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September 2013 - Hole Shot - We Can Have The Best Of All Worlds

Jonathan Wong
Nov 1, 2013

If you had told me 10 years ago that a phone would take over as my primary source of entertainment, I'd have thought you were crazy. Magazines have, and still do, consume a big part of my life, and not only because it's what I do for a living. I'm surrounded by mobs of them at work, and those that pique my outside interests pile stacks high in my bedroom. I let three generations of iPhones pass me by before I was forced into buying a smart phone, mostly because my service provider didn't like the fact that I was using an unlocked phone from overseas—hence the 3GS purchase. Life literally changed as soon as I slid my finger across my phone's face for the first time. I didn't have to wait for the mail or run to the bookstore to read up, and I'm sure for most of you, to have all that power in the palm of your hand has had the same affect.

The smart phone, coupled with the good old Internet and made even more powerful with the addition of social media changed everything. Over time, it's forced us to adapt and we're still trying to find ways to make Super Street (the print version) work with all its digital outlets. No longer are you (the reader) confined to what we have to say in a magazine but visit our Facebook, Instagram or our website and you'll find that we have varied our content for different tastes. The same Super Street vibe but in so many different flavors. Try them all! As long as it quenches your thirst for all things SS, I'm satisfied, and if it keeps you circling back to this book for more, even better.

In many ways, social media has made my life better (minus the trolls), and certainly much more different than if I wasn't connected at all. It's changed the way we do things here, and in an instance can cause us to switch things up as often as we see fit. So email, tweet or drop us a line on our Facebook wall—hell, write a letter if it makes more sense—you may possibly inspire us in a way we never thought of before. We might not know how the story will ultimately end, but it's good/fun/exciting to know that we have options.

Jonathan Wong

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* (A special birthday shoutout goes to LMC! #100230—JW)

By Jonathan Wong
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