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December 2013 Road Rage - You’re Doing It Wrong:

Aaron Bonk
Dec 20, 2013

1 You probably don't drive an EF, EG or EK. See this month's article on chassis code terminology to see why you've been wrong all along.

2 Boost doesn't matter. Unless you're comparing identical turbos and engines, then comparing your 18 psi to somebody else's 24 psi doesn't mean a whole lot. It also gives you absolutely no indication as to how much power's being made. For example, 20 pounds from a TD04 might produce half as much power as the same amount of boost from something from the T4 family of turbochargers on otherwise identical engines.

3 Boost also doesn't blow up engines. Cylinder pressure does.

4 Unless you live in Japan, there is no '92 Prelude VTEC. American Honda didn't introduce the H22A1 version of its top-of-the-line '92-'96 sports car until the body style's second year.

5 Same thing goes for the del Sol. Although the CRX-replacement was introduced to the United States in 1992, the DOHC VTEC version didn't appear for another year.

6 Speaking of the CRX, unless you live in the same place where they've got '92 Prelude VTECs, then you don't drive a CR-X. The American-spec two-seater was marketed as, sold as, and will always be a CRX.

7 It's a distributor. Not a dizzy. Stop calling it that right now.

8 When you're finished doing that, go ahead and stop using every other cutesy piece of urban slang that the internet's taught you and that you'll be embarrassed about in five years, like bubble, teggie, hatchy, blades, and meshies.

9 It's lb-ft of torque, not ft-lbs of torque. Unless you really are trying to measure something that has nothing at all to do with your engine and how much power you're making.

10 Scene: The word infers something temporary. Tell that to the guys who've been modifying Hondas for more than 25 years.

11 Build: Saying that you built your car infers a certain level of fabrication. Swapping an engine into place and bolting up some rims and an exhaust are something entirely less complex.

12 Old-school: Anything that involves photos taken using a digital camera, usernames, OBDII, or stance won't be considered a throwback for another 10 years.

13 NA1 vs. NA2: Honda's NSX chassis code has absolutely nothing to do with frontends and body parts and everything to do with engine type. In fact, Honda continued to produce the NA1 until the NSX's final year of production in 2005 (automatic versions continued to feature the older 3.0L engine). Didn't I just tell you to read this month's article on chassis codes?

14 Offsets: A wheel's offset is a numerical distance that's determined by its hub-mounting surface in relation to its width. It isn't something tangible. You cannot log onto the Internet and order it.

15 Track-prepped: You either track your car or you don't, and if you do track your car, you probably aren't telling everyone it's track-prepped.

By Aaron Bonk
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