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2013 Scion FR-S - Element Of Surprise

Often, It’s Not a Matter of Being the First to Do Something, But Rather How Well You Get the Job Done

Jonathan Wong
Feb 21, 2014
Photographer: Patrick Lauder

The words “Rocket Bunny” and “Scion FR-S” are no unusual combination, and the world has seen plenty of them together. They’re a great pairing after all. Rocket Bunny is everywhere but despite that, it’s as if we just can’t get enough of the RB madness, which became an even bigger deal in 2013 than it was just a couple short years ago when all people really knew about TRA Kyoto was that Kei Miura had an affinity for S13s and EFs. People then caught word he was crafting body kits of all sorts on the DL and he became an overnight sensation. The exposed rivets, raced-out spoilers and small diameter/low offset wheels are the fashionable in—not everyone’s cup of tea but we’ve seen way worse and this is far from bad. In fact, it’s just as great now as it was when it wasn’t “played out.”

2013 scion FR S beatsonic roof fin Photo 2/8   |   2013 Scion FR-S - Element Of Surprise

So to tell you that we found another Bunny-kitted FR-S that fits this sort of mentioned profile at SEMA should come as no surprise to you other than it’s something we just really dug. Nothing revolutionary, except that there’s an aura of cool about it. Wide-ass 18” M Technica Aero wheels with a white center—superb. Yes, the Version 1 Rocket Bunny kit is totally obvious but what isn’t is the customized rear trunk spoiler that SpeedElement crafted from the one Rocket Bunny intended for an S13 coupe, which was molded onto the trunk; most would have mistaken this for the Version 2 but this has a slightly different shape to it, that is slightly taller. Then there’s the way it sits: just right, nice and low, and nothing overtly obnoxious for those who would normally deem the negative camber on the rear wheels a total abomination.

2013 scion FR S DC sport exhaust Photo 3/8   |   2013 Scion FR-S - Element Of Surprise

Under the hood it’s been lightly upgraded, namely a Perrin intake, MXP header and front pipe matched to a DC Sports exhaust for some added power. Not bad, and we’ve been told a supercharger should be making its way on soon, which should make it even less “not bad.” But Devin Hui, the owner of this FR-S (and SpeedElement, the shop responsible for the work), has made sure the car can handle with prime suspension components even though it’s also riding on Airrex air bags. It has the braking power as well—a well-thought out upgrade from Project Mu sourcing larger calipers, pads and brake lines, not to mention equally sizable BBK rotors. Inside, it’s far from basic: there’s a slight JDM influence with the Bride seats, Takata harnesses and Vertex steering wheel. And aside from the Rocket Bunny wide body conversion, which would have been cool on its own, Devin added on with Spyder headlights, Lexon tails, Avest LED side mirrors, a Seibon carbon hood and Beatsonic’s roof fin and rear roof spoiler.

The Rocket Bunny Effect may not disappear for some time, which is entirely OK in our book. Connected to the right chassis, the look becomes synonymous with a style that equals all things class. Fashion forward or just 2000-and-hate, we’ll continue to love it as we always have. Some things you just can’t un-love in an instant…

Tuning Menu
2013 Scion FR-S

Owner Devin Hui

Hometown San Jose, CA

Occupation CEO, SpeedElement

Engine 2.0L FA20 Boxer engine; Perrin cold air intake, inlet hose, lightweight crank pulley, oil cooler kit, battery tie down, oil filter cover, oil cap and radiator hose kit; Project Mu reservoir cover; MXP header and stainless front pipe; DC Sports exhaust; Whiteline transmission positive shift kit

Footwork & Chassis Airrex air suspension; Cusco front strut bar with brake cylinder stopper, power engine brace, rear lateral link and rear trailing arm; Stance rear lower control arm; Perrin front/rear sway bars, rear endlink and front control arm brace

2013 scion FR S rocket bunny kit Photo 7/8   |   2013 Scion FR-S - Element Of Surprise

Brakes Project Mu 4-piston front/2-piston rear calipers, Teflon brake lines, racing brake fluid and brake pads; BBK rotors

Wheels & Tires 18x10.5" +9 and 18x11.5" -24 M Technica Aero wheels; 235/40R18 and 265/35R18 Toyo T1 Sport tires

Interior Bride Stradia II Japan Venus seats; Buddy Club seat rails; Takata harnesses; MXP titanium shift knob; Vertex 10 Star 330mm steering wheel; Works Bell hub; NRG quick-tilt system; Deevo Lighting LED kit

Exterior Rocket Bunny Ver1 body kit; SpeedElement rear duckbill spoiler; Spyder headlights; Deevo Lighting HID kit; Lexon taillights; Beatsonic roof fin and rear roof spoiler; Seibon TS-Style carbon fiber hood; Avest Japan LED side mirror covers; Hella Twin Supertone horn kit

WWW (Rocket Bunny),,

2013 scion FR S vertex steering wheel Photo 8/8   |   2013 Scion FR-S - Element Of Surprise
By Jonathan Wong
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