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2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR - The Simple Things In Life

Things Don’t Have to Be Turnt Up 24-7, So Don’t Be Afraid to Turn the Dial Down Every Once in a While

Jonathan Wong
Dec 22, 2013
Photographer: Matthew Jones

More often than not, the kind of cars that grab my attention don’t come with flashy paint (or vinyl wrap in some cases), a list of modifications that’ll drive me crazy just trying to read it or crazy stacks of cash to build a project of such high caliber. Simplicity pleases me and will stop me in a heartbeat. If executed right from that first glance, I may not need to know what else lies under the hood to know that I like the car for what it is, just the way it is. Some could categorize Michael Ednilao’s Evo as being more the simple type, but there’s a complexity that lies beneath the surface.

Believe it or not, Michael’s car was more or less stock up until a month before we saw it at the BLOX party in the Bay Area this past summer. One night, while drinking with his buddy, Eric Tsoi, owner of a local shop called inspire_usa, Michael thought it’d be a good idea to display his car in that stock form—only thing was, Eric wasn’t gonna have any of that. “It looks like any regular Evo on the street,” he said, so it got Michael’s wheels turning. Literally. Right away, a set of brand new 18x10.5" CCW Classics were bolted on, instantly transforming his ride from stock to, well, less stock.

2006 mitsubishi lancer evolution MR voltex v wing Photo 2/11   |   2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR - The Simple Things In Life

With only a few days left to the event, Michael grabbed a handful of friends and dedicated an entire week to transforming the body, using a complete track version from Voltex Japan. One day was test-fitting; the next day the car was sent to paint; a couple more days to wait for the bodywork to finish; and the last day (the day before BLOX) reserved to install everything. Sleep was not an option, sick days were used and Mimi, Michael’s wife, didn’t even see him because he was working to get the Evo finished in time.

But the next day at BLOX proved invaluable. It’s one thing when people gather to take photos; it’s an indescribable feeling to know that people appreciate what you’ve done to any project. “That made my day,” Michael says, “Even though I didn’t win an award that day, I felt like “WOW, this is tight!” Our online editor, Jofel, thought it was something worth seeing, and you know, he was right. We also learned that Michael is a bit of an ARC collector, traveling far and wide—including shipping parts in from around the world—just to complete a parts list that’s either expensive or discontinued, making it all the more reason for him to stay addicted. However, it was the simplistic nature of the build and the grueling process he went through to get it done that brought it all home for us.

Now, who says simple isn’t good enough?

Tuning Menu
2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR

Owner Michael Ednilao

Hometown San Francisco, CA

Engine ARC intercooler, radiator, radiator cap, heat shield, oil cap, cooling plate, intake box, sparkplug cover, radiator hose and oil catch tank; ETS polished intercooler piping

2006 mitsubishi lancer evolution MR ARC air filter Photo 6/11   |   2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR - The Simple Things In Life

Footwork & Chassis Stance coilovers; Sparco harness bar; Cusco 6-point roll cage

Wheels & Tires 18x10.5" CCW Classic wheels; 245/40R18 Falken tires

Exterior Voltex track-version widebody kit and V-mount wing

Interior Key’s steering wheel; NRG quick release; Defi gauges; ATI gauge pod cluster; Bride Ergo seats; Takata seat belt harnesses; Pioneer double DIN conversion; Kicker 12" subs (x2)

Thanks You Eric Tsoi and the crew at inspire_usa; Bret Dionisio; Martin Topacio; my brother, Gernie Ednilao; my wife, Mimi Ednilao


2006 mitsubishi lancer evolution MR bride seats takata harness Photo 7/11   |   2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR - The Simple Things In Life
2006 mitsubishi lancer evolution MR father daughter Photo 11/11   |  
Don’t worry dad, I would rather be working under the hood than laying on top of it.
By Jonathan Wong
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