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Hole Shot: Express Yourself

Tuning is an expression of self, don't forget it

Jonathan Wong
Dec 18, 2013

From the very first moment I saw my cousins lowering their cars on my parents’ driveway during the late ‘80s, I knew it was more than just a bunch of punk asses wanting to go out and cruise the streets for fun. As low, bumpy and loud as they were, this was a form of “cool” for them, a way to show their peers that these cars represented a piece of who they were. While they only had limited options to actually modify (we’re talking wheels, cut springs, an air filter, muffler and an aftermarket head unit) compared to what you see in Super Street today, their stories are no different than the generations who came before and those that have yet to be told. All that money spent, the horsepower gained, the shit talking endured for having wheels that are just too wide with rubber so thin and the fix-it tickets received are what comes along with the territory of wanting to be who you are. No, the hobby of tricking cars out as a form of self-expression is nothing revolutionary, but for those of you reading who can relate, it’s one of the greatest outlets I can think of.

Personalities shine through when you look at rows of cars at a meet or show. You can’t break down nationality, race or sex—and it doesn’t really matter. You know if someone’s into clean and simple or is a JDM purist—or maybe they’re none of that and care only to spend the kind of dough that’s going to put them into the 9-second mark on the drag strip without a care as to how the car looks. Dig a little deeper if you want (not that you have to) and you’ll find individuals who are just as obsessed with other things in life and devote just as much passion as they would to their cars, just because they believe doing and being your best in everything you do is what will separate you from the rest at the end of the day. That’s what I love about cars that brings people together; you can be who you are, make your car what you want it to be and be respected for it (not always the case, but never let that bring you down). This issue is full of personality, as you’ll soon see…

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By Jonathan Wong
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