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Falken Tire SEMA Booth - The Mega Booth

Falken Tire's SEMA display never fails to impress

Nov 11, 2013

If you've never attended the yearly SEMA show, there are a number of different booth types sitting shoulder to shoulder along the red carpet of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The most prominent consist of the following: The small upstart, which typically means poor placement, a bare bones booth with little more than a table and chair or two, as well as small display case or pedestal to showoff the product. There's also the mid-level booth that typically has a number of products displayed, perhaps a small meeting room, and maybe even a model to help promote the product. Then there's what I call the mega booth - the mother of all booths. And that's exactly where Falken Tire, my favorite booth of this year's SEMA show, stands proudly.

Falken is well known for bringing a large amount of product and cool cars to display in their booth every year, and 2013 was no different. On the front side of the booth was a Jeep and rugged terrain display focused on the companies off-road tire line up, with a Porsche racecar across from it. In between sat a pair of driving seats, steering wheels, and flat screens so that attendees could take a break and enjoy a little Xbox Forza session. Right in the middle of the booth was a long wall fitted with wheels in various types and sizes used to display the majority of Falken's current tire line up, including our favorites, the Azenis RT615K and the FK453.

Falken tire SEMA booth ziex line 07 Photo 2/6   |   Ziex Line

The backside of the booth is what initially caught my eye. In honor of launching what Falken is calling their "Mega Line," they created a pyramid out of their all new Ziex model offering, placed it on a huge rotating stage complete with a 70s gameshow-esque illuminated arrow to draw everyone's attention. Top that off with a stadium-sized monitor and you have one incredible SEMA booth.

The clever concept revolved heavily around Falken's SEMA release of the new Ziex ZE950 all season tire. This new entry level tire uses Falken's Dynamic Range Technology, or DRT, which uses a unique tread design to provide maximum performance in all types of weather and the results are impressive with an 18% improvement in tread life and a traction increase of 10% when compared to the previous ZE912 model. Add to that ultra-competitive pricing for the new ZE950 and there's little doubt that this will be a huge hit for Falken in 2014.

Falken tire SEMA booth ziex line 07 Photo 6/6   |   Falken Tire SEMA Booth Ziex Line 07


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