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April 2014 Exhaust Notes

Comments, Questions, And Smart Remarks

Ryan Basseri
Mar 11, 2014

Hi. I noticed that you featured a Civic that looked older than an EF, like '84-'87. I have one in the family that I was hoping to get from my aunt. Is the suspension the same as my friend's EF? Can you make those fast?


Hi Sam, I believe the car you're referring to is actually my personal car, so that works out pretty well! The suspension geometry is much different in just every way when compared to an '88-'91 Civic. If you're looking to just lower the car, a set of two lowering springs for the back, and an adjustment of the factory torsion bar in the front will lower it. However, if you're looking to upgrade the suspension to a stiffer and better performing setup, there are a few things that can be done. Coilovers in the rear are a must, as well as larger torsion bars in the front. The kit that I use from Heel-toe automotive ( comes with all of the necessary components, and more can be added as well to adjust things like caster and camber if you decide to get a bit deeper into the handling department. If you decide to do some engine work, the best bang for your buck will more than likely be an engine swap if you're serious about adding some kick! B series engine mounts are available via Good luck, I hope more of these classics are saved and kept out of the junkyard!

I have a '95 del Sol with a 1.6 VTEC engine. The car was acquired from a friend and a mouse has eaten most of the lines, as well as nested under the intake manifold. I replaced all the lines that were leaking coolant, and even some of the vacuum lines that seemed bad. The car still won't run and I think it has to do with the harness, because my mechanic said the wires looked eaten. I'm on a budget, please help!


First off, I would suggest purchasing a new engine harness for the del Sol S at a junkyard or perhaps source a used one online. The good news is that a harness from any '92-'95 Civic Si or del Sol S will fit. In theory, any '92-'95 Civic/del Sol will do the job, but you may need to add a couple of wires for the VTEC function that you can try to borrow from your stock harness. Running a fresh wire from the 1-wire VTEC to the shock tower 14 position plug on the passenger side of the car will need to be done, as well as the 2-pin VTEC pressure switch to the position right next to it. The second wire will need to be grounded to the engine. I know that it can be tricky sourcing a VTEC model harness so this small amount of wiring may need to be done. Try to stay away from the VX model as the oxygen sensor is much different and more re-working would have to be done. Good luck, and try for a walkthrough on it!

I've loved the Acura NSX since I first saw it on the road back in '93. Just recently I'm proud to say I picked up a mint red '95 and it's my dream car! She only has 41k on the clock and I wanted to see if any service is yet needed. I only got a couple of oil change receipts with the car.


First, congrats on a beautiful car and for finding your dream car! The one most overlooked service that I see a Honda owner ignoring is their timing belt and water pump - especially on low mileage cars. Remember the belt is rubber and has a shelf life. Even though Honda suggests a belt change after 100k, it's not worth the risk. Get that belt and the water pump done right away. As far as anything else, just frequent oil changes and she should run for another 150k no problem! It is a Honda.

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By Ryan Basseri
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