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Photochop Challenge 13

The best of your VW Up! artwork

Jan 23, 2014

Regular readers of eurotuner magazine will recall we ran regular Photochop Challenges, where we invited readers to submit their interpretations of a stock photo that we would provide. The Challenge was extremely popular and revealed some incredible talent out there.

Before the print magazine morphed into its new online presence, we had issued a new Challenge for the VW Up! - Volkswagen's mini hatchback sold throughout Europe. Powered by either a 1.0L three-cylinder gasoline engine or electric power, it's an economy car for the masses. However, we felt it could be spiced up with some imaginative bolt-ons, so invited you to have a go at showing us how it could look.

Usually we receive hundreds of entries but with the print magazine's demise, the Up! Challenge was less well subscribed. However, there were two entries in particular that grabbed our attention. So they were filed away in a safe place on my desktop until now.

Apologies for their late arrival but we felt these were too good to keep to ourselves, so here are the entries from Julian Newman and Todor Kolev. We hope to also add them to a print issue of european car magazine, which we all moved over to, in order to gauge whether there's still sufficient interest to run similar Challenges there. Both artists were rewarded with a T-shirt for their efforts.

Julian Newman

Photochop challenge 13 VW up julian newman 01 Photo 1/2   |   Photochop Challenge 13 VW Up Julian Newman 01

A resident of Boulder, CO who is soon relocating to LA, this was only his second submission to the Photochop Challenge, but I'm sure you'll agree it's a good one.

Finished in classic Gulf colors, complete with uniformed pit crew, Julian designed the front bumper assembly before adding riveted fender flares and sills. Carbon fiber texture was applied to the front splitter, mirror caps and rear wing. You might also spot the GTI style front grille. It has a racing interior, mesh wheels, red GTI brake calipers and a roof antenna.

With great attention to detail, we loved the scene Julian created and think he thoroughly deserved the special attention.

Todor Kolev

Photochop challenge 13 VW up todor kolev 02 Photo 2/2   |   Photochop Challenge 13 VW Up Todor Kolev 02

A veteran and former overall winner of our Photochop Challenge series, Todor created what he calls the SupeR Up!?along the lines of the Polo WRC but intended for Time Attack racing.

The Bulgarian resident suggested VW could build the SupeR Up! as a customer racing program, with examples selling for around $500,000 each, depending on spec.

The body panels are carbon fiber, with wide fenders integrated into the design. It gets a WRC-style rear wing, side splitters, and a custom front bumper that allows rapid removal to repair the intercooler, etc.

Fitted with lightweight wheels, slick tires and Brembo brakes, there are carbon fiber cooling ducts alongside the new headlight units.

Inside, Todor added an FIA rollcage and Sparco seat. It even has GoPro and Replay video cameras mounted on it!

The rear wheels would be powered by a 600hp twin-turbo version of Golf R 2.0T engine, the designer claims an overall weight of 1700 lb, down from the stock car's 2050 lb.

If you'd like to see or contribute to more Photochop Challenges both online and in european car magazine, please email us at

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