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A Spec F30 BMW 335i - New Ratio

A Spec Products built a modified 2013 335i to announce its debut into the Euro market

Alex Bernstein
Mar 12, 2014

Founded in 2002 by two motorsport enthusiasts, A SPEC Products would soon be regarded as one of the premier suppliers of elusive performance parts for the import scene, making on-time shipping a priority and six-month waiting a thing of the past. During this process, A Spec (pronounced A-spec) soon realized many of the parts that were requested weren't of the quality they wanted, so the company took things into its own hands and started producing parts of its own.

2013 BMW 335i a spec carbon fiber front bumper 09 Photo 2/17   |   A Spec F30 BMW 335i - New Ratio

Focusing on the popular Mitsubishi Evo, A Spec was successful in its mission and the business continued to grow. But with its roots firmly planted in the Japanese import scene, we were somewhat surprised to discover the firm was getting into the Euro market. In fact, it announced its arrival with a stunning F30 BMW 335i.

2018 BMW 3-Series
$34,900 Base Model (MSRP) 24/35 MPG Fuel Economy

Finished in Melbourne Red - one of those great colors that seems to glow and absorb natural light, looking showroom-fresh in any environment - the car was instantly noticeable at the 2013 SEMA Show where it was unveiled to the public.

2013 BMW 335i a spec carbon fiber kidney grilles 02 Photo 3/17   |   A Spec F30 BMW 335i - New Ratio

"Our goal was to create a unique body kit from carbon fiber that would add some aggression to the car," said A Spec marketing director, Tuan Nguyen. And yes, you read that correctly, the kit is 100% vacuum-formed carbon fiber, and it's not just the bumper...

The A Spec F30 body kit comprised the front and rear bumpers, hood, side skirts, trunk spoiler, roof overlay with sunroof and antenna cutouts, mirror caps and kidney grilles. A Spec Products asserted that each piece was necessary to dramatically transform the 3 Series' appearance, and we had to agree. Job well done.

2013 BMW 335i recaro sportser CS seat 03 Photo 4/17   |   A Spec F30 BMW 335i - New Ratio

The fit and finish was extremely good, which was just as well because this 335i attracts attention wherever it goes. And while the carbon body kit is a star player, it's only part of the A Spec Products' F30 package.

"We loved the power of the N55 3.0L turbo motor, but wanted better throttle response and definitely a nice exhaust note," Tuan told us.

So A Spec decided to remove the factory F30 catalytic converter in favor of its own high-flow unit, which allowed the turbo to spool quicker thanks to better airflow, and is claimed to provide gains across the powerband.

The tuner also installed its own cat-back, quad-tip exhaust system. "We spent a great deal of time tuning the exhaust note and love how the car now sounds," Tuan explained, "although we'd still like to see more power, so we're developing our own Power Box 2 piggy-back ECU upgrade plus a carbon fiber intake system."

With the exhaust system added, the A Spec team needed to ensure the car was suited to high-speed use, not leaving any area untouched. They began by working with stomping superstars, Alcon Components, to create an A Spec-branded big-brake kit. It included six-piston calipers up front with four-pistons in the rear, coated in bright yellow to ensure they don't go unnoticed.

2013 BMW 335i a spec carbon fiber rear bumper 08 Photo 8/17   |   A Spec F30 BMW 335i - New Ratio

The large 380mm front rotors were accommodated behind A Spec's own VF35 three-piece forged wheels. "We wanted to accentuate the tougher lines of our 335i, so the deep, concave, five-spoke design was a perfect fit," Tuan said.

The wheels were neatly tucked into the fenders by KW Variant 3 coilovers - one of the few things not directly developed by A Spec itself. During our drive, the BMW was nicely compliant around town and was hard to upset on the mountains roads.

2013 BMW 335i a spec VF35 wheel 06 Photo 9/17   |   A Spec F30 BMW 335i - New Ratio

The V3s suited this chassis well, especially when paired with sticky Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires and the aforementioned big brakes. In fact, the A Spec F30 inspired lots of confidence, supported by the wonderful Recaro Sportster CS seats - we've not found a car these didn't improve.

So how much will the A Spec treatment impact your wallet? We wish we could tell you but the parts including the carbon fiber body kit were so new the prices were unavailable. But stay tuned for an update as soon as it's announced. And for those of you wishing to do something similar to your BMW 1 or 4 Series, the good news is that A Spec is in the midst of creating something for both these models, and we'll also bring you this announcement as soon as possible.

Tech Spec

2013 BMW 335i

A Spec Products
El Monte, CA

Engine 3.0-liter N55 six-cylinder 24v turbo with A Spec high-flow cat and stainless steel cat-back exhaust with quad tips

Drivetrain eight-speed ZF automatic transmission

A Spec F30 BMW 335i 02 Photo 13/17   |   A Spec F30 BMW 335I 02

Brakes Alcon/A Spec six-piston calipers, 380mm rotors f, four-piston calipers, 355mm rotors r, Pagid pads

Suspension KW Variant 3 coilovers

Wheels & Tires 19x9" f, 19x10" r A Spec VF35 wheels, 235/40 R19 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires

Exterior A Spec carbon fiber front and rear bumpers, hood, side skirts, trunk spoiler, roof overlay, mirror caps, kidney grilles

Interior Recaro Sportser CS seats

2013 BMW 335i a spec rear bumper 15 Photo 17/17   |   A Spec F30 BMW 335i - New Ratio


A Spec Products
South El Monte, CA 91733
By Alex Bernstein
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