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1993 Honda Civic VX - Dressed To The Nines

Speedfactory Racing and the Sipes Bros. on an All Motor mission...

Matt Rodriguez
Oct 14, 2013

9.81 @ 137 MPH

For those outside of the tight-knit competitive import drag racing community, the formula seems so simple: Put a high-powered engine into a lightweight car and go faster than the guy next to you. If it's forced induction that you're dealing with, throw more fuel and boost at it and just watch those unwanted seconds drop off of the clock in short order, right? Not really. If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it.

2019 Honda Civic
$21,450 Base Model (MSRP) MPG Fuel Economy

The truth is, there's far more science, theory, and minute calculation involved, as the upper echelon of the competitive landscape religiously pushes the envelope in hopes of galloping through the 1320 just a fraction of a second faster than their last outing. And if it's natural aspiration that you're talking about, the strategy often becomes even more complex.

1993 honda civic VX skunk2 phi fifty bar 09 Photo 2/13   |   1993 Honda Civic VX - Dressed To The Nines

Speedfactory Racing has a bit of a knack for building and racing fast Hondas. Its outlaw Civic flirts with the title of "fastest" in the class, has previously landed in the top spot, and regularly applies pressure to anyone in close proximity. So it should really be no surprise that its All Motor hatchback has seen some notable success since it landed in the pages of Honda Tuning magazine back in 2011. At that time, Sipes Bros., after combining forces with the Speedfactory camp, managed a 10.52 with over 370 whp pumping from a well-built 2.6L K engine. About a year after the article ran, the team scored their personal best, an impressive 10.08 at 133 in front of a packed house during the World Cup Finals, on top of winning the 2012 West Coast AMP points race. Avid Racing took notice of the consistent progression and the team's professional work ethic and jumped on board as the car's title sponsor. Skunk2 also joined the list of supporters to help further develop the All Motor program in search of more power. For a fresh start, the original engine was pulled and parted out, and the upcoming Bakersfield Import Face Off event, only two months away, was to serve as an unbreakable deadline for the team to come up with essentially a brand-new car. Speedfactory adds, "We went to work building the new engine and fender exit header, and sent the chassis out for the Avid Racing vinyl wrap. We got it back just a week before we had to leave for the race, and we had a lot to do." The to-do list was indeed long, but the team rallied to get the car up and running.

Under the vinyl-wrapped hood is a 2.7L K24, a product of a gorgeous Winberg crank that moves a set of Skunk2 15:1 prototype pistons via GRP aluminum rods. The top end is loaded with Skunk2 goods including the company's valves, valvesprings, retainers, prototype cams, and custom headwork. A set of 67mm Kinsler throttle bodies are bombarded by fresh air from the custom-built Speedfactory Racing airbox and inlet while Grams 1,000cc injectors supply the lethal FTW fuel. Speedfactory's targeted short exhaust path is obtained with an in-house-built header that swoops slightly toward the driver's side, and gradually curves toward its final exit through a passenger-side fender port. AEM's groundbreaking Infinity management system calls the shots while shifting duties are held by Albins' four-speed dog engagement. Though it's no doubt cliche, the numbers really do speak for themselves as the Avid Civic pounds out 415 whp with 275 lb-ft torque!

Beyond the monster power and the well-devised engine bay layout, you've no doubt taken notice of the extreme rake of the K swap. Prayoonto Racing's "gangsta lean" brackets rotate the engine forward and lower the intake manifold enough to avoid cutting the hood to clear the ITBs, improving aerodynamics as well as weight distribution for a drag-specific setup. Speedfactory adds, "With the engine leaning forward, it allowed us to build an airbox that draws air from the high-pressure area on the front of the car, and that builds positive pressure on the intake side of the motor when moving at high speed down the track." The crew also notes that it was no easy task to get the airbox situated correctly and effectively, and that the process stole two full days dedicated to design and fabrication.

1993 honda civic VX weld racing magnum wheel 08 Photo 6/13   |   1993 Honda Civic VX - Dressed To The Nines

With the car complete and after spending more time than expected on the dyno sorting out a few minor issues, the team found themselves ready to do battle by Friday morning--just a few days before the big event. The 15-plus-hour drive from Washington to Bakersfield, California, was the next hurdle, followed by some final prep in the parking lot of the hotel on Saturday. Speedfactory recalls the event and the record-breaking run, "Sunday morning at IFO the car ran well and the first qualifying pass netted a new personal best of 10.01 at 136.38 mph. We were happy, and after looking at the slip and datalogs, we knew we could improve on that pass. The needed changes were made to the tune, and we were ready to run a 9-second pass. The first elimination round was a bye run, but we decided to run the car all-out since we needed the data. We would never have guessed the car would run what it did: 9.84 at 137.57 mph, a new record for the street all motor class! We were in amazement, we just couldn't believe it. We came up for the next round, hoping to run as well as the previous one, but this time we went even faster with a 9.81 at 137.38 mph, not only backing it up, but resetting the record again."

