ford granada straight exhaust Photo 3/8   |   1982 Ford Granada - Zero F@Cks Given

For the chassis, Joel’s stipulation was that he didn’t want a tubular space frame car but keep the original structure and suspension mounting points. So a rollcage helped tighten up the chassis. Next, Joel determined the front suspension out of a GT40 and rear from a Mustang Cobra R would give him the best balance and handling possible. He fabbed up the additional arms, sway bars and alignment tools to fine-tune his suspension competitively for the track.

The madness continues to the brakes where Joel retrofitted parts from Porsche, Mercedes and the Mustang. After determining the weight of the car and position of the brakes, a Tilton pedal box and master cylinder were designed to the car’s spec.

Perhaps the least modified part is the exterior. Joel wanted to keep the styling close to its original design. So you’ll only notice an RS body kit, billet wheels, carbon spoiler and motorized hood vents—they actually open when the fan turns on!

Most people wouldn’t say ‘oh shit!’ to a boring old Granada like this, but take a closer look and you’ll notice the 335-series tires out back, then open the hood and it’s game over. While we couldn’t cover every aspect of the build, try and understand the amount of work that went into this project. After 17 years of hard work, Joel’s 1300+hp Ford is by far one of the most extreme in-depth home-built project cars on earth.

1982 ford granada porsche 911 GT2 brakes Photo 4/8   |   1982 Ford Granada - Zero F@Cks Given

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1982 Ford Granada

Owner Joel Olsen

Hometown A far away place called Norway

Occupation handing supercars their asses

Power 1300hp, 896 lb-ft of torque at 1.2-bar boost and pump fuel

Engine 4700cc Ford Modular V8 with Teksid aluminum block; 9.3:1 compression pistons; custom 300m steel connecting rods; forged crankshaft; six-bolt main bearing support; dual double overhead cam “type B” aluminum heads; 32 valves; stainless steel 40mm inlet race valves; titanium retainers; double valve springs; modified spring platforms; beryllium-copper valve seats; roller lifters; custom cams; 321 stainless steel manifolds with Burns merge collectors; custom Comp oil-less turbos with billet impeller wheels; Turbonetic RaceGate wastegates; mechanical fuel pump; 1680cc injectors; fuel cooler; wet sump oiling with upgraded oil pump and Accusump remote pressurized oil canister; 3.5" straight exhaust; custom intercooler, firewalls and floors; LSX coils and XFI CDI ignition control

Drivetrain Fidanza T6 billet flywheel; four-plate Tilton carbon clutch, release bearing and reduction valve; Liberty/Tremec transmission; faceplate engagement on 2nd, 3rd and 4th with separate oil pump and cooler; modified aluminum Ford Cobra 8.8" diff carrier with wet clutch LSD; billet rear lid with extra main bearing support and separate oil pump/cooler; 31 spline halfshafts and custom driveshaft

Engine Management FAST XFI engine management

Footwork & Chassis Double wishbone front and rear suspension; Le Mans Ford GT replica AVO coilovers; Focus WRC bladed sway bars; spherical bearings; Sierra 2WD steering rack; based on ’02 Mustang Cobra R independent suspension, all angles adjustable

Brakes Porsche 911 GT2 six-piston Brembo monoblock front calipers; Mercedes ML55 AMG 355mm vented and drilled front rotors; Ford Cobra 320mm vented rear rotors and calipers; mechanical e-brake and Tilton pedal box with bias adjustable

Wheels & Tires 18x10.5" front, 18x12" rear custom billet center wheels with 275/30 R18 front Toyo R888 and 335/35 R18 rear Kumho Ecsta V800 tires

Exterior Ford RS body kit; carbon-fiber rear spoiler; motorized hood vents; Mercedes paint

Interior Sparco seats and harnesses; aluminum center console; intercom; rollcage; 12.1 touch main instrument cluster; various back-up instruments; fuel cell

Thanks You SWR Engineering; KRB-Trading; John-Christian Solberg; Kesia and Lene; Bjorn; Christer and Gunnar; my friends and family; Ingar

1982 ford granada RD body kit Photo 8/8   |   1982 Ford Granada - Zero F@Cks Given
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