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Street Cars Aplenty - Editorialisms

Peter Tarach
Oct 7, 2013

Another year and another Street Car Shootout is in the bag. I’ve come to enjoy and appreciate this event more and more as time goes on. I think it’s partly due to the increased commitment level of the participants and the extremely high level of competition going on. Add to that a truly diverse group of makes and models, and this year’s shootout was destined for greatness.

Especially when the likes of an FD RX-7, an E36 M3, and a Chrysler Conquest are thrown into the mix. These types of cars are what we’ve always wanted to see in this competition, but finding ones built to a high enough level for the Shootout is never an easy task. John Lazorack, owner of the Conquest, was featured in Modified a few years ago, and we’ve stayed in touch with him ever since. So to see him come out and compete in his home-brewed LS-powered V8 Conquest was a proud moment for us (and hopefully him, too) because he epitomizes what we want to see in this competition: homebuilt, well-thought-out, and properly engineered machines that are ready and willing to compete with some of the fastest and more mainstream tuner platforms like Evos and STIs.

But regardless of whether you show up to the Shootout in a unique and totally bespoke project like John’s Conquest or a shop-built Evo like the RS Motors entry, it takes a lot of balls to bring a car to this competition. Shop car or privateer, you have to give much respect and credit to each and every competitor for stepping up to the plate and giving it their all in such a public and dare we say high-profile event.

Now that I’ve pumped up the Shootout, perhaps you’re thinking of entering next year? I say go for it! There’s no better competition out there to prove your car’s ability and performance than our Street Car Shootout. So start thinking about it now, because our January submission period will be fast approaching by the time you read this, and if you ask any of our past winners, they’ll tell you it’s all about having a proven, tested, and reliable setup. The urge to go overboard is always there, but as often as not, the over-the-top builds struggle to finish all four events.

The cars in this competition aren’t built overnight, either. Most are years in the making with countless hours of testing and tweaking to get them just right, as is the case with this year’s overall winner. With enough determination and desire, you too can have a stab at becoming the top Street Car in our Shootout. Just be warned: You don’t want to bring a knife to a gunfight any more than you want to bring a bazooka.

I hope you enjoy this issue as much as the entire team did putting it together.

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By Peter Tarach
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