When we ran the original article on this car in 2011, Jacob Sipes made a very bold statement at that time, one that the Sipes brothers and Speedfactory have certainly backed up: "We want to be in the top of the class and we're not stopping anytime soon. We will be at the top." Mission accomplished.

Bolts & Washers

K24 (2.7L)
AEM Infinity management
90mm bore
106mm stroke
Winberg crank
Skunk2 Prototype pistons 15:1
GRP aluminum rods
Avid Racing billet mounts
Prayoonto Racing Gangsta Lean brackets
Kinsler 67mm ITBs
Speedfactory airbox
Speedfactory header
Skunk2 headwork
Skunk2 prototype cams
Skunk2 Ultra Series valves
Skunk2 Pro Series valvesprings
Skunk2 Pro Series retainers
Ferrea roller rockers
Bosch 044 fuel pump
Grams 1,000cc injectors
Kinsler fuel filter
Aeromotive regulator
Speedfactory fuel cell
Speedfactory radiator
Albins 4-speed dog box trans
Competition Clutch twin disc
Competition Clutch flywheel
Quaife LSD
Driveshaft Shop 3.9 axles
FTW fuels
K-Tuned billet shifter

1993 honda civic VX k24 engine 03 Photo 7/13   |   1993 Honda Civic VX - Dressed To The Nines

415 hp and 275 lb-ft torque

Skunk2 Pro C
Skunk2 camber kit
Skunk2 Phi-Fifty bar
PCI solid bushings

Wilwood pads
Wilwood calipers
Speedfactory drag race kit

Wheels & Tires
Front: 13x9 Weld Racing Magnum, M&H slicks 24.5x9
Rear: 15x.3.5, M&H skinnies 22.5x3.5

JMS vinyl wrap
Jerry Built 3-pc front end
Prayoonto Racing wing
Custom fender exhaust exit

Memory fab carbon-fiber seat
GForce 5-pt harness
MOMO steering wheel
Skunk2 shift knob

Speedfactory Racing and the whole Speedfactory family, Avid Racing, Skunk2, Competition Clutch, AEM Electronics, ESA Designs, FTW Racing Fuels, Vibrant Performance, STRD, Albins Off-Road Gear, South Tacoma Honda,, Golden Eagle Mfg., M&H tires

1993 honda civic VX kinsler individual throttle bodies 06 Photo 11/13   |  
Kinsler 67mm ITBs with Speedfactory-built airbox

Owner specs

Daily Grind
Speedfactory Racing

Favorite Site

Screen name

Building Hondas
10+ years

Dream Car
You're looking at it

Inspiration for this Build
Everyone who has helped push and develop the pro and street all motor classes

Future Builds
Haven't decided but would love to build a tube chassis All Motor car

Three The Hard Way

1993 honda civic VX speedfactory civic lineup 13 Photo 12/13   |   1993 Honda Civic VX - Dressed To The Nines

The current Speedfactory lineup is lethal on both the naturally aspirated and turbo battle fields. The Avid Civic holds the All Motor record, the Competition Clutch hatch once held the Outlaw record and is currentlyfloating around the top spot, and the Vibrant coupe, newly introduced, has already made its way into the 8s with plenty more on tap.

Joel Sipes: Avid Racing Civic, 9.81 @ 137 mph (current record as of May 15, 2013)

James Kempf: Competition Clutch Civic, 8.08 @ 190.48 mph

Cole Marmon: Vibrant Performance Civic, 8.66 @ 179 mph

1993 honda civic VX jerry built 3 pc front end 07 Photo 13/13   |   1993 Honda Civic VX - Dressed To The Nines


Skunk2 Racing
Norco, CA 92860
Avid Racing
Competition Clutch
Conyers, GA 30012
Golden Eagle Manufacturing
San Dimas, CA 91773
AEM Electronics
Hawthorne, CA 90250
FTW Racing Fuels
Farmingdale, CA 11735
By Matt Rodriguez
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