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2003 Honda S2000 - Ball So Hard

Come get lifted with this 700hp S2K!

Matthew Jones
Oct 8, 2013

In today’s scene, influence is key, and with such a rich history it would only make sense to take heed from our elders. But to what extent is the real question? Nowadays, it seems shortly after anyone brings back an old style or trend, or even creates a new swag, we are instantaneously bombarded with overzealous enthusiasts trying to jump on the bandwagon in everyway possible, and many times, just so they can join the ranks of temporary internet fame and recognition. Though this may not necessarily be a completely negative trait due to the fact that it keeps our community thriving, it does seem to create a sense of general repetition, leaving enthusiasts like Derek Covington eager to break away from the pack and push the limits of traditional modifications. Make no mistake; though a stern face behind the wheel and a strong sense of pride when dealing with his baby, Derek is actually an extremely humble dude. He states, “You can be perfectly happy with practically nothing, as long as what you have is exactly what you desire,” and that’s exactly how he went about building this S2000.

2003 honda S2000 spoon brake calipers Photo 2/10   |   2003 Honda S2000 - Ball So Hard

First of all, let’s get one thing straight and out in the open. Yes; we know this massive wide body has an extremely similar resemblance to the infamous Sheepy built kit, but make no mistake, this is not a replica kit, nor some boo-boo overseas wanna-be. In fact, this one of a kind custom molded kit is actually part of the reason this car stands out so much. After extensive research, Derek decided to ditch the usual fiberglass route and go with a full metal mold extending the front fenders a full eight inches and a whopping 12 inches total in the rear. Knowing the job would be irreversible; the car was left with Josh Croll from Croll’s Customs for well over six months to ensure every line was perfect. To blend the newly added bodywork while still maintaining the original bodylines and sleekness of the S2000, Derek opted to add and extend a classic ASM bumper and lip for the front end, along with an extended and shaved OEM AP2 bumper for the rear. With the new fenders and body work completed, a set of monster 18x10.5" +15 Volk TE-37’s were installed on a round of ARK DT-P coilovers to help bring the new widebody down to earth for an ultimately aggressive, yet functional stance.

Now, if you’re thinking the bodywork on this car is fancy, then undoubtedly, your cherry has yet to be popped, as the true work of art for this build lies beneath its thin, aluminum hood. After bouncing between superchargers and sponsored turbo kits, Derek decided it was time to configure his very own forced induction setup specifically to his liking. But first, a clean up was more then necessary. Once again, leaving the car to Croll’s Customs, the motor was pulled and all unnecessary components were stripped and recovered in sheet metal and BASF paint, while Evans Tuning graciously tucked and handcrafted strong stainless steel lines allowing this beastly F20C to graciously float above the subframe like a classic hot rod build. Since power was the goal for the motor, a reliable BorgWarner turbo was selected and combined with a brand-new turbo manifold, fuel system and dual pump hanger all provided from Full Blown. As far as breathing goes, a custom 3" downpipe was fabricated connecting to an HKS exhaust out the back, as well as some custom dump tubes from the hood to wastegate for a little extra flare and respiratory room.

Lastly, the thorough package as a showable car wouldn’t be complete without the usual interior mods—and we couldn’t agree more. Bride Zeta III seats, a five-point Cusco cage, Takata belts and a Personal steering wheel all bring this bad boy’s brand name streak to a close. But of course, striving to break away from the mold of repetition, a custom cluster bezel was crafted and installed for a finishing touch of personality.

From influence to distinction, this car was built with a goal in mind and a dream in hand, yet, most of all, was built for none other then the owner himself; and we couldn’t applaud him more for it. The best part? Could it be the voluminous 700+whp or the one-of-a-kind handmade widebody kit? Or maybe it’s just the fact that this gorgeous little cream puff actually sees real street time. For that end, we’ll let you decide. Different? Yeah, he’s different. And you’d better believe he’s pullin’ up to the scene with his ceiling missing.

2003 honda S2000 cusco roll bar Photo 6/10   |   2003 Honda S2000 - Ball So Hard

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2003 Honda S2000

Owner Derek Covington

Hometown Blackwood, NJ

Occupation Graphic designer

Power 707whp, 415lb-ft

Engine Honda 2.0L F20C; Full Blown throttle body, dual aeromotive fuel pump, pressure regulator, xxl fuel rail, dual pump hanger, intercooler and spark plug cover; BorgWarner FMW S300sx turbo (61.4mm twin-scroll); TiAL 50mm blow-off valve and 38mm wastegate; Full Race twin-scroll turbo manifold; custom 3" 4130 intercooler piping and exhaust w/GReddy Ti-c muffler; K&N intake; custom dual dump tubes; Evans Tuning downpipe; custom radiator, nylon braided hoses with AN fittings and cooling plate; powdercoated valve cover with -10AN welded fittings; HKS modified velocity stack; custom wire harness by Jeff Devos; Spoon reservoir, fender nuts and washers; NGK plugs; Optima Red-Top battery

2003 honda S2000 F20C turbocharged motor Photo 7/10   |   2003 Honda S2000 - Ball So Hard

Drivetrain Ford 8.8IRS differential; custom driveshaft; Driveshaft Shop 5.9 axles; ACT clutch; AVID differential mounts

Engine Management AEM Version Two standalone EMS

Footwork & Chassis ARK Performance DT-P front and rear coilovers; T1R front bumpsteer kit

Brakes Spoon big brake kit; StopTech slotted rotors, lines; tucked ABS; steel braided hoses and AN fittings

Wheels & Tires 18x10.5" +15 Volk TE37s; 275/35R18 Hankook V12 tires; Blox Racing lug nuts; Project Kics extended lug studs and rear spacers

Exterior custom metal widebody kit by Croll’s Customs (extended 8" in front, 12" in rear); ASM extended front bumper and molded lip; AP2 rear bumper extended and shaved; Shine carbon-fiber side diffusers; shaved emblems, trunk hole and antenna

Interior Bride Zeta III seats; Personal Neo Eagle steering wheel; Works Bell quick-release and steering hub; ARC titainium shift knob; Cusco five-point rollcage and harness bar; Takata belts; OEM AP2 console; custom fiberglass cluster bezel; carbon-fiber gauge pad; AEM fail safe wideband gauge, oil pressure gauge, oil temp gauge and boost solenoid; GReddy turbo timer

Thanks You Jeff Evans and Jeff Devos from Evans Tuning; Full Blown Motorsports; Full Race; Josh Croll from Croll’s Customs; 4130 Fabrication


By Matthew Jones
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