Toyota's tiny Yaris is more appliance than anything. When we heard Toyota would be showing a hybrid version of this already fuel-sipping proposition at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show we wondered: why? When they stuck an "R" at the end of the title we were waiting for a punch line...the joke is on us...this car delivers a punch off the line. The Yaris Hybrid-R Concept packs a 414-horsepower wallop and puts the power down via all-wheel drive. The lowly, stock, mpg-minded motor has been ditched in favor of a turbocharged 1.6-liter four. The hybrid portion of the equation is a pair of 60-horse electric motors; each delivering thrust to one rear tire. The innovation continues as Toyota has positioned another electric motor after the gasoline engine and before the six-speed manual gearbox. As far as production aspirations the car seems like pie in the sky...but it's a nice slice of pie.